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✦ The City Pop Music Rate ✦ And The Winner Is...

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by thommyh, Oct 5, 2020.

  1. I don't remember the last two songs eliminated and I don't feel like listening to them again so RIP I guess!

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  2. Someone is about to be very upset with this elimination...

    And that person is...


    Me! T____T



    City Girls:
    @RUNAWAY, @codecat, @thommyh, @Oleander // (9.25) @Slice of Life // (9) @junglefish, @BeingNormal, @FunkyButChic, @ysev, @askew, @eatyourself, @Remorque

    City Rats:
    (6) @Serg., @aux // (6.25) @TéléDex // (6.5) @He, @Ana Raquel // (6.75) @eliminathan

    My Score: 10
    @thommyh's Score: 10

    Leaderboard Journey:

    5 voters: #25 (average: 9.4)
    10 voters: #38 (average: 8.066666667)
    15 voters: #30 (average: 8.386111111)
    20 voters: #58 (average: 7.772685185)
    25 voters: #44 (average: 8.128780864)
    30 voters: #56 (average: 7.313130144)

    ffff this DESCENT


    No!!! I don't deserve having to cut this I'm a nice person!!!! Never in my life have I hated the number 6 until today, but there you have it: today we chop Red Velvet and their life-affirming anthem "All Right", taken from the The Perfect Red Velvet — a modern R&B classic which we all know and adore, I'm sure. It's part of the three songs that made that repackage and honestly, it's the most surprising of the bunch.

    This little Cardcaptor Sakura slice of life youthful anime intro serve...the first time I listened to that intro of Wanda stretching her head voice right at the beginning followed by the synth burps I knew...I just knew it was gonna be a smash. It's warm and beautiful, bursting with life and happiness...Red Velvet have many specific gems in their discography and this one in particular + Aitai-tai are the ones that check the super electronic-bubbly anime theme box perfectly.

    Serving not only synths but vocals too...the way everyone is SINGING here which well it's not surprising since it's a Red Velvet song, but on this production? Might as well throw me a fire extinguisher and call it a day cause I am self combusting over this! The track fizzles all around, sometimes stops for a twinkly break, but when it explodes, it's gotta find the most extra way to do so: and what better than Irene and Yeri throwing cute raps at each other followed by a larger than life synth break which inlcudes Wendy going all HOOOOOOOooooooooOOH OOOOH HAAAA HAAAAAAAaaaaaA...YEAaaaAHH....whew!!!

    Yeah anyway, I love this song, I can see myself recording a cute little IG story rollerblading/riding a bike to this, and it's terrible to see it go so soon...am I the only one who thinks that way? Let's ask the rest of the voters:
    @aux (6) is gonna get stitches soon enough: Look, I love Red Velvet, but this is a bitsy grating. I don’t think their voices are meant for city pop, but I’m sure [Editor's Note: redacted vocal-enthusiastic user who did not VOTE] will post a two-thousand word essay on why their voices do fit this.

    Yeah I don't think @TéléDex (6.25) agrees with me: Sounded a bit more cheesier than the type of City Pop I like.
    Me too, @FunkyButChic (9)...me too: A roller rink anthem! I miss going out. ☹

    @BeingNormal (9)
    :That Mario Kart-lite breakdown is still a moment [Editor's Note: saksajsj they even have some Mario Kart-esque backdrops on the live performance below!!! A reference)]

    And lastly, I kinda agree with you, @RUNAWAY (10): this song shook me to the core when it first came out on the Bad Boy/Perfect Velvet repackage. Like how was this deemed only an album track?! This song could have been another number one for them, seriously. It’s just that good.

  3. The fact that a (good) Red Velvet song barely escaped the bottom 5 is the twist I didn't expect. And it didn't even receive any low scores. Following this rate is going to be a joyful ride.
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  4. He


    I actually agree with @aux, they don't fit the genre. Cute songs but low tier for the rate.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I'm.......so confused. This rate is just gonna be full of twists and turns huh?
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  6. Well this is shocking, I thought Red Velvet would coast into Top 30 just from their name alone and Ladies Night would be the first one out from them.
  7. I kind of felt bad for giving All Night "only" a 7, since Red Velvet are one of my favourite acts in the rate, but guess I'm not the only one who isn't really that here for it. I'm sure Ladies Night will do a lot better anyway.
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  8. ffff there's one elimination coming up before the Top 40 that I was absolutely GAGGED by when I saw the final leaderboard!!!!

    The next elimination however is by one of this rate's flagship artists, so I am currently doing a little bit of research to have the correct informative aspect. Any guesses @y'all?

