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✦ The City Pop Music Rate ✦ And The Winner Is...

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by thommyh, Oct 5, 2020.

  1. These write-ups are so good I might start listening to city pop just so I’ll know what the hell you’re both talking about!
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  2. New day, new elimination! Before we start, here's some of the songs that we've already cut in the new order:

    #54: Marstomoon ft. NAO, PDAY, Takyeon - Neon Sign Love (7.725)
    #53: LUCY ft. Suran - Missing Call (7.783333333)

    plus a tie at #51 with:

    (TIE) #51: Stella Jang - Recipe (7.85)




    City Unnies:
    @RUNAWAY, @vague, @eliminathan // (9) @Slice of Life, @soratami, @ohnostalgia, @yuuurei, @Remorque

    Sewer Unnies:
    (5) @Hurricane Drunk // (5.5) @Serg., @BeingNormal, @ysev // (6) @askew // (6.5) @Ugly Beauty

    My Score: 7.5
    @thommyh's Score: 8

    This is a bad day for all MINEs...yep, Hyuna and Hyemi are walking out of the rate with their cute little collaboration single "Walking". If you don't recognize these names, Hyuna and Hyemi are former members of 9muses — one of the best, tallest, stunning, completely talented girl groups we have ever witnessed. Do yourselves a favor and listen to their flawless singles run today (but don't look at the lineup mess ok)!

    I love these girls and I know I'm not the only one who upped their score just because of being a 9muses stan who misses them...it has a lovely, simple chorus and everything is very city pop to a T, this feels so at home in those city pop Youtube playlists that have all of those classics...but we must talk about something...

    Why...does the teaser sound BETTER than the actual song sdjfsdkjf where is the reverb! The punch! In the full track? Because I needed more of that: more of the wistfulness, more of the mysterious, whimsical atmosphere of that teaser. Those fairy-like la la la las (the best part of the song tbh) being delegated to the end of the track, stripped out of everything in the teaser and with a fade out on top of them fffff mess!

    One more reason why that kind of buttery reverb would work wonders in Walking: Hyuna and Hyemi (the main vocal in 9muses aka the girl who can SING for those wondering) are both very capable vocalists...they know what they're doing — but this dodgy vocal production doesn't do any justice to their voices. In fact! It highlights some...of the strain in the vocals.

    Even though I'm critical of Walking, it's still nice to listen to, and it's wonderful when our faves get together to do projects like these: let's hope we see more from them in the future! All the commentary for this was positive, it defintely balances this elimination!!!​

    @RUNAWAY (10)
    is gonna kill me when he reads this post nn: my girls <3 - to see them reunite on a fucking amazing song was such a dream. This song is EVERYTHING a Mine could want.

    @Ana Raquel (8): Aw, I totally forgot about this. Adorable.

    @aux (7.5): Are we walking ladies? This makes me think of that GIF of Kirby with long legs sitting on a train. Bayonetta <3

    @FunkyButChic (8) speaks of the dead: Absolutely amazing how even in their grave the muses are still delivering such sleek funk bops.

    Strangely, there's no MV for this even though the teaser has new footage of them that one would think it was going to be part of...a music video? Well!
  3. Hyemi has always been one of my favorite idols.
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  4. So Red Velvet aren't actually in the bottom 10? I knew it didn't seem right nn
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  5. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  6. City girls!!!!! It's going downnñ ok so here's a few more eliminations in the current order:

    #50: Moon, Crystal, Love - uju (7.908333333)
    #49: Warp Drive - Soulights (7.958333333)
    #48: It's over - JADE ft. Kim Areum (7.975000000)
    #47: Asteroid - Rainbow note (8.075000000)


    #46: All Right - Red Velvet (8.108333333)

    and lastly...



