The Devil Wears Prada

Was pretty good. Meryl was fantastic, and even though I respect her work, I've never really thought that before.

Anne Hathaway managed to carry the film adequately, and Stanley Tucci (whom I normally abhor for some reason) is less grating than usual...I usually find him very over-the-top, and yet this role was over-the-top, so maybe it just felt like a better fit.

Anyway, I did find it interesting that in going for the generic "find yourself" theme, they kind of totally demonized a self-made, successful woman and basically told girls everywhere not to work hard and get ahead if it means leaving your boyfriend (even if he is in serious need of an eyebrow wax).
saw the trailer for it and thought it looked pretty good. I love Meryl Streep and from what i saw thought she played the "Boss from hell" rather well.

would you recommend going to the cinema to watch it or wait till it comes out on dvd?
Well, as someone who loves movies I ALWAYS recommend seeing things in the theater. I just find the experience more rewarding that sitting on my couch.

But if it influences you one way or another, there are two Madge tracks on the song-heavy soundtrack, including "Vogue," which was nice to hear coming from the big screen.
DWP Is by far the best movie I have seen in 2006. And a lot of people agree with me. Superb acting, very funny, and SO TASTEFUL! I was speculating the movie to be full of 'gay' jokes, and shit like that, but I was so pleasently surprised! Oh, and the brilliant scene in the car.

Oh I love this movie. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
has anyone seen the film thats read the book because i really enjoyed it when i read it , i dont want it to be spoilt, though i am very excited about its release if only for the sight of all the beautiful clothes .
I love fashion and I was really pleased with that movie... Meryl is awesome as usual, plus 2 Madonna tracks! Vogue and Jump (one of my favorite on her new album)
The movie is AMAZING!
Meryl Streep is incredible as evilish boss. There is Fashion, there is New York, There is Madonna and there is a hot Anne Hathaways's boyfriend (I don't mind his eyebrows to be honest)

If you are still missing Sex and the City, don't miss this one.
Love it love it love it. Streep, superb as usual (clearly the Oscars are now a two hourse race between her and Mirren) Ann Hawthaway steals Julia Roberts crown succesfully, Stanley Tucci a joy and the real revelation being Emily Blunt (is that her name, i mean the girl from My Summer of Love) just wonderful as the manic assistant.

Best line:

" I'm on this new diet, I dont eat, and when I feel faint I eat a cube of cheese."

sifr said:
iwouldfixyou said:
and the real revelation being Emily Blunt (is that her name, i mean the girl from My Summer of Love) just wonderful as the manic assistant.


Yeah, that's the divine Emily Blunt right there. My friend's last name is Blunt, and you have no idea the amount of time he's devoted to trying to see if they're related, and in so being we could get her to act in a movie for us cheap. Sadly, it proved not to be. She's on my wish list of actresses to work with one day though.

I'll probably get around to this movie on DVD. It's too expensive and I have too little time to see every movie I want to at the cinema these days. It's not really an interesting story for me but Anne Hathaway is completely adorable and I'll watch her in anything.

Yes, she was brilliant. Totally going toe to toe with Streep acting wise, which is something that not many can do.

I reckon there might be a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nod for her this year. I think she has the potential to be very special indeed. One to watch.
I loved this film, absolutely loved it. I was surprised, though, that Emily Blunt came out of it as my favourite character. She easily had the best lines, my particular favourite being:

Andrea: Wish me luck!
Emily: No. Shan't.

Cutting, funny, and downright brilliant.
I liked this one, after several crappy cinema experiences it was nice to see something slight, but fun.

Meryl was sooooo good in her role, but I agree with the original poster that it seemed to demonize empowered women.

My favourite line (Meryl's, natch):

"A floral theme for spring? Groundbreaking."


Along with Capote and Little Miss Sunshine, one of my favourite films of the year.

"Please...bore someone else with your....questions"

Meryl Streep rocks.
Brilliant and hilarious. Loved Emily the most too - and her clothes were fantastic. Meryl Streep was truly terrifying - and that was without even speaking - can you imagine working in a place like that.

Agree that Emily had the best lines, esp the one about her diet, and where she said she'd have to have Andrea's clothes taken in because they would 'drown her' what a bitch.  Loved Andrea's boyfriend too - as if that twatish writer could be any competition. Thank god she saw sense in the end.


i fear i might have missed this - is it still on general release?
Apollo cinemans aren't showing it.
Rage* said:
i fear i might have missed this - is it still on general release?
Apollo cinemans aren't showing it.
It's still on at my crappy local 3 screen cineman and it seems to be doing tidy business so it shouldn't be hard to track it down somewhere.
Anyway I saw this last night. It was a really enjoyable fluffy film but the kind where it's carried off with wit and humour and strong performances so it's easier to enjoy. I will agree with everyone about Streep. She was brilliant. I actually completely forgot I was watching Meryl Streep after about five minutes and got sucked into the character of Miranda, who I found fascinating. Anne Hathaway's performance was good and she is stunning to look at, very old school beauty. The only way I can describe the bit where the newly made up Andrea stands beside her car to the strains of Vogue is fabulous (and I never use that word). Emily Blunt was great bitchy fun too.
Though I did find the ending questionable too. Surely her friends could have understood the pressuers of her job? And while I get that they were showing how tough the job was on Miranda's personal life, surely Andrea could have stayed in Paris, finished her year at Runway and resolved to not let her job take over her life after the work was finished. I felt like she had wussed out. And to have the next job interview have this wussing out rewarded seemed funny to me. Aren't Americans supposed to have these disgusting work ethics that would actually praise the way someone like Miranda lives her life?
my goodness, that's quite the mouthful. Shallow side note: The guy from Entourage playing her boyfriend is pretty freaking hot.
By all means move at a glacial pace. You know how that thrills me

WARNING: Don't read the book, it's rubbish and not much like the film.


RhythmNative said:
By all means move at a glacial pace. You know how that thrills me

Haha! Yes and the bit where Miranda ripped Andrea APART in her office about how the companys fashion decisions trickle down to affect what everyone wears... "you think this... stuff... these clothes, have nothing to do with you, don't you?" It was quite an interesting idea.

Anyway, Meryl Streep was just amazing. Emily (what is her real name?) was hilarious too. Andrea's boyfriend (the black haired cute one, not the blonde haired sleezy one) was so pretty!

The first properly enjoyable movie I've seen in AGES!

(in an aside, a woman sitting beside me was moaning she didn't have her glasses on so couldn't see a thing. Later, I saw her driving home and she went up on a curb and bashed into a ticket machin! PAHAHA!)
I didn't like it. I read the book and although it was trashy and "Andi" was quite an irritating character it was still good fun.

The best scene is when Anne Hathaway is laughing at the turquoise belts, Meryl's acting in that scene is amazing.

However, I wish they had made this story a bit darker. I mean Miranda Priestly is an ice-cold bitch in the book but she's basically comedy foil in the film. I also thought Emily Blunt was crap. I had no expectations of her performance but she is a mere stereotype in the film and completely boring. A boring actress. Nearly as boring as Anne Hathaway. And of course it has a boring romantic interest. And a boring set of friends, one which must be black to show that lovely Anne Hathaway is not racist. Snore.