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  9. Somehow I thought the title graphic said All Night at first and I was momentarily quite upset. Phew.
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  10. The absolute lack of taste.

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  11. dddd I thought Red Velvet would stay longer because they are Red Velvet. Now I have no scores below 7 left. Whew!
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  12. Speaking of City Pop, my first ever pyhsical album that I bought, Miss Yukika's Soul Lady has finally arrived


    It is so beautiful :')
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I got another absolutely horrible migraine today, and the playlist worked like a charm, once again. Thinking About You and Sparkling are such gems, and we need more SUMIN in our lives.
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  14. fff I apologize for the delay !!!!

    I promise to come back with a more mature responsible image.

    Today we will lose an entry from true city pop kweens.​



    City Unnies:
    @thommyh, @RUNAWAY // (9.75) @codecat // (9.5) @aux // (9) @Slice of Life, @ohnostalgia

    Sewer Unnies:
    (6) @Serg., @roblognick // (7) @Remorque, @soratami, @ysev // (7.25) @askew

    My score: 10
    @codecat's score: 9.75

    Leaderboard Journey:
    5 voters: #13 (TIE) (average: 9.35)
    10 voters: #34 (average: 8.058333333)
    15 voters: #45 (average: 7.759722222)
    20 voters: #52 (average: 8.084953704)
    25 voters: #43 (average: 8.139158951)
    30 voters: #55 (average: 7.439859825)

    Today we lose Asteroid from the city pop duo-newcomer legendesses, Rainbow Note.

    Asteroid was originally released as a single earlier in Feb. 2020, before it was included on their debut self-titled studio album, "Rainbow Note".

    This is personally my tied-favourite of their songs included in the rate, even though it definitely lacks that bit of oomph compared to the other entries, such as Venus. It's perhaps just a little too dainty in its production and vocals.

    I think what really just sold me on this is that funky little frog ribbit beat that is used to open the song, it gives me that... Crash Bandicoot soundtrack kind of jam. And the little baby electric guitar riffs while the "ooh, ooh" is sung in the chorus is a nice touch too. Wig!

    And our one commentary giver for this song, @aux (9.5) also agrees: The guitar in the production is so fucking good, inject it directly into my fucking veins.

    I have to say Rainbow Note are definitely very talented together as a duo. Sara is the one you hear ACTUALLY playing the keyboard, and she is also in charge of composing all of the songs. While Seulhee is the one singing, and she also writes the lyrics to all of the songs.

    Basically, they maximize their joint slay, so please support them unnies!

    Also, they enter the legendary K-Pop MV hall of fame by having a video using that abandoned amusement park that always pops up in videos. Legends only club!!!

    Also, they're so fun to listen to and watch in their live performances:
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  15. Also, how do y'all feel about the "Leaderboard Journey" segment, because to be honest typing that out is annoying fffffff. And I may or may not have messed up the earlier posts of it hehe... (mainly 5-15 voters) since I was counting from the bottom up rather than from 1st place down (where there were heaps of multi-way ties, (I will edit them correctly at a later date.)) dddd. It looks simple but unnies I am stewpid...

    But if y'all don't really care too much about that then we might skip it for now - but I think we'll add them back once we're in the top 20 or something when it gets a bit more interesting and it was a little more neck-and-neck.

    However if you do enjoy looking at it then we will keep them in!! so please let us know. x

  16. I almost feel obligated to look at it because I know it's tedious to put together. I'm not sure how you do it.
    But really, it's kind of random and I could live without it.
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  17. Yeah same, I look at it because it’s there but I don’t think it’s that necessary either!

    Asteroid was my favorite Rainbow Note song in the rate but I can’t say I’m heartbroken seeing it leave. Sorry gals!
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  18. I'd say I'd keep the scoreboard journey or just do a spreadsheet, print screen it, cut around it and post it as an image underneath it. Because I know it's necessary in the Produce 101 format, so I see nothing wrong with it here, even though it's tedious, because I know some reveals in the Top 10/11 where some participants spiked from 12 to the Top 2, despite those CJ scandals!
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  19. I enjoy seeing the leaderboard journey but I know from experience it can be a pain to put together for every elimination. Maybe you could do something similar to the format @Sprockrooster is using in the Anastacia rate to make it easier?

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  20. Asteroid was one of my lower-rated Rainbow note songs but I still gave it an 8. They were one of the first ... I guess "dedicated" neo-city pop acts I discovered and I really like them and what I've heard of their music so far, including their latest, Button.
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