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✦ The City Pop Music Rate ✦ And The Winner Is...

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by thommyh, Oct 5, 2020.

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    ~+×_Hello everyone! On behalf of my wonderful co-host @codecat and myself... ×+~
    ~+×_I welcome you to the Korean City Pop Music Rate! ×+~

    Well... where to begin? City Pop is a genre of music that originated in Japan all the way back in about 1970. It's a style of music that combines elements of soft rock, R&B, funk, and disco, but of course relies on synths and other electronic music.

    Its popularity has drifted in and out over the years, but it has recently found a new, larger audience, with having a resurgence through K-Pop - either being the foundation of an artist's work, or simply being some fun for a comeback concept (or an album's B-side).

    For me, City Pop is such a distinctly fun, funky, and comforting genre of music. It really embodies everything I enjoy in my favourite kind of songs - pretty instrumentals, with opportunities for gorgeous vocals to be heard - and it's all wrapped up in a twinkly, jazzy, fluty, synthesized retro-styled package. Beautiful!

    We have 61 songs in this rate! It was a real struggle whittling them down originally from, like, 100+, ddd, but I believe @codecat and I have put together a really diverse range of songs for you! A lot of the entries included here really have their own flavour of city pop; whether it's fun boppable uptempos where you wanna dance on a building's rooftop, or slower crying in the back of a cab after a night out on the town self-reflective ballads, so hopefully there is something here for everyone to enjoy!

    Anyway, that's enough about that! Let's get to what we're here for!


    I'm sure y'all know the drill for these by now ddd, but here's the rules:

    1. Send your ballot in a group inbox to us (@thommyh, @codecat). Score each and every song between 0-10. One song can receive your special 11.
    • I will also allow scores in decimals, but only if they are in the classique .25, .50, or .75 format. I feel like if you enjoy this genre somewhat you won't feel the need to give any song here a full zero (0), kii, but if you do there better not be many of them!
    • There are 61 songs (the Spotify playlist is 3hr 46m long) so please try to find the time!
    2. Commentary is encouraged, but not required!
    • Since this is my first time hosting a rate and I truly have no clue what to expect over managing commentary, and I probably give other rate runners nausea over how much nonsensical commentary I submit in each time ffff... do what I continue to do and don't let that stop you! We're all here to have a good time and relax, so write as little or as much as you want, kind or shady! But please do feel encouraged to send your thoughts in for any songs you like or dislike the most.
    • Commentary for any song you score 2 or below is mandatory -- I wanna know this tea!
    3. Trolling is not permitted.
    • I think you girlies should be well-behaved, but if I notice that you are specifically here to be a clown, then I will ask you to reconsider your scores! I want as many of you to enjoy this rate and participate, but if I'm going through your ballots that have Night 1 slasher-voted off undeserving songs then it won't be enjoyable for me, @codecat, a few mystery guest elimination hosts (#StayTuned), or for you.
    • Also, because this is a genre rate and not a particular artist's discography rate, if your average is really really low and you're not enjoying city pop for some demonic..psychotic..mind control..mp4 reason, I'll kinda be questioning why you're here in the first place! ddd.
    Side note: I tried to organize the song list to be in a more enjoyable listening order — basically evening the bops-to-ballads ratio, so you don't get too many of one kind in a row. This is why the PM-able list might look a little bit messy as artists aren't all grouped together, ddd.


    (Suddenly - Yerin Baek may be unavailable for you depending where you are)


    Click Here

    Click Here
    (Created by @roblognick, thank you so much!!)

