The Devil Wears Prada

Julia Fox is gonna SERVE 100% c*nt in her 0.2 millisecond Met Gala cameo

Hasn’t Meryl expressed regret about how she had to get in character with Miranda during the first film? She’s talked about how she distanced herself from the cast to be cold and how everyone else seemed like they were having fun. I’m sure half the reason she’s willing to return is for a re-do with the cast so she can have that bonding experience with them.
Didn't Meryl have a general 'no sequels' contract thing?

...which she broke with Mamma Mia
I don't think it's a contractual thing, more of a personal preference not to do them. She hasn't really done that many films that would lend themselves to sequels anyway.

Also I'm pretty sure she only agreed to Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again because it was such a brief appearance.
I haven't read the sequel book "Revenge Wears Prada" yet, but I wonder if this will be based on it?

Obviously love love love the movie (that's a classic.gif)... but I must admit the original book is (if you can believe it) even better! If you love the movie, I highly suggest the book. It's a bit darker, serves more cunt and Andi (while sure, having no fashion sense at first) isn't as doe-eyed/innocent as in the movie. She's a chain-smoking, cut-throat, sarcastic, opportunist (more in line with Emily in the film) that does come scary close to being a Miranda's perfect mini-me by the end. I get why they changed her for the movie, to give the gee pee a sweetie pie to relate to in a "rom com" kinda way, but her character in the book is 1000% better. And Miranda's also slightly better in the book, although the movie got most of her right and Meryl obviously anchored her perfectly.
CC: Bridget Jones' Baby
To be fair, Bridget Jones' Baby was better than the second one... I remember enjoying it quite a bit. Though I think technology should not be the key to a joke, cause again, it ages like milk. It can work but doesn't always. Same with trends from TikTok/social media.

It really all comes down to writing though and maintaining the building blocks that make these characters. With Miss Congeniality 2, they completely lost the character of Gracie Hart. Legally Blonde 2 made Elle feel less smart and cheapened her intelligence. It's just writers missing the point of why people connected with and enjoyed the original films and characters.