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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Eh. I feel like the Chinese motifs were integrated a lot better and more subtly elsewhere in the score, and the lyrics are terribly on-the-nose to boot. David Zippel just can't live up to his predecessors, I'm afraid. (Well, non-Tim Rice predecessors.)
  2. We left the two best songs from the film, clearly. So again, we got it right.
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  3. Cosign..sadly. Mulan deserved better.
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  4. I really, really like Honour To Us All, but I found it quite hard to describe why in my commentary. I think @constantino described it best: it's a very honest display of gender norms that I think I can relate to and also become a little angry about. But I also understand people's comments about the Chinese musical undertones being a bit ... not good.
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  5. Me after Tiana and Mulan back-to-back eliminations:

  6. [​IMG]
  7. Oh god no. This is... unacceptable. Honour To Us All is one of my favourite openers! The instruments may be a bit obvious, but they're working some serious melodies and twinkly flourishes.It sets up the movies themes better than any other does, the only real competition in my opinion is Belle.

    Having said that I'd probably give it an 8.
  8. I fear for my 11 now. I'm afraid it may not make the #15-#20 mark where almost all my 11s inevitably get eliminated.
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  9. It's time we cut from a film we haven't seen in a wee while...

    you might say it's...


    For The First Time In Forever


    Highest Score: 10 x5 (@alanmr, @HollyDunnSomething, @aniraz, @constantino, @kalonite)
    Lowest Score: 2 x1 (@send photo), 3 x1 (@Aester)
    My Score: 9

    I’m actually low-key surprised that Let It Go is the highest-rated song from Frozen given the irrationally angry mob that follows it around at all times, but here we are. For The First Time In Forever kinda fits the role of the film’s “I Want” song, except it’s a duet highlighting Anna & Elsa’s differences, so I guess it’s sort of like a “We Want Different Things And Have An Awkward Relationship As A Result But Will Inevitably Reconcile Through The Wonder Of Sisterhood And Also Ice Magic” song? Who knows, it’s a bit of an oddball, this one. It’s pretty great though: some fantastic, classic Broadway-esque vocals from both ladies; lovely, enchanting stringy instrumentation; fun, kitschy lyrics… well, mostly. Herein lies my problem with Frozen. A lot of the script and song lyrics just smack of desperation to appeal to the social media generation – obviously that’s not necessarily a bad thing, and clearly it worked – but I think they just tried too hard to cater that specific demographic. Some of the jokes land just fine; Kristen Bell’s delivery on the “The picture of sophisticated grace” line is hilariously perfect, but gags like “Don’t know if I’m elated or gassy, but I’m somewhere in that zone” and “I wanna stuff some chocolate in my face” just feel so juvenile and un-Disney that they completely throw me off. There’s a good reason for the latter though – the original lyric was “I hope that I don’t vomit in his face”, but Disney vetoed it at the last minute under some weird No Bodily Fluids rule and the writers’ daughter came up with the replacement on the fly. So at least my criticisms are actually valid for once.

    But anyway enough about the flop main song ‘cause IT’S ALL ABOUT THE REPRISE, PEOPLE. Holy shit they. did. that. The little “Actually we’re not / Whaddya mean you’re not / I get the feeling you don’t know” exchange at the start is really well done, and that’s only the beginning. When it properly gets going oh yes – layering Anna’s hopeful optimism under Adele Dazeem’s towering, tortured howling is a momenT that erupts into a climax that honestly still gives me those little yas tingles every time. And Wikipedia tells me that Kristen Anderson-Lopez wrote the reprise by herself in 20 minutes at the last minute?? TALENT.

