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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. I hope @GimmeWork isn't the only one who's given The Princess and the Frog a spot in their Top 5 because I dropped the ball on that one. Sorry, boo.
  2. The ones that hurt the most for me personally from the zero scorers were The Black Cauldron and The Great Mouse Detective.

    Interesting that no one gave Brother Bear any points yet somehow y'all kept it's song in there long enough to kill off some amazing classics?!?!

    It's ok because Princess and the Frog got some votes so I'm a happy camper....

  3. It's ok boo! Thank you for watching it to discover it's glory! You have flawless taste so I'm sure your top 5 are spot on! <3
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  4. Alrighty! Let's move forward with our song leaderboard for now.




    Highest Score: 10 x6 (@send photo, @iheartpoptarts, @Mina, @Aester, @Lost In Japan., @Sideout)
    Lowest Score: 1 x1 (@DJHazey), 4.5 x1 (@Epic Chocolat)
    My Score: 8

    Noooooooooo oooooooone

    FLOPS like Gaston

    No one DROPS like Gaston

    No one falters despite serving BOPS like Gaston

    Well, if anyone hadn’t noticed we’re playing with the big guns now, well… here we are. Beauty & the Beast was one of the films I said had all of its songs in the Top 20 at one point during the voting period, but misandry won out over daddy issues in the end and a tidal wave of 5s and 6s quickly came crashing down on the bachelor’s well-groomed head, forcing him to barely hang on to the Top 40. Poor thing. I imagine a lot of the disdain was aimed more towards the character rather than the song itself, ‘cause this is a fantastically appropriate villain song for him: Gaston doesn’t possess any dark voodoo magic, nor is he attempting to colonise an indigenous peoples’ land or struggling to reconcile his insatiable lust with his devout religiousness. No, he’s just… a man. An arrogant, gross man whose only powers are his indomitable will, alpha male dominance and rugged good looks [sic] – he’s the kind of villain we see every day, cat-calling women on the street and sending unsolicited nudes to innocent victims. Gaston doesn’t need a camp, brooding villain theme with dancing shadows, curses and maniacal laughter; his particular brand of evil calls for an even more camp, bar-fighting amateur-dramatics sea shanty kind of number. In all of its violently #masc glory, this song is the perfect match for his character, packaging up his charismatic splendour into a big, catchy rabble-rousing chorus that also serves to highlight the stark contrast between the heroine and the villain so shortly after Belle’s own eponymous song. It’s an obnoxious song, it’s an aggressive song, it’s a downright ugly song – it’s Gaston in musical form.

    We open with eccentricsimply, who perfectly articulates what (I hope) we’re all thinking: “I don't mind the song but I hate Gaston so fuck him.” Get ha. constantino fights the good fight too: “Fuck you, Gaston.”, but GimmeWork lives up to his avatar and falls victim to The Man: “He's such a tall, dark, strong and handsome brute! (*Bears, otters and blondes of the world simultaneously faint*)”. As if twinks wouldn’t be all over him though. Resident heterosexual DJHazey is immune to Gaston’s spell: “God, turn the stanning down a notch, especially when you sound as annoying as you do, kk?” I love the Witness thread. Mina calls it “One of the best Disney villain songs, definitely the funniest.”, which is nonsense when Mother Knows Best and Be Prepared are right there. Speaking of which, a few of you were quick to point out my failing in not including the film’s other moment of musical evil in the rate. Sprockrooster likes himself some manly vocals: “Loving the deep voice from Gaston vocally. Really shined through in the Mob Song too.”, and MollieSwift21 makes the same connection: “The pub scene is great. I think the Mob song is the better villain song in the movie though. I wasn't really a fan of how they changed it in the live action.” Yeah, uh, my bad. I genuinely, completely forgot about The Mob Song until it was way too late. If it’s any consolation, I don’t imagine it would have fared very well here. Moving on, let’s all thank Lost In Japan. for introducing us to this stupidly attractive Gaston:

