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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. I'm leaving for Italy for a week on vacay and won't be able care to check in frequently! I love you all and please don't let this go to shit while I'm gone! I say this having already lost all of Princess and the Frog so....

    If you all cut anything from Beauty & the Beast, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, or Mulan before top 20 then you're not only wrong you're crazy.

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    Oh my god, just discovered creepy George from Desperate Housewives was young Hercules???


    1. How is he even younger than Tate Donovan?
    2. How?
    3. Why?
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    IMDB just informed me he's precisely 1 year younger. Why even bother getting a seperate voice actor for young Hercules then... really.
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  4. Hey guys! Super sorry I was AWOL yesterday too, a quick visit home spontaneously turned into a wee family reunion so I ended up staying an extra day. Working on the next elimination now!
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  5. The time has finally come...

    It's a big 'un...




    When You Wish Upon A Star


    Highest Score: 11 x1 (@funkyg), 10 x6 (@iheartpoptarts, @eccentricsimply, @Sprockrooster, @Ironheade, @Conan, @MamaHazey)
    Lowest Score: 3 x1 (@Subwaykid), 5 x2 (@DJHazey, @ephemeralartery)
    My Score: 8

    Name a more iconic song. I’ll wait.

    No but really, When You Wish Upon A Star is Walt Disney. Its legendary melody still opens every single new film release, every DVD, every straight-to-video sequel, every damn property the studio can get its mousy wee hands on after 77 damn years. Everyone knows this song; no rock could protect you from its timeless ubiquity. Our faves could only dream of such longevity. When You Wish Upon A Star is exceptionally simple compared to most of Disney’s catalogue of classics, but it’s in that simplicity that it shines the brightest. It’s peaceful, quiet, comforting, hopeful yet melancholy; it’s one of the few Golden Age songs whose enchanting, nostalgic charm is more than enough to overcome Father Time’s unfortunate curse. And damn right it is. It might not measure up to some of its successors in terms of catchy lyricism or extravagant production, but it's hands down one of the greatest, most celebrated opening songs in film history and it undoubtedly deserves its success.

    Let’s take a wee wander through When You Wish Upon A Star’s staggering legacy, shall we? Pinocchio hit theatres in 1940, and despite the film’s disappointing box office performance, the song quickly hit the top spot on Billboard’s ye olde predecessor to the retail sales chart. The same year, it became the first of many Disney songs to win the Academy Award for Best Original Song. Throughout the 50s and 60s, it was used as the theme for the hugely popular Disney anthology TV series and became a bonafide jazz standard with successful covers from Louis Armstrong, Sun Ra, Shirley Bassey and countless others. In 1980, it was performed by the cast of Star Wars and The Muppets on their show, and was then adopted by the Walt Disney Company as the soundtrack to all their official branding. I’m sure those two things are connected – The Muppets, their impact, etc. In 2009, When You Wish Upon A Star was deemed “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant” by the Library of Congress and preserved in the National Recording Registry. Yeah I’d never heard of that either but from what I can see, it’s a pretty exclusive club. A literal “not everybody has that” moment. So aye, it’s pretty fucking iconic.

    Oh lord’t you all had something to say about this, huh? Let’s spin the wheel to see who gets to open the floor this time. It’s GimmeWork! “Iconic and signature for Disney! So if you give it a low score you probably need to recognize.” Yas let Subwaykid know. DJHazey’s low score shouldn't be ignored either – explain yourself sis. “I mean this is basically like a Disney anthem so I won't be too harsh, but I've just never had much time for it.” Hmmm, thankfully MamaHazey’s here to earn your family back some points: “This song was is what represented Disney to me as a child, so it will always be special to me.”, and LKane’s flying the flag for its legacy too: “Such a classic! What can I say? It is perfect to open every single Disney movie with this song.” eccentricsimply continues to give credit where credit is due: “Okay, listen... this is the Disney song. There's no song more Disney than this one. This song feels like childhood, good memories and comfort. So yes, this 10 is for sentimental value.” The irony is that good memories and comfort are the last thing anyone associates with Pinocchio itself though. Well, except constantino apparently. “Remember when the cast of X Factor covered this for a Christmas advert? Tragic. It’s whimsical nature makes it a fantastic intro to the film (one of my favourite films ever in fact) but as a song this is a little to sleepy for my liking.”