    City Unnies:
    @BEST FICTION, @eliminathan, @Love Deluxe, @soratami, @yuuurei, @RUNAWAY // (9.5) @Slice of Life, @FunkyButChic, @aux // (9.25) @Oleander // (9) @junglefish, @eatyourself, @Crisp X

    Sewer Unnies:
    (4) @askew // (5) @Hurricane Drunk // (6) @He, @Ugly Beauty // (6.5) @ohnostalgia // (6.75) @Glitterizer

    My Score: 7.5
    @thommyh's Score: 8

    Ummmm....yeah some of you are gonna face the high-scorers wrath! Today is a day for legends. It's a day for the women responsible for getting most of us (old) queers into the K-pop world. They are...vocalists. Singing with a capital S is what they do. They invented being controversial, viral dances, sexy, whistle notes, Big 3 erasure, they #PavedTheWay. They are the Brown Eyed Girls, and today we are saying goodbye (some of us not with a smile HEHhehEHehEHE) to Goodbye With a Smile from their recent covers album RE_vive.

    This song is a cover from Lee Eunha's You Let Me Go with a Smile: while the original is full with the flare and drama of sadness (Lee Eunha wrote the lyrics after a breakup), the Brown Eyed Girls dialed the camp a bit down for their version, with a very laidback, lounge singer plush vibe.

    I'm guilty of underscoring this: it's nice to have a quiet moment amidst the big drums and basslines of most city pop songs and relax in this almost bossa nova serve. I think this is definitely Gain's song: sure, Narsha and Jea are delivering CAMP in those dramatic high moments but it's Gain's mellow, calming voice that's the main protagonist and storyteller of this song — this is her tale to tell!!! Rap God Miryo...is serving nothing on this one but you can listen to her threatening Biggie on their cover of Uhm Jung Hwa's Invitation!!! And I love how they're still so on top when it comes to harmonizing — y'all hear those tight harmonies in the end? Poor MAMAPOO!

    This is a masterpiece of instrumentation as well: the backing track almost feels like it's floating or in a haze, then you get this big brass waking everything up, then a gorgeous melodic guitar breakdown and I love that — it has this live band feel, like they recorded this in one take in their little studio improv session...

    Spoiler alert: the next commenters also loved this!
    @aux (9.5): This is groovy as fuck. Friendly reminder to whoever tanks this, Miss Brown Eyed Girls made this sub-forum so y’all need to respect your elders.

    @FunkyButChic (9.5): The brass on this is just *chef’s kiss*

    @RUNAWAY (10): such a fabulous cover, and their vocals are so amazing. I could listen to Brown Eyed Girls sing all day long, I love their voices so much.

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  7. [​IMG]
    하수구 언니들 왜그래?!
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  8. With those high scores I expected a top 10 finish at least.

    Like.......... wow. I would demand a recount but this is already your second or third recount so...... what now. Let me just mourn while listening to my copy of RE_vive, I guess.
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  9. It's been a while but I'm back! You're stuck with me again for this new elimination but don't worry, @thommyh will eventually escape the MBK dungeon soon! Today we don't have any former eliminations to add so let's go right to 44 with...

    *smokes cigarette*

    *coughs incessantly*



    Luxuriating in the Limo:
    @ohnostalgia // (9.75) @RUNAWAY // (9.5) @Cotton Park // (9) @junglefish, @FunkyButChic, @Oleander, @eatyourself, @eliminathan, @Remorque

    Puking in a Cab:
    (6) @roblognick, @aux // (6.75) @Glitterizer

    My Score: 7
    @thommyh's Score: 7.5

    Aw, I feel bad for this...we're cutting another uju track — Night In Seoul taken from her fantastic EP Sunday Seoul Ep.2. The cover of that EP is so so good so at least check it out just to see it! Not many people gave this song scores under 7 so I guess the general consensus was that ok, this is nice...yeah. Yet, this is also one of those that I underscored but well! *grimace face emoji*

    As usual for an uju song, this never loses its cool: but Night In Seoul is surprising because you'd expect it to be a piano ballad...then it starts to perk up! uju starts singing as if she's in a big void, but then there's some little sparks of clarity, like the piano or the distant sparkly synths that add density to that empty space, as if to say there's more to this than emptiness — and there is! Synth riffs, bells and solos! Bass! Everything you want out of a city pop song!

