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The Death of the CD Single...

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by peteyjames, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. So HMV has stopped selling CD singles, which means that if we want one, we'd have to either get to importing them from websites or try and get hold of Promos.

    ...I'm kind-of mourning the death of the CD-single, it feels like i've lost something or apart of my childhood has died!

    Anyone else feel this way?
  2. It's a real shame. I loved singles so much. Especially The Pipettes' 'Pull Shapes' because it had the dance rountine on the sleeve.
  3. It is a shame. But let me get this straight - without cd singles, does this mean that the singles charts will be compiled soley on downloads alone?
  4. And I can see CD albums going the same way too.
  5. Dag


    I really hope not... It's probably inevitable, but I think they have another few years in them.
  6. I hate this - altho I rarely get singles any more [apart from favourite groups ] its a real shame to see them go out.When I was younger I would get a reall buzz from running in and picking out the weeks best singles from the top 40. In hmv yesterday they had about 10 singles [not in even charted just near the desk - tut]
  7. WHAT? When did this happen?
  8. I haven't heard about this either
  9. CD album's won't die. There is too much long term life in them. Bear in mind there are still vinyl albums made to this day, I doubt CD's will die too.

    Singles die because you don't tend to listen to them as much, especially when you can rip all the music to computer, and burn it with other singles onto disk.. they have limited listening life. Albums are not the same.
  10. And i've put in HMV stop selling cd singles into Google and i'm getting nothing
  11. They might be getting rid of them shop by shop. The one in Birkenhead doesn't have them anyone, and the one in Liverpool has a pitiful selection, so they look like they're on their way out.
  12. That might be what they're doing i guess, cos my HMV has quite alot
  13. paul lekakis

    paul lekakis Guest

    Yeah, the HMV in Newcastle still got a good selection of Singles, too.
  14. HMV in Plymouth still does singles - not a huge selection, only recent/new but they're still hanging on. Woolworths have abandoned them now here and Zavvi stopped literally 2 weeks ago over the course of a day.

    I don't see albums going the same route, at least not for a fair few years.
  15. answer my question....bastards

  16. Well, if the physical cd did go competely then i guess yes, though i did hear there were plans of really complicated system that involved how many plays/downloads a song gets, which to be honest is just rubbish (and i don't mean radio plays like America, think youtube (and its not youtube))
  17. My local HMV are still selling singles, though a pitiful amount of them. Our Zavvi's given up on them though!

    It's a shame though because I honestly love CD singles, downloads suck. It's just not the same.
  18. To me they've been dead for a few years now.

    How I miss the 90s where you could get a £1.99 single with 7 or 8 incredibly varied remixes! Not only would you have the dance mixes, but the hiphop/R&B mixes from people like Blacksmith, C&J, The Ignorants etc. Loads of artists would have two b-sides for each single, now it's rare to just get one. You got free gifts a plenty.

    It's easy to blame downloads, but I think the poor value for money is almost as much to blame. The price has gone up and the content has gone down.
  19. I meant to say, i noticed Zavvi had stopped selling CD singles a few weeks ago.Sigh.Suppose i'm now left with HMV, and that won't be for long either.
  20. I totally agree with Hazuki. Before the days of all these ridiculous rules about length of time, amount of tracks etc. singles represented real value for money. The problem started when a) They limited the amount of stuff you could put on one and b) When instead of pretty much all new releases being £1-99 they slowly crept up until you were paying £4. £4 for 1 song and a b side or two shitty remixes is not value. It's no wonder people have opted for the 79p iTunes option.
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