    Now, let’s talk about the live action version. Honestly, it was one of the few parts of the film I truly enjoyed; in fact, Gaston is the only song I don’t think they completely and utterly butchered (sorry Emma Thompson). They managed to update it just enough to make it new and exciting without trying too hard and losing the magic of the original, and Olaf did a pretty great job with the voice. Also, y’know, Luke Evans. send photo gets it: “I hate how attracted to the live-action version I was. I don’t love myself. Anyway this song is fucking stupid I love it.”, and kalonite’s feeling a bit guilty about his 7.5 in retrospect: “Ok, so I scored this before I saw the new movie and listened to the original soundtrack a bunch, so I feel like I was harsher than necessary. This really is great (and the new version was the highlight of the movie). Check Disney deconstructing toxic masculinity back in the early 90s.” Howard Ashman was the true purposeful pop chanteuse. LKane isn’t feeling the love for the song though: “Probably the song that I dislike the most from the movie, but still good in the context of the story. Good melody, a lot of French vibe in this one.”, while Raichu sits on the fence: “Solid melody but this is really annoying.”. iheartpoptarts mentions my favourite part of the song: “The antlers line is so random.” I USE ANTLERS IN ALL OF MY DEEEEEEEECORAAAAATING is iconic and people are still loving it. We end with a question from Reboot: “Gaston really loves himself, huh?” Hey, if you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else? Now, let the music play!

    *death drop*


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    Seriously. It's hella catchy and Howard Ashman has such a gift for rhyming it's ridiculous. It's not "Be Prepared" or "Poor Unfortunate Souls", let alone "Hellfire", but it suits its purpose.
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  6. Yeah, with razors.
  7. This? This is amazing.

    One of the few villain songs I actually have fun with, poor you guys and your taste!
  8. That hairy gif of Gaston will haunt my dreams forever.
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  9. [​IMG]

    Also thanks @Lost In Japan. for sharing that hilariously delicious Gaston performance video! Loved it!

    Shocked that I'm actually more into the guy playing LeFou!?! Am I becoming a Top?!? *contemplates changing Grindr prof from verse to verse-top*

    Me to all of the voters that made this out before the top 30:
  10. I can't believe the number of tens I've lost already.
  11. The great mouse detective is definitely another big loss!

    Amazing Beauty and the Beast was the one with all songs in the top 20. I never expected Gaston to get that far, though it would for me. Amazing writeup for Gaston @Animalia. Obviously they are all good, but this one was next level!
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  12. The lyrics to "Gaston" are perfect. Not just the magnificent antlers line, but also the whole eggs verse and the fact that they managed to properly work in "I'm especially good at expectorating!"
  13. Gaston is one of the holy trinity of Villain Songs for me (Be Prepared and Poor Unfortunate Souls rounding it out), and it really propelled itself into one of my all-time faves with a combination of gorgeous Luke Evans being the best thing about the live-action video, and that Broadway video I put as my commentary. Two Gastons that would well and truly get it (and one Le Fou).
  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The Queen has spoken and is obviously watching this thread closely;

    thanks @Bobbyrae
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  16. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    It might or might not be helped by Something There and Mob Song not even being voteable though! (Also: good music)
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  17. Yeah, definitely. Something There would definitely be one of the early exits from the Renaissance and I wouldnot have even minded. Mob Song is absolutely amazing, but I think it can be really weird to listen to when you are not acquainted with the scene and it totally benefits from the visual.
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  18. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Something There's my favourite song of the movie actually.
    I guess I've been spared that tragic injustice.
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  19. Something There lacks the dramatic element I love from most Disney songs. It is however very well written and a very technical song to sing along to. Mostly because of the technical aspect it has very little replayvalue because I want to sing along with my faves. I would still rank it as a 7 (probably an 8 in this rate to push it a bit).
  20. Bump.
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