    All these dynamic elements sound a bit too contrasty with the repeated delivery on the verses, I like this more when the song stops to take a break. That pre-chorus is divine and evocative...it makes me picture a stage full of sparkles, and a sequined lounge singer making her voice travel through big clouds of smoke as the moonlight shines on her. And then that chorus: so minimal yet so spot on and natural! Maybe these parts have more impact because they break away with the repetitiveness of the song............uju and her big brain.........

    Even though this one isn't the highest voted uju song for me, I'm still glad it's here: the representation of city pop taking shape of the sophisticated, passionate songs like the sort of thing Sade were doing in their early years is more than faithful and fantastic in uju's songs, and I'm glad @thommyh found her!!!! This song only had one comment from the voters so I guess it didn't spark much emotional peaks in you chickens except for:
    @aux (6): I know I keep saying it, but these vocals… are marvellous!

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  10. Hey.. hey.. how y'all doin...

    Sorry for the long wait to an elimination, I was going to do one way earlier in the week, but there was somewhat of a heatwave in NZ and my bedroom has no air conditioning nn so I was NOT going near my computer in 42°C.

    In today's elimination we're jumping up to #41, which is part of a tie.

    The current elimination order is now:

    #43: It's Beautiful - Stella Jang (8.166)
    (TIE) #41: FOUL - Risso (8.183)

    which brings us to...



    City Unnies:
    @RUNAWAY, @junglefish, @vague, @eatyourself // (9.75) @eliminathan // (9.5) @ohnostalgia, @FunkyButChic, @Cotton Park

    Sewer Unnies:
    @aux // (6.5) @Serg., @Glitterizer // (7 - 7.75) ...literally almost everyone else fff

    My score: 9
    @codecat's score: 9

    And with this elimination, we say goodbye to uju, as this was her fourth and final song in the rate.

    Ah... this song is lowkey so good, actually. About a week or two ago now, I had to stay in a facility for two nights/two days and I pretty much churned through her entire discography while I was trapped there fff, and this song (and "I'll Keep You In My Heart") grew on me even more.

    Anyway, I digress. Any Call (Call Me Any Time) is from her mini-album series Sunday Seoul Ep. 2 (which also contains Moon, Crystal, Love and Night in Seoul) which was originally released as a promotional single in December of 2018.

    I love how outright "arcadey" (is there an actual adjective for this?) and more rhythmic this song is, and I particularly like how fluty some of the synths are - especially in the opening - and how much the instrumentation just kind of zips around and knows when to pause and when to ramp up while it's being paired with her softer and raspier voice.

    Ms. uju is so good at emoting certain things with her voice, specifically like.. longings or desperation nn. There's no un-official official `color coded lyrics` translation of this song, but due to my investigative journalism skills the song seems to be about laying awake in bed alone waiting for a now ex-lover to call you and be with you instead of being somewhere else or with someone else... and I can definitely hear it.


    Now, let's see if our fellow voters felt the same.

    @RUNAWAY (10) is reminded of another song in the rate: ohmygodddd from the opening SECONDS I knew this would be a ten. The like….90’s sounds that remind me of S.E.S’s Paradise (do you know what I mean) automatically make me fall in love. WOWWWWWWW this song!!!!

    You're right actually!!! Those opening establishing notes do give me major S.E.S. Paradise teas, especially that little "brrrrap-brrrap!" noise on the drums.

    uju-tanker @aux (5) comes for ms. uju's point-of-difference again!!: Nurse! Give her some water, her throat sounds thirsty.

    and we'll end this with @junglefish (10) who only submitted one piece of commentary for the entire rate: Any Call (Call Me Any Time) is one the best songs I've ever heard periodt

    Periodt indeed!

    There's also a live/acoustic version too!! She actually can sing reasonably well live, don't ya think?