    Christ. send photo agrees that the song’s a bit too low-key though, admitting: “I hunted down the Louis version to beef up the score a bit, oop.” Yas respect your elders a bit. Mushroom seems somewhat on the fence: “Don’t really dig the choir section but the melodies and overall sentiment are absolutely lovely.”, but Raichu’s definitely sold: “Very dreamy. Gives me that gorgeous moonlit vibe that so much of the music from this period does.” 2014 has fond memories of the song: “So dreamy, I remember this being played a lot around the Disney Magic Kingdom when I was there. Beautiful.”, and MollieSwift21’s here to rub in the fact that they worked at Disneyland: “So magical. Instantly make you feel whimsical. Its presence in Wishes heightens this.” Ugh I’m so jealous. iheartpoptarts shares my pain at least: “For some reason I want to cry. And then I want to go to Disney World.” Again, forum roadtrip y’all. It’s gonna be lit. alanmr gives me my new Word of the Day, calling the song “Pareidolia: the Movie.” – Google tells me that’s the phenomenon of people imagining seeing faces in clouds or in their toast. The more you know, eh?

    True to form, kalonite finds an excuse to bring up his favourite musical genre: “Iconic. This is Classic Disney in a bottle. It also sounds like Christmas, so I'm doubly sold. (No seriously the Mary J Blige/Barbara Streisand version on her spectacularly titled album ‘A Mary Christmas’ is great).” Okay but When You Wish Upon A Star is considered an actual real Christmas song in Scandinavian countries; a Disney TV special feature that uses the song is aired every Christmas Eve. Mina’s high score comes from a slightly different place though: “I love me some Jiminy Cricket.” Who doesn’t, teebs? A legend, an icon. GhettoPrincess describes the song as “Definitely a Disney classic, very slow but magical.”, and Sprockrooster highlights its impacT: “That English version is a complete classic, I know it better than the Dutch one!” Jiminy Cricket over here just tearing down the barriers of language, no biggie. Reboot respects the fact that it doesn’t get much more Walt than this: “I feel like this song is the epitome of Disney itself.”, and of course, finally, funkyg gets to bid farewell to his beloved 11. Take it away! “This song to this day best encapsulates the whole hopes and dreams and 'for kids of all ages' ethos of Disney.”


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  6. Despite my 5, it could've snatched a Top 25 spot and I wouldn't have been too mad about it.
  7. [​IMG]

    Which means Once Upon A Dream is officially Popjustice's Favourite Golden Age Disney song!

    Quelle surprise.
  8. I am shocked!
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  9. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    I'm so glad Once Upon A Dream was top Golden Age.

    When You Wish Upon A Star should have been top 20 just based off on how iconic it is.
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  10. Very happy for Once Upon A Dream.

  11. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I mean.. I don't prefer it too most of the Renaissance songs, but this one is an absolute classic. Should definitely have beaten that blah Aurora song.
    And I See The Light. Yes, lights are pretty. Put on your sunglasses and kick that mediocre song out of your boat.
  12. Awwww, I'm glad it made it this far, at least.

    So who's going to take me to Disney World?
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  13. Blasphemer! Make it blue.

    Anyway, AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH this elimination. I mean... it is the Disney song. Come on.
  14. That dress should be blue, my avatar says so!
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  15. [​IMG]

    I See The Light


    Highest Score: 10 x9 (@Lost Boy, @Robsolete, @aniraz, @DJHazey, @GhettoPrincess, @Conan, @Alouder98, @MollieSwift21, @MamaHazey)
    Lowest Score: 5 x2 (@Ironheade, @Raichu)
    My Score: 8