    MollieSwift21 recognises genius when he sees it: “Kristen's voice really captures wide eye Ana while Idina's captures the anxiety of Elsa's. The reprise is stellar when they are trading off vocals.”, but Sprockrooster apparently wanted a sea of twelve thousand fireworks to light up the night sky and reveal the meaning of life itself if he thinks “That climax is a bit disappointing.” BISH WHERE? (I’m aware you’re probably referring to the main song but I feel like being extra.) Speaking of which, here’s constantino! “This social exclusion BOP! House arrest and isolation never sounded so GOOD. No but in all seriousness, this is absolutely glorious and certainly one of Disney’s best from a compositional perspective.” Glad you’re having fun sis. DJHazey’s enjoying himself too: “Wow, this movie keeps on giving doesn't it?”; c’mon join the festivities Mina! “Unoriginal.” eccentricsimply won’t RSVP-ing either: “I really don't like Anna, so the song doesn't get the amount of points it could get if the character was less annoying.”, but teebs she’s not entirely wrong. Reboot embraces the tumblrite aesthetic though: “‘I don't know if I'm elated or gassy.’ Same.”, and iheartpoptarts takes it too far: “The chocolate scene is the best.” There’s probably a joke in there about you gravitating towards the part written by a literal child, but I’m too nice tired to find it.

    “I LOVE KRISTEN BELL!” GimmeWork screams, waking me up, “When Disney made her a princess the Veronica Mars fan in me squealed with joy so any song involving her flawless self is going to get a good score!” My only experience of Ms. Bell prior to Frozen was as the Eagletonian councilwoman in Parks & Rec so she could only go downhill from there. GhettoPrincess makes a correct prediction: “Let It Go remains the best song on the soundtrack but this is actually really lovely.”, but LKane is still too burned out on the soundtrack to care that much: “The songs in ‘Frozen’ are very catchy like this one but I don’t know if maybe they are too much catchy or it is again that I’ve listened to them too much.”, and Raichu’s still feeling a bit fatigued: “Feels a bit Disney by the numbers, but the melody is nice.” Well, thankfully here’s celebrated Frozen scholar alanmr to (almost) play us out with a resoundingly positive review: “This is an exquisite little masterpiece of a song that is fun and joyful while betraying a deep (deep deep deep deep) sadness behind a smiling face while still being catchy as hell (Frozen™) and it deserves a lot of praise. The juxtaposition of Anna’s happiness to get human contact for once and Elsa’s inner conflict creates a beautiful panorama. And then we get that reprise? YAS we’re so blessed. It’s amazing to me how Kristen Bell can hold herself against a seasoned performer like Idina Menzel, but the live recordings of her performing this particular track show how beautifully she fits the character (plus, she’s just generally amazing, Watch The Good Place on NBC™).” I don’t know her. Last not but least, it's send photo:"Me on grooming day." send photo, send photo.


    aw cute

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  10. Elated or gassy.


    I mean, it's not bad otherwise, but... sheesh.
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  11. YES.
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  12. Oh great, more image host problems. I love the internet.
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Imgur is the best one.
  15. 100% here for the appreciation of the reprise. It's Frozen in full on musical mode. The music swelling up to a powerful climax alongside Elsa's increasing emotion and magic swirling around her is just so well put together. The overlapping, interrupting lyrics are so west end it reminded me of seeing Phantom of the Opera and Wicked as a kid. And the little quote of the Frozen Heart theme at the end is inspired. Let It Go is good, but this is the highlight of Frozen I think.
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  16. Thanks! I'd tried Imgur before but it kept trying to tell me gifs were videos so I couldn't embed them here etc. but I've found a way around their tricksies.

    Should be back in business now! I just have a lot of backtracking and editing to do yaaaaay.
  17. So yes, my technical deficiencies aside: that leaves us with only four songs left from the 21st century!

    When Will My Life Begin?
    I See The Light

    Let It Go
    How Far I'll Go / I Am Moana

    Which one will miss out on the top three of the era, hmmm.
  18. Oh for FUCK's sake.
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  19. I hope y'all low scorers choke on chocolate and fart loudly on every one of your first dates. Bye.

  20. I'm so torn between being mad that I now have to go back and edit 40+ eliminations' worth of artwork links, and knowing that my rate was so popular that photobucket decided to shut me down. A wee bitsy iconic teebs.
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