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✦ The City Pop Music Rate ✦ And The Winner Is...

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by thommyh, Oct 5, 2020.

  1. Honestly if you don't like this song then do you really even like city pop? This is quintessential.
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  2. Scream at me being a low voter for a Produce 48 girl fff. Miyu is a legend though and I've warmed up to the song a lot since.
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  3. This deserved higher. The whole package really is quintessential.

    It's the way Miyu gives her voice that slight affectation similarly found in other late 80s Japanese idols so she fits right alongside Yoon Jong Shin's palette of sonic textures also borrowed from that era. The video being a broken loop of glamour shots akin to the images in idol CFs constantly playing on TV in that era (which, in turn, reminds me of Tokimeki Memorial) is just the cherry on top. It's such a careful study of the genre and its history colliding with the first Japanese idol boom.
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  4. Hey everyone,

    Now that we're halfway through, I present to you...your Top 30. ♡


    What're some of y'alls predictions?​
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  5. Well, aside from a single annoying 6 that won't leave, I don't have any scores left under a 7, so I predict that almost every elimination from now on is going to hurt.
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  6. fshfjka a mess: I've been following this thread for awhile but never looked closely at the song list........


    You, You, You!?!?!?!?

    Not the greatest song of all time!!!


    That to win!!!
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  7. I predict all 3 Wonder Girls songs to make it at least top 10, as they should.
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  8. Hi besties...so there's this elimination...



    Rainbow note


    City Unnies:
    @yuuurei, @vague, @Oleander, @RUNAWAY, @Ana Raquel // (9.75) @Slice of Life // (9.5) @eatyourself, @Ugly Beauty, @codecat // (9.25) @askew // (9) @ohnostalgia, @Hurricane Drunk, @thommyh, @aux

    Sewer Unnies:
    (6) @soratami // (6.5) @eliminathan // (6.75) @ysev

    My Score: 9.5
    @thommyh's Score: 9

    Today, I am daunted with the task of cutting another Rainbow note classic, Gwangalli from their eponymous EP — let's have a moment of silence for the taste that was sacrificed on this day.


    OK so let's get on with this! Also, you might wonder why we have so few Sewer Unnies: I don't consider a score of 7 or above as a low score at this stage of the rate but let me tell you that's all about to change in a matter of weeks when we eventually reach the lofty highs of the rate...

    Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopping, spectacular...what more can we say about the Rainbow note girls? These girls deserve to have what BOL4 have!!! Or had!! I don't care!!! If you haven't had a moment on this lockdown season listening to Morning then what are you doing on this rate? I'd say that Gwangalli was robbed but it's nice it reached this far! I'd like to see Venus, Asteroid and Cherry Blossom on at least top 20 but......anyway! Let's talk about Gwangalli!

    Listening to this song right now in a cold winter is painful and I miss those warm days where you'd get on the car with your friends and went on an adventure, and you'd end up hiking in the middle of nowhere or at the beach. The vocals sound so fresh and vibrant on top of the dreamlike wistfulness of Summer vibes of the song...that chorus is incredible! So subtle, but so sweet...the I like it parts are my favorite bits in this song. Yes! I like it!!! Also why does every song of theirs gives me like...slo-mo visuals of people turning around smiling with a sparkly landscape in the back...

    We're gonna end this write up with an educational moment: the title is taken from the Gwangalli beach in Busan! This kind of beach...freaks me out fff beaches with cityscapes right next to them? No ma'am but y'all can enjoy swimming in doodoo water!!! Just (sort of) kidding, the beach looks nice for a little stroll and it looks incredible at night time...and with that said, let's listen to what some of the voters had to say about this song:

    @aux (9): I don’t know what she is saying, but girl, I am living. Ffff same!

    @Ana Raquel (10)
    : This was the first song of hers that left me....... tanisha.gif. Beautiful. Yeah....yeah......

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  9. Are you f*cking serious right now, that should have been top 10 at LEAST.
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  11. sorry, university is eating my whole ass




    Rainbow note
    "Memories of Summer"


    City Unnies:
    @Crisp X, @RUNAWAY, @Ana Raquel, @ohnostalgia, @vague, @askew, @eatyourself, @codecat, @thommyh // (9) @Ugly Beauty, @yuuurei

    Sewer Unnies:
    @soratami, @ysev, @Glitterizer, @Remorque

    My score: 10
    @codecat's score: 10

    AAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    With this elimination, Rainbow note are now out of the rate.

    Memories of Summer was actually a brand new track included on their debut album "Rainbow note", released on June 8th of 2020. Like the rest of their songs, it was written/composed and all of that by the two of them.

    aaaaa, this song is such a delight. The saxophone waning in and out at the start is just an instant hit, unnies. This is actually the longest song in their discography, clocking in at 4:43s, but it really doesn't feel like it. Like, the song is definitely slow but it really just follows its own pace, and everything just feels right. The instrumentals go for just long enough, the verses aren't rushed or dragged out, the chorus is simple, her vocals have time to shine at the right moments.... aaaaa it's just crafted so excellently!!!

    Also, let's talk about the electric guitar solo WITH the saxophone and keyboard.. cos I really think that that is like top tier best instrumentals of all time, methinks.