    Also, happy birthday to @codecat co-host sunbaenim!!!

    My birthday gift to you is whatever this closest-to-city-pop lowkey bop/monstrosity I could find:


    And as a gift to you fellow voters...

    Someone will be losing their 11 next elimination

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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! That was my biggest discovery from this rate. It's so SO FUCKING AMAZING.
  12. FFFFFF not gonna lie this is kind of a bop nnñ I'm screaming at the Ah ah ah ah ah....s in the intro qjshdhsb thank you so much for this demonic gift bb!!!
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  13. Hello, as promised, today someone will lose an 11.


    And that person is...




    ♡ Penthouse Unnie ♡
    @Ugly Beauty

    City Unnies:
    @junglefish, @Slice of Life, @soratami, @Oleander, @He // (9.5) @Cotton Park // (9.25) @thommyh, @BEST FICTION // (9) @RUNAWAY, @eatyourself

    Sewer Unnies:
    @aux // (5) @roblognick // (6.5) @Hurricane Drunk

    My score:9.25
    @codecat's score: 8

    This was done dirty!!!!!

    TENNIS is the main single (I believe) from K-Indie kween OOHYO, taken from her second full album "Far From the Maddening City", released in 2019. This album also contains her bigger hit from 2017 which you might recognize, "PIZZA". If you're a fan of Yerin Baek, Heize, or Hoody... then OOHYO definitely helps round out this lil quartet of K-Indie girls, so you should check the rest of her stuff out! '2020' is good, and the English version of "Papercut" is kind of a bop as well, actually.

    Anyway, TENNIS is a very relaxed emotional bop, with a laid-back production. I quite like the production on this, it starts off quite slow and very ballad-y with pretty much only the bass guitar, but after the first verse that faster drum loop is added in and it stays for the rest of the song, and the song remains at a faster pace.

    Yeah, it's just very chill, and her voice sounds really good on it. kween! I could definitely see this type of song slotting on perfectly onto Yerin Baek's "tellusaboutyourself" or something. Please collab queens!!

    Also, her little closing part of the song that's in full English then followed by a synth solo - gorgeous!!

    Ok, now let's hear what the good unnie @aux (3.5) had to say.. even tho I definitely think you underscored this nn!!!! relisten to it unnie!!! I'm sure this type of song is up your alley lil miss swiftie and yerin baekerette!

    Anyway, "This is better than Ambien."


    And we'll end of course with @Ugly Beauty, our 11-giver:

    "vibe: a person's emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others....on a serious note, this is EVERYTHInG I want from a city pop banger: bittersweet, lowkey, smooth vocals full of emotions. this might become one of my favorite songs of all time."

    periodt!!! This song has a lot of stuff going for it!

    This video also has English CC available, if you want to read the lyrics.


    In our next elimination, we'll be jumping all the way up to #36, with a tie now happening (between two already eliminated songs) at #37.

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  14. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    Trust you will be dealt with.
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  15. Ddd unnies @thommyh @codecat I was not the one who gave this an 11 or gave that commentary?? I did give this a decent score of 7 though.
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    Sorry!! I looked at the wrong name on the spreadsheet nn

    It's fixed now!

    in case the edited post doesn't give you a tag..

    @Ugly Beauty.. hi
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  17. Hmm... @thommyh and @codecat, maybe y'all should have a look at the spreadsheet again, because there being some sort of mistake is the only explanation I can come up with for this elimination

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  18. Coming here after not being online on the forum for a few days to see this masterpiece being eliminated way too early...
    Yeah we’re going offline again

    Bonus: for @aux
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  19. hey!! Umm,... random lil update but for those of you interested, this has now received a music video like... 3 years after it came out lmao?? (3 days after that write-up as well kii.. this rate's impact yaass!)

    It's still on a budget, but it's cute!!!

    Last edited: Jan 31, 2021
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Our impact!! Also, for the horny homos like me, no that's not Muzie OR Sumin in the video </3
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