    Aww, poor wee Rapunzel’s hopes and dreams of the Top 20 go up in flames as we finally bid farewell to Tangled’s musical centrepiece. A great big soppy ballad, I See The Light smothers the film in dreamy, romantic candlelight for a few minutes and it’s all very pretty and quite lovely, isn’t it? Say what you want about the genre, but Disney have always been pretty damn good at straightforward, no-nonsense love songs, and this is no exception. Mandy Moore’s gentle meandering through the quiet acoustic opening starts us off nice and slow before the strings beckon us into a shiny, twinkly chorus; Zachary Levi, bless him, does a pretty decent job on the second verse considering he’s by no means a vocalist, and then they come together in a proper big moment of stereotypical folk duet balladry that wouldn’t seem out of place on any old American Idol alumni’s debut album. I’m just… not sure if that’s such a good thing. For all its merits, I See The Light is a great little pop song, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a fantastic Disney song. I can’t help but feel it lacks the emotional depth and atmosphere that really places other Disney ballads at the top of the class; I See The Light does exactly what it says on the tin – and delivers on all its promises to a pretty high standard – but is that enough to stand up against the real heavyweights of the competition? I think it owes a lot of its success here to the accompanying visuals, teebs. The lantern scene has gotta be up there with the most visually arresting, enchanting moments in Disney herstory, right? It’s properly stunning and anyone who disagrees is a soulless husk of a human being. Or just fire-safety conscious, I guess.

    I See The Light is admittedly a case of scene-over-song for constantino: “Firstly, I’m glad she took my style tips. Secondly, I am in love with the cinematography of this scene, it brings the song up considerably.”, and Sprockrooster’s living for the flammable fantasy too: “That scene with those balloons is such a brilliant scene. So dreamy and captivating.”, while GhettoPrincess awards it full marks for delivering on both sound and aesthetic: “This is just beautiful, both audibly and visually. Mandy Moore’s voice is perfect for it. Actually they both really compliment each other’s voices. Underrated.” #26’s not half bad considering what it’s up against, to be fair! MollieSwift21 gives Rapunzel the Popjustice bumpkin patch seal of approval: “The lanterns are gorgeous. When their voices join it’s a real moment.”, and eccentricsimply seconds the commendation, describing it as “So beautiful.” GimmeWork’s been vocal about their militant anti-Rapunzel stance, but finds it in their heart to give this song a pass: “Not my favorite movie but still pretty good! And this scene with the lanterns is perfect!” Soft lighting ha impact.

    Reboot isn’t feeling the lantern love, but finds beauty elsewhere: “A bit too saccharine for me, but I like the flowers in Rapunzel’s hair.” nn I agree but the inconsistency in the length of her hair is low-key annoying. LKane finds the whole thing a bit too sickly sweet too: “A bit cheesy, but I still enjoy Mandy’s voice.”, and send photo throws the struggling artiste some more pity points: “I'm such a sucker for Mandy.”, but Raichu’s on hand as always to dish out the harsh truths: “Man, these Tangled songs are not very inspired, are they? Disney on auto-pilot.” He wasn’t the only one feeling some déjà vu either; iheartpoptarts notes a similarity: “I suddenly want to see this movie. This is all very ‘A Whole New World’ in a boat.”, and Mina’s in the same boat, as it were: “Shades of a ‘A Whole New World’. Also, A Walk to Remember did it better.” Google tells me that’s a Mandy Moore film, also starring some guy called Shane West who’s entirely uninteresting other than having been one of the hot swimteam guys in Buffy, so there’s another reference for ya DJHazey. Your thoughts on the song while you’re here? “Now this is the Mandy we came for. Her moment. Rapunzel's moment. The moment when we all felt something. The thousands of lanterns also make it a true Disney magical moment.” True, true. But who are the lanterns for? “The lanterns are for you, Rapunzel!” Oh, thanks ephemeralartery.

    Here's a rare photograph of the moment Mandy Moore's parents laid their daughter's career to rest.


  16. Finally! That one was long overdue to exit.

    You've never heard of A Walk To Remember?!?
  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Yeah, nice visuals, but the song is bland and the moment does not sell any romance to me.
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  18. Never! I'm not well-versed in the world of early-noughties coming-of-age dramas though. That 27% Rotten Tomatoes score is tempting though, not gonna lie.
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  19. Don't forget the true highlight of Mandy's movie career!

  20. Saved! is Mandy Moore's best cinematic endeavor.
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