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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Andrew, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. I mean, I didn’t have my first kiss until I was 19. He’s underage, so gay club options are pretty limited - and that’s assuming he’s even in/near a big city.

    Daniel has been grating since episode 1. I have never had any need for him. He also seems pretty bad at reading people.
  2. I have to admit that Nick grew on me when he started using the burner profile. He seems kind of like a weirdo but a chill one? I can't explain it.

    Daniel has had his moments but I'd be fine if he left soon.

    Ruksana is my number one, closely followed by Kai.
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  3. Nick has played a very, very smart game with Vince, pretty much doing with a weirdo what Ava and her sister couldn't do with someone as loveable as Michelle.

    It felt a little uncomfortable/surreal how by the end of this week's episodes there were two equal groups going for each other, but I'm glad production is shaking things up in order to break that. Definitely the right time to introduce a new player.

    I loved how at one point Nick and Kai seemed like to leaders of a mafia. It's fascinating how relationships evolve in the game
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  4. This show is just so wild each week. You sort of have to shut your brain off to watch it to not get caught up on how """unfair""" the producer meddling gets each season and how it gets in the way of The Game, but when you just let it happen you find yourself gasping at the mess every few minutes.

    Also pretty sure you could see who got blocked based on a screen of The Circle Newsfeed in the trailer for next week's episode:
    Ruksana and Jackson weren't on the list
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  5. Nick is kind of starting to grow on me but I still roll my eyes every time he says Kai is his arch nemesis or whatever when I think she hasn't really done anything to him. But he's definitely trying to play the game smart so I can appreciate that. Some of the early voting where they vote out whoever is lowest in the rankings is ridiculous to me.
  6. 8 episodes in and I still find Nick to be one of the most painful creatures to ever appear on my television. I almost want to mute all of his scenes.
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  7. Also, I've thought this with each season, I'd hate to be the last person in. I feel like they never give them enough time to try and build relationships.
  8. Really great winner in the end. The one I was rooting for the most.

    Nick played by far the smartest game, was in control of all conversations, including the last elimination...but his downfall was becoming ally with two catfishes that voted strategically in the end. Of course during the show they were benefiting from having a strong leader that could save them, but they knew that they had to rate him low at the end if they wanted to have options to win.

    And I think he probably suspected this would happen the moment he saw both Isabella and Ashley were catfishes.

    James, on the other hand, had a good connection with everyone except Isabella, without being seen as a clear threat like Kai, so his average must have been good.

    While I didn't connect with this cast as much as I did with S2, it was very nice to see them at the finale meeting each other.
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  9. One of the best Circle seasons ever, in my opinion, and a very worthy winner.
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  10. I just barely started watching this so I am avoiding all the spoiler tags.

    However, I will say... Chanel is tap dancing on my every last nerve anytime she opens her mouth. She should not have been allowed to compete, as I feel like Ava is far more likable without her.
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  11. Gah I enjoy this stupid little show way too much.
    I was shocked that Nick got 5th place but I figure Ashley/Isabella really tanked him in their final ratings. Kai was pretty much doomed when she became influencer the first two blockings, but props to her for hanging in there. I can't be mad at James winning, he played a great game for such a late-comer and I'm glad it wasn't an OG for once. I really questioned him blocking his own allies but I guess it made him look like less of a threat in the end.

    Also, I don't want to know about the international seasons because I might watch them eventually, but can we talk about how so far it's 3-0 for male-presenting profiles?

    I kinda want them to shake up the final ratings/finale for future seasons, because I feel like it makes the winner such a crapshoot. I don't know how they can do it though. Maybe do like professional sports and drop the high/low marks (though that could potentially end with some players having no ratings at all)? Or give them an average ranking of how they rated the others throughout the season and only allow some micro movements (like up or down 1 spot), which in turn would force people to think more carefully about their rankings throughout the game.
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  12. I’ve only just got round to watching the third season of USA on Netflix. I forgot how much I enjoy this show!

    I’m 5 episodes in and Daniel is giving me ‘Real Housewives children acting like they’re in a shit American sitcom’. It’s profoundly irritating.
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  13. Okay Daniel is irritating but his blocking rubs me the wrong way.
  14. Is...Mel B in this?!

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  15. I'm guessing impersonators?
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  16. I'd say that's more likely but you never know.
  17. I'm really liking the beginning of this season. The cast seems much less obsessed with strategy than in S3 -so far- and the idea of having Mel B and Emma is brilliant. They are such a joy to watch because they play the game but at the same time they are enjoying the experience with just enough pressure.
  18. Without seeing the finale, I liked this season a lot more than S3, even taking the glorious episodes with Mel and Emma out. The cast wasn't so antagonistic and I liked all-around more people in here, like Rachel, Yu Ling and Frank.

    Nathan is so ruthless in his game it can get uncomfortable, but he is playing the game like a lot of people would do.

    Bru but also as artificial as any regular Instagram celebrity. He is so good with words nothing sounds genuine. To me at least.

    Momma Carol has surprised me in the sense that I thought he could not pull it off, but you can actually see how he would get in the role of a calm middle-aged woman when having a conversation.
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