    ~+×_SONG LIST:_×+~
    (PM-able friendly!)
    NEON — Yukika
    I FEEL LOVE — Yukika
    Yesterday — Yukika
    SOUL LADY — Yukika
    Cherries Jubiles — Yukika
    Caffeine — Eyedi
    & New — Eyedi
    Venus — Rainbow note
    Memories of Summer — Rainbow note
    Asteroid — Rainbow note
    Cherry Blossom — Rainbow note
    Gwangalli — Rainbow note
    All Right — Red Velvet
    Ladies Night — Red Velvet
    Where are you? — CLC
    A train to chuncheon — Taeyeon
    Baby Don't Play — Wonder Girls
    Faded Love — Wonder Girls
    Lady — Yubin
    Rewind — Wonder Girls
    Black Pearl — Sunmi
    CHOICE — 9Muses
    Feel like Summer — ABRY
    MISS AGENT — 9Muses
    Gas Station — JUNE
    A day of weather — JUNE
    Iron Boy — Weki Meki
    Flash — uju ft. Dolidosi
    Any Call (Call Me Any Time) — uju
    Night in Seoul — uju
    Moon, Crystal, Love — uju
    Goodbye With A Smile — Brown Eyed Girls
    Warp Drive — Soulights
    All Night — (f)x
    Thinking About You — Muzie, SUMIN
    Sparkling — SUMIN
    Recipe — Stella Jang
    It's Beautiful — Stella Jang
    FOUL — Risso
    Blue Knight — Risso
    Fantasy — Lulileela
    Baby Baby Baby — Risso
    How Is Your Day — BehindtheMoon ft. The Hills
    Suddenly — Yerin Baek
    Aqua — Kim Areum ft. Muzie
    Midnight — Kim Areum
    It's over — JADE ft. Kim Areum
    Fairy of Shampoo — TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT)
    Paradise — GFRIEND
    Hope — GFRIEND
    Night Rather Than Day — EXID
    Paradise — S.E.S.
    My Type — MIYU ft. Yoon Jong Shin
    Walking — Moon Hyuna & Pyo Hyemi (of 9Muses)
    Summer Dream — ELRIS
    Missing Call — LUCY ft. SURAN
    You Got — WJSN
    You, you, you — WJSN
    Neon Sign Love — Marstomoon ft. NAO, PDAY, Takyeon
    We Ride — Brave Girls

    This might be a tad bit controversial/annoying, but I didn't use the colour-coded lyric videos in the YT playlist; since a lot of these artists are mostly small indie idols, I figure the streams we give are better suited to going to some kind of official video. Let them be able to afford a new camera, juseyo!
    I hope you don't mind!


    Girl, we started!
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  2. [​IMG]

    Thank you so much to our wonderful 30 voters!!

    Thank you to all of you for showing the interest in this rate, and for taking the time to score these songs.

    Ana Raquel
    Cotton Park
    Crisp X
    Hurricane Drunk
    Love Deluxe
    Slice of Life
    Ugly Beauty
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  3. [​IMG]

    >>Please Read This First <<




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  4. ...And another one reserved just in case, kii.

    Now.. what do you think of the song list? Any obvious tracks we left out? Did we strike a good balance of indie idols and the more well known artists? Did we include your favourite songs? Or did we flop already... ffff

    If your favourite song isn't here, please look forward in a few days time to a spotlight post about some of the songs that were excluded in the rate for certain reasons! There will be a playlist of all those songs attached in that post too!

    I'll also be sending out some tags for potential voters in the coming days as well, so please look forward to that promo as well!

    You can now post!!
  5. Great choice of songs! I especially love the indie picks and some of the older songs from "pre-city pop becoming a thing in South Korea" that I hadn't really considered before but definitely fit the bill.
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  6. aux


    If one of you even dares to give "Baby Don't Play" a score lower than a 10, we are going to have a problem.

  7. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    The selection of songs........ I'm actually gagged and emotional fffffff

    I already know my 11 and I can't wait to fight anyone who @Vixen's it. There will be blood.
  8. ~✩+✧×

    You can only score Rainbow note songs with a number equal or higher than 10! Happy rating x

  9. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    My underrated king JUNE is here and with two songs.....

    Please give him a chance, unnies!!!!!!!!
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  10. He


    The graphics!!
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  11. AH Yes!!!! I forgot to mention fff, but the talented incredible showstopping spectacular @codecat is the creator behind all these amazing graphics! So everybody say kamsahamnida codecat!
  12. If it weren't for you picking the font for the neon sign text and doing those effects we wouldn't have these graphics!!!! It was truly a collaborative effort!

  13. I absolutely will join this !

    Pretty sad to see Shade by Yukika is not here and in general so underappreciated :( It's probably one of the most greatest take of City-Pop genre

    Dd I don't want to complain too much tho, good luck to both of our hosts !
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  14. oh my this rate is beautiful
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  15. This is already the prettiest rate this forum has ever seen. The talent you both exhibited...
  16. I don’t really know what City Pop is but I haven’t heard 90% of these songs and the ones that I have heard, I don’t really like so I’ll pass on this one. I’d be asked to resubmit my scores for sure.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    ICONIC!! Can't wait to start listening!
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