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✦ The City Pop Music Rate ✦ And The Winner Is...

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by thommyh, Oct 5, 2020.

  1. "Asteroid" was the song that made me delve into Rainbow Note's discography. I will sue!
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  2. Tinashe's MV director stumbling upon DIA's WooWoo
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  3. *SNSD voice* I'm genie for your wish!



    City Unnies:
    @Crisp X, @RUNAWAY, @ohnostalgia // (9.25) @Cotton Park // (9) @Slice of Life, @soratami, @Serg.

    Sewer Unnies:
    (4) @aux // (6) @Hurricane Drunk // (6.5) @askew, @He // (6.75) @codecat

    My Score: 6.75
    @thommyh's Score: 7

    @junglefish made a wish and there you have it: today's departure is Recipe, a nice single from Stella Jang. The power of manifestation! Stella Jang is a singer and a songwriter that some of you already know: she didn't start as a trainee or anything, instead, she went to study abroad in France (oui oui baguette!!!) and when she came back to Korea to start working...she felt like she should pursue her music dreams and there you have it!

    As I'm listening to Recipe for this writeup, I'm coming to the realisation that I kind of underscored this...maybe I wasn't in the right mood for it at the time, but now that the days are colder, rain is falling down and I'm at home, taking in the warmth of this cup of green tea with spices I...definitely hear something! It feels good to sink into the dreaminess of the song, to sway as the song goes further into that fantastic guitar solo, and I appreciate how the intro is so quirky, how her vocals are so welcoming...

    Still, sometimes Recipe sounds too compressed and samey: as if you're inside a really slow loop...to then be cut off so abruptly in the end — it feels like we've been hyped up so much after the guitar solo to then end the song like that!

    At first, when I was rating the songs, Recipe was making me feel a bit like @aux (4), who keeps it short and simple: Well, this exists. Now, it's a bit too late to say this, but I do appreciate this song more and you know what I call that? Coming back with a better image! Bye bye for now!​

  4. I'm contractually obligated to say....

    *Tiffany voice* DJ! Turn it back on!
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  5. Oups, désolé Stella girl. My power though... Not sure what to manifest next because I have so few “low” scores.
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  6. Hi


    I've been waiting a long time to use that meme.



    City Unnies:
    @junglefish, @Cotton Park, @Ana Raquel, @soratami // (9.75) @RUNAWAY // (9.5) @thommyh, @Slice of Life // (9) @TéléDex, @eatyourself // (8.75) @eliminathan // (8.5) @BEST FICTION, @vague

    Sewer Unnies:
    @askew // (6) @ysev, @aux, @Serg. // (6.5) @Hurricane Drunk

    My score: 9.5
    @codecat's score: 7

    Leaving next is the short and sweet "It's over" by JADE featuring Kim Areum, released as a single in 2019.

    Trying to figure out who JADE is has been very tricky ffff, Spotify wasn't any help at all, but according to his Facebook page it seems he is just a producer who works with Kim Areum a lot, producing some of her other songs such as her ballad-y/minor bawp "Sunset", and another song actually included in this rate: "Midnight".

    I know I scored this a 9.5 (it's actually my highest scored out of all her songs included) but I'm actually really struggling to say why I like it so much fffff. It just has a very laid-back production from the start and the vocals in the verses are just very pleasant to listen to. On a fresh listen parts of the production definitely feel a little trap-music inspired.

    However, overall it lacks a kind of, y'know, like, a big #!!!! she-did-that moment, as @aux (6) agrees: This is a bit… nothing-y.

    ..but honestly at precisely 1 minute and 52 seconds into the song when that last verse ends..? And that bass guitar starts coming in with the delicate 'ahhhhhhhh~' background vocalizations slowly drifting into focus...?


    I hear a lil sumn sumn.

    Oh, and that finale with the synth solos at the end is very, very pretty, too.

    There's no other types of performances for It's over, so if you wish you can listen to another song from JADE featuring another indie kween, MIYAO, (that I only found out about today ffff, but most of her music involves cats somewhat, so, kii) here:

    ....And we'll include the Leaderboard Journey once we reach the top 20 dddd.
  7. Kim Areum was one of my fave discoveries of the rate, I really like her smooth voice.
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  8. One of the hosts liked one of my posts about shading Salami for giving Where Are You? a 0. It better NOT be a hint.
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  9. He


    I vote to have their votes dismissed, at least this one.
  10. DDDD it's not connected I promise! I was just rereading @Serg. 's Top Answer game season 1 for the mess

    Also, a new elimination is coming #soon
  11. Today we will have a DOUBLE elimination!

    First up:



    City Unnies:
    @RUNAWAY, @aux, @vague // (9.5) @Slice of Life, @ohnostalgia // (9.25) @Oleander // (9) @soratami, @roblognick

    Sewer Unnies:
    @askew // (6) @TéléDex // (6.5) @Serg., @BeingNormal

    My score: 8.75
    @codecat's score: 7

    Our tenth song to be eliminated is Warp Drive by the co-ed K-indie band Soulights (also spelt as "Seoulights" in some cases).

