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✦ The City Pop Music Rate ✦ And The Winner Is...

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by thommyh, Oct 5, 2020.

  1. Oops I didn't see the extension before sending my scores but I'm settled on them anyway so it's all good ww

    So - yes, my scores are sent!
    My overall average is 8.29 and I gave fourteen 10s (including my 11). I really enjoyed the song list and I found quite a few new faves! I'm so glad neo-city pop exists and is becoming more prevalent, it's just ... so good. ♥
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  2. He


    Thank you for the extension!
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  3. I also gave away more 10s than I expected, especially to songs that I didn't know!
  4. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I love the way you tricked me into sending my scores “early.”
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  5. Hi everyone! Thank you for being patient!

    Just a quick update: we are just waiting on one #confirmed ballot, and then we'll hopefully have our first elimination later today. x
  6. [​IMG]

    Just before we begin, thank you so much to our wonderful 30 voters!!

    Once again just a very big thank you to all of you for showing the interest, and taking the time to score these songs.

    @Ana Raquel
    @Cotton Park
    @Crisp X
    @Hurricane Drunk
    @Love Deluxe
    @Slice of Life
    @Ugly Beauty
    If you submitted a ballot and you're not here please let me know ffff.
  7. Well, we're finally here.

    The very first elimination...

    ...What will it be?

    I'll probably say that "losing the next song hurts a lot in this rate", but this being the first song out really is kind of tragic...

    ...And unfortunately someone is about to lose their 11 ffff.... I am so sorry unnie...



    Sleeping in the Penthouse:

    Tasteful Unnies:
    @Crisp X, @RUNAWAY, @junglefish, @Ugly Beauty, @Slice of Life, @ohnostalgia, @eatyourself // (9) @BeingNormal, @soratami, @vague, @Remorque

    Sleeping in the Sewer:
    (2) @aux, @FunkyButChic // (3.5) @eliminathan // (5) @roblognick, @ysev, @yuuurei

    My Score: 8.75
    @codecat's Score: 7.5

    Leaderboard Journey:

    5 voters: #28 (TIE) (average: 9.2500000)
    10 voters: #45 (average: 7.8750000)
    15 voters: #61 (average: 6.729166667)
    20 voters: #31 (average: 8.579861111)
    25 voters: #60 (average: 6.846643519)
    30 voters: #61 (average: 6.641107253)

    My condolences @Glitterizer.

    Nawt the first song out also being our first 11 song. Mess.
    This song really had quite the leaderboard journey: it got rescued to #31 after receiving some high scores, but unfortunately the remaining ballots after cemented its fate.​

    Still, a 6.65 average for a boy group song on K-PJ? Not too bad when you think about it!​

    Our first eliminated song at #61 is "Fairy of Shampoo", the third track from Tomorrow X Together (or TXT)'s second mini-album The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY, released in May 2020.

    This song is actually a remake of the original song released by Light & Salt in 1990, which you can listen to here, which in turn is based off of a 1987 poem "The Shampoo Fairy" by Jang Jung-il. Lyrically, the poem/song is about a young man falling in love with a woman who appears in a shampoo commercial on the TV. There is also a cover of the original sung by Mamamoo's Hwasa if you're interested, here.

    This song absolutely radiates atmosphere and etherealness. There really is just an undeniably slow & dreamy, spacious aura to it all. Whew. With that said, I'm not particularly a fan of the rap verse that's been added in, it just comes across a little too sharp and quick for my liking.

    Now, let's see what y'all have to say about it!

    @RUNAWAY has came to stan (10) "jeez what a moment. So beautiful <3", @BeingNormal (9) also kinda stans "If only this was sung by a more vocally-capable boygroup" hm.. I don't think you're particularly wrong nn. That said, I don't listen to boy groups so I wouldn't know a good substitute! But I think if a couple of the members could hit notes just a little higher in that chorus then this song really would actually be unstoppable.

    Now we'll get to some of the harsher critiques:
    @FunkyButChic (2) Man, I’m gonna get crucified for this score but… I just feel like this cover strips away everything I like about the original, which was already a city pop style masterpiece. It’s a nice idea on paper—rearranging the track with muted textures and heavy ambience to build a dream-like world that matches the lyrical content—but the soul got lost in the process. I’m not gonna tank it completely since it still has the original's DNA, but I don’t think highly of this version. Oh, you definitely hit the nail on the head in terms of the production-- I do agree that there is just that *piece* missing that the original has. But at least you and @aux (2) can be crucified together: Let me start with the positives… The production is okay, the two points are going for that. Everything else just reeks, particularly the foul vocals and terrible mixing.

    @TéléDex (6.25) does stan but also senses a disjointedness: I think there is something missing here. I was almost going to score this a bit lower, because it sounded more like fairy pop at first. It’s composed decently, maybe they used the wrong presets for some of the instruments.

