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✦ The City Pop Music Rate ✦ And The Winner Is...

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by thommyh, Oct 5, 2020.

  1. WAIT does this mean Fairy of Shampoo isn't first out anymore??

  2. I knew something was up once Yukika's songs started getting eliminated way too early.


    Rise, City Pop Queen!
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  3. Spoiler alert, they were reading the spreadsheet in the wrong order and Fairy of Shampoo is actually #1.
    Rise up TXTbooks, rise up!
  4. Oh dear. I give my sympathy for this mess. Spreadsheets are awful things to work on.
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  5. It was because some numbers got entered as plain text instead of Numbers, and thus got ignored for the average, wasn’t it? At least that’s what always happens to me dd
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Oh my god you guys I'm so sorry!!! Spreadsheets are great most times, but when they fuck up, they're the worst. Glad you were able to discover the problem before it was too late!
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  7. This mess getting revealed after we unrightfully eliminated not one but TWO Yukika songs...
    She said: stop the count!!

    (seriously props to @thommyh and @codecat you two are doing a great job, it's just that spreadsheets are a bit of a bitch believe me).
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  8. wait, yeah we def think this was the problem fffffff.
    @google devs yall are so shitttttt wtf.​

    I fucking hate math and technology sometimes so much it's unreal ffffjjdfd. Ok, rest assured we have triple-checked and everything is hopefully definitely correct and in order now.

    We'll get cracking and start the reveals tomorrow, as there's a few songs we need to add to have the line up to #43 (the current elimination) be completed and back on track.

    I will also update the front page leaderboard tab as we get going tomorrow again, as well as update the listed averages on the posts themselves.

    In good news is that every song at least had an average of 7 or higher. Whew!

    and for a little bit of tea...

    It isn't!!!!!

    Thank you for understanding, unnies! and stay tuned!!​
  9. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Fairy of Shampoo coming for 10.00 average omfgggggggg
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  10. Hii! very quickly - fff I feel so embarrassed we didn't notice sooner fdfsdf, like when it got to NEON I was like.. this is just so strange isn't it? Like, the amount of 10s it got and how its lowest scores was only in the 7s. And then sure enough it was wrong!!! ffff oh well!!! better sooner than later nn.



    Let's start off the correct #58 elimination with a recap of the new, CORRECT order. dddd.

    #61: How Is Your Day - Behindthemoon ft. The Hills (7.241666667) (-2)
    #60: A day of weather - JUNE (7.300000000) (=)
    #59: Fairy of Shampoo - TXT (7.566666667) (+2)

    Yes, Fairy of Shampoo is now no longer our first song out - it swaps places with How Is Your Day, and A day of weather stays in the same spot.

    Which leads us to...



    City Unnies:
    @RUNAWAY // (9.75) @Slice of Life, @askew // (9.25) @TéléDex // (9) @Cotton Park, @Remorque // (8.75) @thommyh, @junglefish, @vague

    Sewer Unnies:
    @BeingNormal (5) @yuuurei, @roblognick // (6) @Hurricane Drunk, @soratami, @aux

    My score: 8.75
    @codecat's score: 7

    Thinking About You by MUZIE & Sumin is the first track from Muzie's third EP/Album, Color of Night, released in September 2018.

    Hmm.. yeah I overscored a lil, I think I was just outright stanning Sumin and the production of the song.
    In hindsight, it makes sense this would place this low ffff; despite being billed as a duet, it really feels like Muzie hogs the song for an eternity before Sumin gets to join in and shine. Misandry made some points!!!

    I love how grand the production feels on this song - the lil 20 seconds of just the instrumentals at the start is so peaceful! And that one constant synth that just wanes in and out, back and forth over the course of the song is just really neat.

    As for the vocals... I wouldn't say Muzie's voice doesn't not belong here, but it really feels like he struggles to sing a bit, especially in that first opening, slow verse ffffff, he just sounds very flat on this! I will say his little faster bit/rap? part before Sumin joins in actually isn't too bad.

    Now, as for Sumin..? YAS!!! The range of pitches she goes through on this song, whew. The good unnie BELTS out those high notes, I love the shaking in her voice on those - she really goes for that full vibrato fantasy.

    Harmonized together, they sound pretty good. But it's so clear that his voice is just a little too quiet and low in volume while in comparison she just overpowers him ffff. Kween!!

    Hmm, I think that's all, seaux let's hear some accurate commentary:

    @RUNAWAY (10): I thought I stanned SUMIN, but apparently not, as I’d never heard this before. Her voice is so GORGEOUS here, and omg this is such a cute duet. Her vibrato after the second chorus is SLAYING ME.

    Ugly Beauty (8): oh this is lovely.

    and @aux (6) will get the tea-laced final word: Another man who cannot sing… Thank fuck for Sumin for saving this.

    yup, yup, yup!

    There's no live performances or anything for this song unfortunately!

    Edit: nvm this song got a MV three days after this write-up!


    Also, I'm kiing at this being in the post for the now-correctly first eliminated song ffff

    The way gays just have that innate sense of knowing tea before it happens..​
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Okay can we go back to how it was before? I liked this rate better when this song wasn't FOURTH OUT. Fuck.....
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  13. Good morning...if you broads wanna have a laugh in the start of the first week work of the year...me and @thommyh's brains almost exploded on this Monday morning because our whole spreadsheet still might be corrupted...

    ...but we double checked it again, and with the power of data type-check functions we concluded that...

