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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by PopJudge, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. With figures like 100 million being bandied about this is Netflix' most expensive series produced to date, centered around UK politics and Queen Elizabeth II. They've invested masses in getting a great cast, great writers, great costumes and great filming locations. I'm cautiously optimistic about this.

    Teaser type trailer is all that has been released but it looks good so far.
  2. It's very 'Game of Downton' and I love it. Any idea when it's coming?
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  3. I'm hoping it will be a bit House of Cards influenced too. It's coming some time this year, with ten episodes but wasn't announced with all the other Netflix series recently, so I'm thinking later this year rather than sooner. They said they have like 7 series or so planned provided it does well. They seem quite invested in it, given all the planning and the amount of money put in. Let's hope it lives up to expectations.
  4. It does indeed look quite spectacular.
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  5. It looks nice, a bit insufferably British but nice.
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  6. Three episodes and I'm loving it.
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  7. Coincidentally, my mom has watched the first two episodes this evening and she's loving it. I'm tempted to watch it as well.
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  8. It's very, very good. Cast is great and Claire Foy is incredible.
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  9. I've gone through the entire thing already, and I'm very impressed. The fourth episode is probably my favorite, but the second, seventh, ninth, and tenth are also very very good.
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  10. It's good but not the most interesting series. It's worth sticking with though.
  11. Claire Foy is always incredible. Quite intensely unlikeable too at times. She plays aloof so well.

    The first episode of this was fantastic.
  12. Started watching it but I have no desire to binge watch it. It's cute but nothing special. Most of the time it's annoying, very British and unventful since it's basically serialised Wikipedia entry. Lovely cinematography. Shame there won't be any guillotines involved to spice things up.
  13. Is there any sex in it?
  14. I've watched the first seven episodes so far, and I'm absolutely captivated. The acting is incredible and the money is really showing in just how opulent everything looks. Probably my favorite new Netflix show in quite a while.
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  15. No, but there's a butt shown more than once!
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  16. You see Matt Smith's bum in episode 1 or 2. Don't remember there being other nudity.
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  17. Dumbest thing I've read in a while. If it's a wikipedia entry long enough to serialize, clearly it's very eventful.
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  18. The second episode is particularly devastating. How she holds everything together all episode and in public and then breaks down when she's on her own.

    Definitely my favourite series since House of Cards premiered. If people were expecting sex and gore on this then they've come to the wrong programme but that was a given, but there are lots of subtle subthemes that have been explored very cleverly. You really feel like you're part of the story.

    Writing, cinematography, characterisation, set, costumes etc, everything is bang on point.
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  19. Also, first time I've ever felt (slightly) sorry for the Duke of Edinburgh. Margaret's life story breaks my heart, great actress too.
  20. I'm at the 5th episode and I feel like the pacing has slowed down considerably. The first two episodes were sublime but that is probably because Daldry directed.

    Does the pace pick up in the second half of the season?
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