    Hmm, this is a very relaxed nighttime affair of a song, isn't it?

    A little bit about Soulights: they're typically a neo-soul/R&B band, and their first release was in 2008?! dd. Their band is comprised of 1 woman (the vocalist obviously fff) and three men; a keyboardist, bassist, and drummer. Wig! Oh, they're also signed to YMC Entertainment, so I hope they're getting those coins!

    A problem I've realized with doing a genre rate, where we hand-pick the songs (and we like them ddd), compared to an artist's discography rate is that there's always going to be obvious flop songs somewhere in their catalogue. So it gets kind of hard to be critical of songs here for write-ups ffff.

    With that said I guess Warp Drive didn't get full marks from me because I guess it just lacks that moment where it goes awf a bit?? Which I'll always prefer deep down ddd; but also I think this song compared to other softer/slower songs it lacks a kind of nice sparkly moment. It's just a very tidy, and consistently paced production. I will say you really can tell this band has a good working relationship and they all seem to be on the same page! Good for them.

    But that's enough about me, so we'll see what those of you who scored it higher than me have to say ddd:

    I do agree with @RUNAWAY (10), on the vocals actually: Now I’ve never heard of Soulights before, but this is INCREDIBLE. I love the tenderness of her voice, and she’s giving me vulnerability and I’m in love with this song.

    and @aux (10) also has the tea: This is the first song I’m playing when I buy a car and drive at night.
    Oh, DEFINITELY. This song is peak driving around aimlessly at 2am on the outskirts of town with a little cracked window and a cool breeze flowing in.. yup!

    And you can see it in action here:

    There's no other type of performance for this, but they have another really nice song here, which I kinda wish I included because I like it a bit more dddd:

    And now onto our SECOND elimination:

    What will it be?



    Tasteful Unnies:
    Literally the entire rest of the world

    Sewer Unnies:
    South Korea
    (0) @Demi Lovato

    Yes, South Korea's outright evil score of tanking Yukika has caused her to not have her contract with her ex-company ESTIMATE Entertainment be renewed.

    Please pray for and continue to support her future endeavors unnies!

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  12. Love the purpleness of the Warp Drive MV. Also, I guess in the dark, city streets kinda look the same no matter what country you're in - some of those shots seemed so familiar.

    Poor Yukika, she really deserves more recognition. I hope things work out all right for her.
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  13. Can you spell...


    *laughs at camera*



    City Unnies:
    @RUNAWAY, @Cotton Park, @vague, @ohnostalgia, @eatyourself, @aux // (9.5) @ysev // (9.25) @Slice of Life // (9) @TéléDex, @Oleander

    Sewer Unnies:
    (6) @roblognick // (6.5) @BeingNormal, @Hurricane Drunk

    My Score: 7
    @thommyh's Score: 7.75

    Yikes! The power of...averageness I guess? Today, FOUL by Risso leaves us. This one is taken from her excellent album HIGH FIVE and I want everyone to listen to it today!!! Risso is a lil queen signed to waltzsofa records — you might know her from her quirky, slick old 80's analog synth sound made in collaboration with that guy from Humming Urban S T E R E O which I don't remember his name oop but! Do you also know she was the vocal director for...an IZ*ONE song? She also sang backing vocals for their song Welcome, and I think she's also involved in one of the songs in BLOOM*IZ — get those top tier GG coins!

    This intro feels like such a fever dream. You don't expect it to go the way it goes, but it melds so well into the first verse...other from some synth bleeps and boops, there's no embellishment to this song: it's just her vocals quietly commanding the song's direction, taking pauses to let the production flourish — the marimbas at the end of the chorus are the highlight for me in terms of instrumentation in this song.

    The song's MV is so perfect at describing the song and its atmosphere that instead of writing about it, I'm just going to ask you to see it and bask in the sweet melancholy of it...

    Only one person — @aux (10) — said something about FOUL: That bass had my tits shaking. We love a tit-shaking bass!!!

    That's it for now! Tune in for tomorrow, where we will cut...another indie track. Or will we? I'll never tell!

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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    This result is FOUL. Also its Humming Urban STEREO and the guy in the band is Lee Ji-Rin aka Brown Bunny. He writes and produces everything Risso does, and they're literally my favorite pairing in all of K-Indie. This song should've gone way further.

    Here's some more if anyone's interested:

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  15. *Yubin voice* I'm baaaaaeeeeeeack!



    Cosmopolitan Unnies:
    @vague, @eatyourself (9.75) @RUNAWAY // (9.5) @Crisp X, @Cotton Park // (9) @roblognick, @soratami, @ysev, @yuuurei, @He

    Sewer Unnies:
    (6) @Ugly Beauty, @Hurricane Drunk, @Serg. // (6.5) @aux, @Remorque

    My Score: 8.75
    @thommyh's Score: 8.75

    Yup...today is kinda sad, it is...this is the last of the Stella Jang tracks, and it's my favorite one: today we wave our hands slowly in a solemn goodbye to It's Beautiful. This song is part of the Digging Club Seoul project — an initiative created by the Naver Cultural Foundation to bring back 1980s city pop tracks back in the limelight with covers or sang by recent artists, and there's another track of this project in the rate, but we'll get there eventually!

