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✦ The City Pop Music Rate ✦ And The Winner Is...

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by thommyh, Oct 5, 2020.


    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    JUNE too.......ugh this rate is already hurting my heart.
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  2. TXT were really done wrong, but having my lowest score in the rate leave right after kind of makes up for it.
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  3. ddddddddd TXT was easily my least favorite song of the rate (and still a 6, ugh the talent of this selection). June was a 7, so not a big loss to me.

    I only have one score below 7 now, but I'm sure it's gonna stay unbothered for a long time.
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  4. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

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  5. Yeah, I'm not a misandrist, but the men kinda sucked this rate, so I'm ok with them being destroyed.

    Also CLC could win this and I wouldn't be mad, so square up @eatyourself.

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  6. Fairy Of Shampoo being out first is a mess but I can't say that was unexpected. Before this rate, I had already heard criticisms about its vocals, and the commentary reflects that. I try to understand it but... this time around, I really feel like I'm listening to a totally different song to its detractors nn. Anyway, it's one of my favorite bsides of the year.
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  7. Do we continue our misandrist ways today?

    Do we?


    Yeah........we do...and we're saying bye to...



    Cosmopolitan Unnies:
    @RUNAWAY, @Ugly Beauty // (9.5) @Slice of Life // (8.75) @vague

    Sewer Unnies:
    (5) @aux // (6) @roblognick, @soratami, @TéléDex, @ohnostalgia, @askew, @yuuurei

    My Score: 6.5
    @thommyh's Score: 7

    Leaderboard Journey:

    5 voters: #61 (average: 7.6)
    10 voters: #51 (average: 7.6)
    15 voters: #52 (average: 7.6)
    20 voters: #61 (average: 7.141666667)
    25 voters: #61 (average: 6.731944444)
    30 voters: #59 (average: 6.913657407)

    We're cutting not one but two guys today!! At #59 we have "How Is Your Day" by BehindtheMoon ft. The Hills. At first I was like "is this a duet? Is it just one of them singing? Which one is singing then?", so I did a little homework: from what I've gathered, BehindtheMoon is an upcoming producer/musician, so I think the vocals are by The Hills, who's an indie singer. When you search for "behindthemoon how is your day" on YouTube, it suggests ASMR videos by a random lady. Fun!

    I rarely trust rate scores as a judge for a song's quality, but I have to say that I can't go against the data: this one is nice but...very average. I really thought it would be the first to go...and it should have been nn

    It's a song that, again, has a spot-on city pop production: a Rhodes piano twinkling somewhere, a strong and nostalgic bassline, with a guitar strum here and there, but there's a little bit of flavor that I like, with those claps bursting throughout the song, and the pretty guitar solo after the first chorus. The vocals...are competent enough, and quite good in the end — one wouldn't think he'd have that capacity listening to his vocals at the beginning: they could have been more dynamic so that the intro verse wouldn't sound as flat.

    In the end, it's a lovely song but...I'd rather be listening to the voter's commentary, or some other song, which is exactly what I'm gonna do! Stream Ready or Not with that pow pow pow!!!
    @aux (5) wishes for a little buzz around here: Whoever sings on this bridge… Electric chair.
    @FunkyButChic (8), I have no idea what Kelly Rowland says but I'll believe you: So many of the male-fronted songs here are on the slower side of things so I was ready to zone out again, but like Kelly Rowland said, who knew you were doing uptempo! ddd It’s a welcome change of pace.

    And we'll finish with @RUNAWAY (10), who had the capacity to find true beauty where most of us couldn't see: fantastic. Fucking fantastic. His voice is so beautiful and I could play this on repeat all day long.

  8. I guess it was fair to include a few token men in this rate, but these results really aren't surprising in the least nn
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  9. Not my highest scored of JUNE's two tracks going first.
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  10. I probably underscored this song a touch, it could maybe be ... a 7 ... but something about the vocals was really off-putting to me when I was rating. shrug.jpg
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  11. Will MisandryJustice strike again? Or will misogyny make some points?



    Well, about that...



    Full Tank of Gas Unnies:
    @RUNAWAY, @Cotton Park, @vague // (9.75) @ysev // (9.5) @Oleander // (9) @Crisp X, @Ugly Beauty, @Slice of Life, @askew

    Missed Their Bus Stop Unnies:
    (4) @BeingNormal, @aux // (5) @Serg. // (6) @FunkyButChic, @soratami

    My Score: 8
    @codecat's Score: 7.75

    Leaderboard Journey:
    5 voters: #53 (TIE) (average: 8.550000000)
    10 voters: #54 (TIE) (average: 7.591666667)
    15 voters: #51 (average: 7.640277778)
    20 voters: #54 (average: 7.981712963)
    25 voters: #51 (average: 7.74695216)
    30 voters: #58 (average: 6.916158693)

    Joining his other entry in our bottom four at #58 is JUNE's "Gas Station", track no. 3 from his 2nd-single album "HAVE A NICE TRIP!" released in October 2018.