    And of course we will end our commentary with this song's 11-giver, and our forum's biggest MOA, @Glitterizer:
    One my favorite K-Pop songs ever, and the one that got me into TXT (yes, because I was curious from the title dd). The atmosphere of the production is so hazy and loose, and yet all the elements come into place at the exact right time, from the finger snaps to the distant sax riff. The lyrics are very cute too, a story about a man falling in love with the woman from a shampoo commercial he saw on the TV (I relate to this, except I was 9 and falling in love with a man from the underwear catalogue... my Fairy of Comfortable Waistbands). Yeonjun also wrote his own rap verse for this remake, adding even more pizazz to what was already a very classy upgrade of the original song by Light & Salt.

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  8. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    This is already a fucking mess. I hate y'all!!!!!!!!
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  9. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

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  10. He


    Oh, that was a decent song! The production is lovely. It could be much better though in the hands of more competent vocalists / vocal production.
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  11. The girls are out to boycott @Glitterizer! Not everyone has this much influence. But seriously, how CLC's track isn't the first out is beyond me. That one was painful to go through. What's even more beyond me is people giving less than a 6 to any track in this rate when they all sounded basically the same dd.
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  12. Maybe I am desensitized to suspicious vocal production after years of Charli XCX stanning but I truly feel like it works for this song (but I agree Big Hit productions in general have been hit or miss on this department for a hot minute).

    Welp, Red Velvet / SUNMI / Eyedi fighting!!
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  13. Not when it’s one of the best tracks in the rate nn and not only by idols but overall. I’m pretty sure it isn’t getting eliminated anytime soon.
  14. He


    A messy opinion, if I ever read one.

    Please continue!
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Well......that was unexpected. I literally was NOT expecting that. I guess we'll see how this rate goes then........
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  16. Let me tell you how it's going then...



    Not so well for you so far oop!

    *Brave Sound giggles*



    Cosmopolitan Unnies:
    @RUNAWAY, @Slice of Life // (9.5) @Cotton Park, @vague, @eatyourself // (9) @ysev, @TéléDex

    Sewer Unnies:
    (3) @BeingNormal // (3.5) @aux // (4) @Hurricane Drunk // (5) @soratami

    My Score: 7.25
    @thommyh's Score: 7.5

    Leaderboard Journey:

    5 voters: #60 (TIE) (average: 8.15)
    10 voters: #60 (average: 6.941666667)
    15 voters: #59 (average: 6.990277778)
    20 voters: #56 (average: 7.831712963)
    25 voters: #53 (average: 7.34695216)
    30 voters: #60 (average: 6.80782536)

    This circular leaderboard journey...how symbolic. I guess we all return to where we started sometimes in our lives! At #60, I guess we're continuing to behead men in this rate — this time with JUNE and the lovely "A day for weather", taken from his EP "Ending" (which has really nice cover art!). Today is a hazy, luminous autumn day in Lisbon, so this feels weirdly appropriate: it's a day for beautiful weather...and a sad elimination for some of yous!

    So, about JUNE...

    There's not much info about him but I know he's a cutie!!! And talented too, since he wrote and composed this song all by himself. Apparently he was a former boygroup member and now he's going solo: good for him!

    The production follows every rule in the city pop framework: it's good, competent and doesn't try to reinvent the wheel or whatever, so it can feel a bit typical. But that might be a good thing, since it highlights his gorgeous vocals, which are too smooth for his own good — they have that warm, feel-good vibe that links so well in the production, achieving what I love the most about city pop music: wrapping you up like it's a fuzzy blanket in a cold day. When he does the little da da da da das in the chorus umm...imagine having someone sing this quietly right next to you, in your ear...........anyway let's hear your comments!​

    @FunkyButChic (7) is also liking those vocals: I’m super into this guy’s voice. He’s definitely my discovery of the rate and I can’t wait to dive into more of his material.

    @aux (3.5) finishes this section with a philosophical question: What is this hunny?

    See you tomorrow for more eliminations — and once again, thanks to everyone who took the time to vote for this! x​
  17. I love the title graphics, very cute concept!

    As for these eliminations ... I think I blocked the TXT song from my memory as soon as I finished rating, all I remember about it is thinking the word "no" as I listened to it. The JUNE song is good though, it didn't need to leave this soon.

    Also since I didn't write any commentary I'll try to at least comment on the eliminations since I know y'all desperately want to know my riveting thoughts
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  18. Hmmm...had no idea TXT's song was a cover, might explain partially why it's the first song out but I think the main reason that it's sung by a boy group dddd if a girl group sang it, you all would be all over it and sent it to the top half and that's the tea x
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