    ...we're in the clear!!!! So let's get this show on the road with...



    Cosmopolitan Unnies:
    @ohnostalgia, @eatyourself, @yuuurei // (9.5) @RUNAWAY, @Slice of Life // (8.5) @askew, @BEST FICTION, @codecat

    Sewer Unnies:
    (5) @roblognick, @Ugly Beauty // (6) @Hurricane Drunk, @ysev, @TéléDex, @aux // (6.5) @BeingNormal

    My Score: 8.5
    @thommyh's Score: 8.25

    It feels strange to cut this or even listen to this song in the dead of winter (it's raining torrentially outside as I write this) but here we are! The way winter ends up eating every trace of summertime even in the internet...anyway today we're gonna talk about ABRY (short for All Been ReadY (BEEN ready asjkds their little ayo I been ON, bitch you been CON serve)): they are a duo — they used to be a group of 4 people but you know how these things are — and this is their digital single Feel like Summer.

    Listening to this makes me crave for those lazy warm days where the afternoon light is so heady, and you just don't feel like doing anything all day long...and when I listen to this on loop it's impossible for me to not sway my head side to side, then just...close my eyes and imagine summer — imagining myself driving along the road next to the sea in the nostalgic summer sunset hours, preferably in a convertible — then I remember I can't drive LOL!!

    The strongest point in this song has to be that chorus and how it starts so strongly with it: yes! When you have a chorus as good as this one then give it to us right away! Everything in here is a nice change from the traditional and sort of blue city pop sound to a more wide-open, breezy one while still maintaining the City Pop™ print. Feel like Summer has a great balance of quietness and grandeur, everything has time to shine and grow in its own space and we have to clap for the mandatory synth solo!

    They're also both great vocalists — the combination of their vocal tones is a great match that pushes the song into that realm where you just have to sit still and smile as they sing and melt into the backing track...I think this cute song left us too soon. Does anyone in the commentary section agree?
    @Ugly Beauty (5): nice background music.

    @FunkyButChic (7): Once I noticed that hi-hat in the background I could never un-notice it. Not sure if the jackhammer setting was the correct choice

    @aux (6): I’m… not sure about this one. She’s a cute girl, but I’m not keeping her.

  14. My ability of giving a 10 to songs I won't remember the next day... it amazes me sometimes. Bop though!
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  15. Y'all are tasteless as always I see! This is a really nice retro mellowbop, literally what's not to like?
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  16. Okay! Sorry for the delay unnies, it got really super hectic IRL for a few days ffff.

    In this elimination, we actually have our first tie in the new correct order.

    (Tie) #55: Gas Station - JUNE (7.683)

    so joining it is...



    City Unnies:
    @Cotton Park // (9.5) @eliminathan, @vague, @RUNAWAY // (9) @Remorque, @eatyourself, @codecat

    Sewer Unnies:
    @roblognick // (6) @Hurricane Drunk, @aux // (6.5) @Serg., @Glitterizer, @BeingNormal

    My score: 8.5
    @codecat's score: 9

    Rounding out the other half of our first tie is Flash by uju featuring produced by dolidosi, included in the first album of her "Sunday Seoul" series (currently up to three albums): Sunday Seoul Ep.1, released in December 2017. The way Spotify details LIIIED.gif making it seem like dolidosi was a feature, when he actually just produced it.

    Anyways, there probably is more information about dolidosi somewhere but I gave up searching for it because when I googled "dolidosi kpop" these were the two results that showed up:


    I can't wait til we start getting royalties for promotion from their agency, @codecat!

    Flash is a very type of.. rainy-day indoors type of song isn't it? I really enjoy this song but I find there is just like.. a bit too much going on in its production? It's like... just absolutely jampacked of those looped beats/synths which repeat over the entire song, then there's the guitar & bass guitar moments that are kinda constant too, the keyboard/piano, and then the rolling drums show up a lot as well. I bop along but I do find parts of it a bit heavy, and its ultimately kind of distracting. Yes I know that's the same for some other songs in this rate but it hits different for here!

    With that said.. My favourite part of the song that I absolutely LOVE is those heavy piano key strokes that preface the "ooh-ooh-oohs" in the pre-chorus, while it's sung in that lower register.

    I really just love uju's voice, tbh. I'm probably repeating myself from an earlier elim or something ddd but she really just gives me that full chaise lounge Parisian raspy-voiced chanteuse fantasy. I looove the sort of exasperation and tiredness in her voice in the chorus. But that's kind of where my only problem of the song is - I find the instrumentation just distracts from her voice in the chorus too much, and she gets overpowered by the louder, faster beat.

    At the very least, uju DID compose, co-produce, and wrote Flash. Talented queen!


    Well, only @aux (6) provided commentary: Miss Thing sounds like she smoked a pack of cigarettes before recording this one.

    Hmm..! I know that's meant to be a drag but I will re-wire it in my brain to accept it as a compliment! Raspy-voiced kween not every Idol can do that! So, thank you!


  17. Also, we only have to fill in 3 more eliminations, then we'll be jumping all the way back up to #42 where we originally were at ddd. Yup!
  18. Excited for our 0,0005 cent split check!!!!

  19. You may have better luck searching for doildosi instead - you have the L and first I mixed up!

    Anyway, I quite like the music in Flash but I definitely feel like it needed a bigger chorus.
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  20. I must have been so wasted when I rated some of these.
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