    This one is so good! It's as if someone took a song from Sade's Diamond Life, dusted it off a little then sprinkled a lot of city pop components on top — while still sounding like a million euros. It's Beautiful is indulgent at its best, like one of those lazy sunny afternoons when you let your hair down, and you just give up to the joy of doing nothing but to bask in the light, drink a glass of wine and watch the time go by as you listen to it...

    There are some smart details that glide through the song — they don't give themselves in by being obvious, but when you catch them, the song changes for the better! I live for the ahhhs~ in the backing vocals (hell, I live for the entire backing vocals in this song) but my favorite has to be when she sings the word "ipsul" and then it's followed by a kissing sound wkdjfhwekjf

    And like a truly great city pop song, there's a synth solo AND a guitar outro — what's not to love about that! Stella also nails those lush vocals...her voice starts to lose a bit of color on the higher bits but then she goes back to the start and I forget all about that! The song's structure plays out so well in here...

    OK I'll stop rambling! Let's give it up for the unnies:
    I don't know, @Ana Raquel (8.5), but what matters is that you're stanning it now: Wait how did I overlook this

    @aux (6.5) praises the vocals but this bitch still gave it a score below 7 I see you!!!! This is much better than the other Stella Jang song on the rate, these airy vocals… yas.

    (she's so beautiful!!)

  16. Okay what the heck? This is literally a perfect city pop song. Now that I've listened to it more I would give it a 10 for sure, but it's definitely not worth less than a 9. Some of y'all are so weird.
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  17. Hi.

    Today we will actually eliminate a Yukika song. ffffff.

    Which one?


    You will have to visit the 2020 PopJustice Advent Calendar thread to find out! x

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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    pit-a-pet wasn't even included here though???? Lovely writeup but you're shady.
  19. fff yeah, we decided it was a bit too house and Yukika herself described it as such. It will definitely be on like a Part 2 rate or something though! Or even in SOTY kii.
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  20. Now it's time for an actual elimination ddd.

    This one felt like it got quite a lot of high scores?? I'm a little shook!



    City Unnies:
    @RUNAWAY, @Ana Raquel, @BeingNormal, @Slice of Life, @soratami, @vague, @eatyourself //
    (9.75) @TéléDex // (9.5) @junglefish // (9.25) @Cotton Park // (9) @thommyh, @Love Deluxe, @yuuurei, @Serg.

    Sewer Unnies:
    @roblognick, @Hurricane Drunk, @ohnostalgia, // (6.5) @ysev, @eliminathan, // (6.75) @codecat, @askew

    My Score: 9
    @codecat's score: 6.75

    Ah... Not even all these 9+ scores could save it from an almost-bottom 50 finish!! The power of 6s and (unlisted) 7s...

    Aqua by Kim Areum ft. MUZIE is basically the title track of her album "AQUA CITY", released in August of 2020.

    Hmm.. This song is pretty much quintessentially city pop: delicate vocals and slow synths, but it obviously has a very jazzy saxophone woven into pretty much all stages of the song -- that saxophone solo towards the end is great!!

    It was quite difficult choosing which songs of Kim Areum's to include in the rate this time around (there is only 3, and only 1 remaining ddd) because a lot of her songs, while very pleasant, don't sound too drastically different from each other in terms of production - especially when listening to them in a row ddd.

    definitely has a very rich, summery production out of the lot, but it is still definitely worth checking out the entire album since it also serves as a collection of sorts for all her earlier singles!

    Idk how to cutely weave in some commentary so let's just jump to it dd!

    @RUNAWAY (10) knows the vibe: amazing summery song giving me duet at the beach realness. So INCREDIBLE and amazing in every way.

    Ah, yes I would definitely be listening to this while driving around one the bays in my city here in NZ, and walking across the jetty on a warm summer's day, maybe holding a cute lil ice cream methinks a bit...

    @TéléDex (9.75) repents for past sins: Did scored this a bit lower one time on KPJC (6), because my hypercritical self settled in, trying to rank everything, but I still really like this.
    [EDITORS NOTE: ddd I checked on the forum to see if this was in a round of PJSC -- I couldn't find a record of it (unless you mixed this comment up with Kim's "midnight") but you did score this song a 6 in the KPJC August monthly charts!!]

    and @aux (7.5) who I think has the tea:
    They ended the Barbie Girls’ singers with this one.

    Period, period.

    And if you enjoyed that saxophone solo in the song, then you'll love this (official) version:

    Talented king!

    Also, Ms. Areum recently released a Christmas city pop album! So look forward to that inevitable promo on December 25th x.​
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