    To be honest I don't really know if this song sparks some...wistful beachy-fruity-ice cream summer memory for the rest of y'all, coz it's still summer here in nz for me with a mini-heatwave the past 2 days so i'm OVER it!!!! but whew it's a hit, ladies. I think I've probably said it in some capacity for all their songs nn but they really do just transport me to like... a beach's jetty or boardwalk or something on a hot weekend's day.

    hmm I don't really know what else to say ffff the song is just really gorgeous but all the lowest scores are a 7 which is like.. a super respectful score nn so I can't drag anyone !!!!! but yeah I think maaaybe this should've been Top 20... the problem is I just don't know what should be kicked out of there to make room for it, kii.

    As for our voters to let me fluff out my word count and finísh:

    @Crisp X (10) knows the tea: Saxophone in my City Pop? In this economy? Instant 10. Exactly, exactly! and @aux (8) agrees: Oh yes mama, the saxophone, boots the house down bitch, let’s go.


    And personally I think this is the best one:

    I just have no clue why that Ruby Records label or w/e titled the song "Memories in the Summer" instead of, well, "Of" get it together, interns!​
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

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  13. wha-
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  14. Rainbow note deserved better, they're neo-city pop personified. I really don't know what to even say.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    This is honestly so upsetting to me. I'm really gonna have to run their rate to give them an actual winning song huh?
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  16. Poor Rainbow note, their album is one of my fave releases of 2020.
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  17. So...I'm in my lunch break and someone's gonna lose their 11 right now!




    Yerin Baek


    ♡ Penthouse Unnie ♡

    City Unnies:
    @junglefish @Love Deluxe @TéléDex @Serg. @RUNAWAY @aux @askew @Oleander @codecat // (9.5) @eatyourself // (9.25) @Cotton Park @thommyh // (9) @soratami

    Sewer Unnies:
    (5) @Hurricane Drunk // (6) @Ugly Beauty @roblognick

    My Score: 10
    @thommyh's Score: 9.25
    Literally almost everyone's score: 8

    FFF this is so upsetting...not this leaving at [email protected] Drunk you wanna speak up about that 5 or...anyway here's a live footage of me punishing the three Sewer Unnies for their sacrilege!!


    Yerin Baek's (nn I'm so used to typing Baek Yerin my brain is kinda frying right now) Suddenly, one of the most outstanding songs in this rate, is officially leaving us. This is the one you need to send to someone who says all city pop sounds the same: nothing sounds quite like this, and yet, it feels right at home in the genre. Talentry! This was a song recorded for the Digging Club Seoul project, which I described back on elimination nº 50 as:

    And we got there now ;___; It's a cover of Jang Pil-soon's 1989 song Before One Knows (the title has two translations: this one and Suddenly?), and the original is GORGEOUS — perfect for the girls who love an understated Nouvelle Vague chic, Lucky Strike fueled vocal. Yerin's cover builds on the original but takes it into a territory which...it kinda scares me.

    Suddenly could be the main soundtrack to a Wong Kar Wai movie, where loneliness fills every inch of the frame and everyone is quietly lost. There's a feeling I get from this song, of underlying pain and longing for someone or something that seems to drag night after night, and it never goes away...it starts with a beautiful bossa nova-like instrumentation and Yerin's vocal coming into the silence, like an incantation dimly lighting up the night. I like how the pacing and the beat of the song change throughout the song: this dynamism adds up to those feelings I mentioned earlier — you know when you feel like that, and you can be quietly thinking about something then in the blink of an eye turn restless and toss and turn in bed or wander through the house at 5am then sit still for some seconds to just...walk aimlessly around again? Anyone else? No? Okay then!

    Yerin's biggest quality to her voice is that is 100% sincere and devoid of pretense: and in Suddenly, she sounds like an spectator narrating a story, seeing it from above, floating from intimate vocals to sparkling adlibs — and her adlibs are always so good!!! They deserve to be spoken of more!!! Go listen to Maybe It's Not Our Fault today!!!!

    Oh but the best thing about this song? Um....


    Holy shit the detuned wailing synth coursing into infinity and then fading out and the fact that we will never know where it eventually landed, or if it landed at all...magic exists! What a song. Now onto commentary: sadly, @ysev didn't leave any commentary for his 11 but I'd love to know his thoughts on Suddenly!

    @aux (10): I’m bald.

    @RUNAWAY (10)
    : incredible cover. Her voice is just magical. It truly is!

  18. First of all... 27?
    This is so upsetting fff. I wonder if it had gotten further, hadn't it been pulled off streaming in the middle of rating.

    I think a big reason why 'Suddenly' resonated so much with me is that I usually prefer tracks that are brooding and that slowly build up rather than being in your face right off the bat. While 'Suddenly' is relatively calm for most of its duration, you feel that it'll have a grand finale/climax even on first listen. There's just something about the mood and production that's very slightly unsettling that just lets you know: this is not all it has to offer. And when the outro with the syrupy synths set in... it's very crying eyes/smiling lips. It's seriously one of the most beautiful song sections I've ever heard. The amount of times 'Suddenly' (including the instrumental version!) has been the soundtrack to my daydreams last year...
    Truly the underrated jewel of the rate~


    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Honestly, Iron Boy, MISS AGENT or CHOICE, Black Pearl, and Summer Dream could exit anytime.....I do like all of them, but having them outlast Rainbow note's entire selection is just wrong.

    @thommyh and @codecat you're both doing a fabulous job!!!
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  20. Also you all have a legal requirement

    and If you read part of the elimination before I realized I was one post away from the next page, you didnt see it. No I didn't ♥
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