    Well, unfortunately for JUNE his nice trip ends here in our rate as this was all of his included material ddd.

    There isn't too much to say about this song for me it has a very spotless production - I'm a WHORE for electric guitar touches added to songs (although on that it is kind of funny how there is an electric guitar solo after the final chorus, but it still has the city pop™ track playing over it nn. His mind!) - and the opening instrumental is absolutely exquisite.

    I will say his vocals in the verses kind of feel a little bit like they've been baked into the song, but I think it's maybe just the tone of his voice nn. I really do enjoy the chorus though, and those little "WooOOooOo"s he does at the end of them? Delicious.

    Before we move on since poor JUNE probably won't appear in any discussions for a while, lemme stan for a second and say that apparently he helped write Suran's Wine/If I Get Drunk Today ?? It's a little tricky confirming if it's true or not, but he has written lyrics for her before... and he actually stood in for Changmo and covered his verse in this live performance:

    Now, y'all didn't have too much to say for this song, but the production definitely got praised!
    @RUNAWAY (10) outright stans: I fucking love JUNE, I’m obsessed with his smooth, deep voice, and I’m so fucking glad we got some male representation here. He’s one of my fave indie guys right now, and the way he just delivers so consistently is so astounding.

    And @aux (4) ends with a compliment, technically:
    These vocals… He’s lucky the production is passable.

    Also, this was the last song to have an average below 7 points! Whew.

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  12. I just checked Melon and this is correct. He has lyric and composition credits on the song. Another reason to stan!
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  13. Poor JUNE, yet another victim of MisandryJustice. even though I gave his two songs high scores I don’t remember much of them ddd
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  14. Misandrists WON

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  15. JUNE is so... Cotton Parky.

    Love his stuff.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    This is fucked up. I'm literally so upset right now.
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  17. hmm I cannot sleep so I shall post one more elimination to complete our Bottom Five.

    And I am losing my first 10.

    AND it's one of my favourites.


    Misandry-adjacency wins again!!



    Tasteful Unnies:
    @RUNAWAY, @junglefish, @Ugly Beauty // (9.5) @Cotton Park // (9) @Oleander // (8.75) @vague // (8.5) @TéléDex, @eliminathan, @He

    Tasteless Unnies:
    @FunkyButChic // (5) @Serg. // (6) @Hurricane Drunk, @eatyourself // (6.5) @BEST FICTION, @askew

    My Score: 10
    @codecat's score: 6

    Leaderboard Journey:
    5 voters: #23 (8.60000000)
    10 voters: #15 (8.683333333)
    15 voters: #60 (6.905555556)
    20 voters: #53 (8.025925926)
    25 voters: #54 (7.337654321)
    30 voters: #57 (7.097942387)

    Next out at #57 is "Neon Sign Love" by Marstomoon (a producer as well) featuring fellow nugu collaborators NAO, PDAY, and Takyeon released in November 2019.

    This is genuinely one of my fave songs in the rate ffff

    Everything about this song's production is just so fun and quintessentially* City Pop, in my opinion. The instrumentals? Beautiful. The tempo? Exciting. The HARMONIES of Nao (there is ZERO information about her online, by the way, which is CRIMINAL because her voice is incredible) with all the men featuring? Gorgeous.

    *Obviously there is a kind of fast-paced rap verse that is normally out of place for a song in this genre.. but honestly? It just really suits it - especially since it's delivered equally as fast while the song is going awf in its speed. Yup!

    I really just wanna emphasize and stan about how gorgeous the harmony of their voices are in the chorus, ffff it literally almost makes me weep and reflect on my entire life! The power! The way they add that twinge of like.. yearning into a fast-beat chorus so effortlessly, it's insane, and it's so, so good.

    They also have another song where they harmonize again too! Please stream so NAO can afford to debut or have money to open a twitter/instagram account or something... this mystery queen who can out-sing Big 3 company idols, I need to know more!

    And I should probably touch on some obvious criticisms nn:
    a.) Yes, the male verses suffer slightly from that raspy/whiny type of vocal

    Now, let's get to a couple compliments to end this post:
    @aux (7.5) has the tea: "She’s a cute girl."

    and we'll end with @RUNAWAY (10) being on the same wavelength as me:
    "fucking amazinggggggggg. You don’t get an actual rap in many city pop songs, but holy shit this is awesome. The male/female harmonies are STUNNING." (THM: ALL TEA)

    (This lyric video is absolutely GORGEOUS to watch, btw!!)


    Oh, a little fun fact via youtube comments on videos of this song: apparently this song gets played in rotation in H&M stores quite a lot?? I'm assuming just South Korean H&M chains but still, indie-mainstream legends!​
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I have now lost 5 tens IN A ROW.
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  19. Y'all are SO wrong for this one. It was my biggest discovery in this rate, along with uju.
    Can we get rid of at least one Stella Jang song next... Please.
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  20. The way I keep losing 10s
    But that what happens when you participate in a rate this excellent.

    *seriously I better start losing some of my lower scores next.
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