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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. My nephew's class put on a production of Hercules for their Year 6 school play, it was cute. They split the role of Hades in 2 and both were played by girls, Phil was played by a girl and so was grown Hercules. Yasss Girl Power.

    Also, they ended with a reprise of Go The Distance, Zero To Hero, The Gospel Truth and then..... Holding Out For A Hero. My wig was snatched.
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  2. ps In the scene where Pain and Panic pretend to be children stuck in an avalanche, the kid playing Pain said "Help, we're stuck, someone call IX IX IX" I screamed!
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  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I used to pretend Hercules was one of my middle names - I was that kid.
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  4. [​IMG]


    I feel rejuvenated, revitalised and ready to usher us into the valley of terrible choices made towards the top of the leaderboard.

    We come back with another tie...


    Friend Like Me


    Highest Score: 10 x5 (@GimmeWork, @iheartpoptarts, @Sideout, @MamaHazey, @Animalia)
    Lowest Score: 4 x1 (@Lost Boy), 5 x1 (@Sprockrooster)
    My Score: 10

    OKAY okay, I know I just confessed hatred for big-band jazz style music, but hear me out. Genie is an icon. A legend. He is the quintessential, top-of-the-class animated comedy sidekick; every scene, every damn line of his explodes on to the screen with such incredible energy and character, and Robin Williams (may he rest in peace, king) is up in here giving us a masterclass in how to pull off the role perfectly. Your wish is to be entertained and he is granting it, mama. Friend Like Me serves as the introduction to his character, and like hell were they gonna pull any punches with it. Genie comes right out of the gate as fast-paced, boisterous and ridiculous as ever, delivering a super-camp, show-stopping magical extravaganza that somehow manages to be annoyingly catchy and total nonsense at the same time. Kid Animalia knew every single lyric to this song despite not understanding a solid two thirds of ‘em. I mean, you’d think an all-powerful magical genie could’ve conjured himself up a card to double check before telling the world that Charizard has a thousand tails, but whatever. Friend Like Me gets a free pass on my jazz stigma purely off the back of its undeniable fun-factor. It’s stupidly infectious. Stupid and infectious. I lahv it.

    But once upon a time, that might not have been enough – Friend Like Me was originally written as a proper big Cab Calloway-esque super-hyper-jazz number before Genie was cast, but when they managed to rope Williams into the project it was remodelled to fit his lightning-round comedy style. Fun fact: in early days, Aladdin’s appearance was based on Michael J. Fox, until the producers decided he didn’t make a good enough hero for Jasmine (drag ha). He was then made to look more like Tom Cruise, but parts of the Friend Like Me scene had already been animated so you can still see parts of his original model during it. Apparently, anyway. I ain’t about to go through the video frame-by-frame AGAIN to check so I’ll take the internet’s word for it. Friend Like Me was nominated for both the Academy Award and Golden Globe for Best Original Song, but lost both to – you guessed it – A Whole New World. But how badly will it get it beaten by its rival this time? Only time will tell…

    For now, let’s see what our own panel of judges had to say about their decision! Resident Aladdin stan iheartpoptarts reminds me of a painful game experience I'd managed to repress: " I think this was my fave level in the Aladdin game. I still have to give that another try one of these days…" THE OLD DISNEY GAMES WERE TOO. DAMN. DIFFICULT. DAMMIT. Ahem. Raichu gives extra points for delivery: “The song itself is nothing to write home about, but the performance is so good. Makes this more exciting than it has any right to be.”, and the praise just keeps on coming for the late, great king of comedy. “Robin Williams is such a legend” says MollieSwift21, backed up by both MamaHazey: “Robin Williams was such a great entertainer.” and GimmeWork: “Robin Williams is EVERYTHING! Only his brilliant mind could make this kind of magic!” eccentricsimply mourns the loss of his genius too, sighing "Oh, Robin Williams...". His trademark magic isn’t quite enough for DJHazey though: “The best part is the brass production because I'm sorry Robin Williams will only take this so far on his own.” LIES. He takes it all the damn way. Right kalonite!? “I just can't imagine Aladdin with anyone other than Robin Williams as Genie. He inhabits that role so entirely, and this song really uses his comic skills to the fullest.” Let them know! Y’know who doesn’t know? Sprockrooster, who says “That part at 1:10 is truly saving this.” I mean yes the crazy trumpet vocals are amazing but so is the rest of the song, so. LKane’s feeling a tad overwhelmed: “Genie’s personality is a bit too much for me, but still a great melody.”, but constantino’s living for the gig: “The Genie is every icon. He sure did that, huh?” HE SURE DID. There’s only one thing left to do. alanmr? “APPLAUSE.” Yas, give him that thing that he loves.


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  5. The Genie is the best, and the perfect vehicle for Howard Ashman's writing style. Robin Williams, you gave us two of the most fun songs in the Disney canon - rest in peace.
  6. Again guys, I'm really sorry for the delays. I had some weird cold/flu/bug abomination and whatever time I did have to be semi-productive I had to focus on other things. Thank you all for being so patient. <3
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  7. WTF?!?

    This elimination actually works for me, since we've already cut One Step Ahead which should been one Aladdin elimination ahead.
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  8. Can't believe we haven't touched the mermaid or the lion yet.
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  9. These Aladdin eliminations are killing me. Hold tight, "Prince Ali"!
  10. I need something from Lion King to go first.
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  11. Can You Feel the Love Tonight just needs to go now. I believe I gave it a 5/10 and now I fear I overscored it.
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  12. Under The Sea is definitely overstaying now.
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  13. Really hope a Lion King song goes before The Little Mermaid. C'mon Popjustice, save yourselves some evils from moi.
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  14. The only Little Mermaid song that can go now is Under the Sea.

    The others need to be in the Top 10.
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  15. Yes gawd.
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. There are a lot of ties on the film leaderboard, yessiree.

    On to the next one!

    = 25th


    Pinocchio (1940)

    2 Points: @Ironheade, @constantino

    He’s a puppet! He’s a donkey! He’s a real boy! Whatever he is, he’s gone. Disney’s second animated feature leaves us next, and it’s one I’ve always had a difficult relationship with. It has that timeless, dreamy Golden Age charm to it and boasts some pretty damn iconic characters and scenes, but oh wow is it a dark one. Let’s not beat around the bush. Puppets are creepy as fuck. You can give Pinocchio the chirpiest voice and the most endearing personality you can muster Disney – I don’t care. He’s not cute. He’ll never be cute. Animated wooden caricatures with their exaggerated painted expressions and unnaturally flexible, flailing appendages will never not be deeply disturbing to this sensitive soul. Like, if I went into someone’s house and saw this:


    I’d be high-tailing my way outta there stat. I’ve seen that episode of Criminal Minds and it did not end well. Speaking of shady beginnings though: Jiminy Cricket has a damn cheek to go around acting like a shining beacon of morality when the film literally begins with him breaking & entering into Gepetto’s house. Way to set an example for your newborn wooden son, sis. To be fair though, Gepetto’s voice actor was an unapologetic, stalwart Nazi sympathiser, so it’s_what_she_deserves.gif a bit. Thankfully, Pinocchio manages to avoid the early Disney curse of outdated/outright offensive racial stereotypes for the most part; Stromboli’s accent is about as heavy-handed as it gets, but he’s a circus ringleader so naturally it’s not even the worst thing about him. For real though, I only found out a few hours ago when I re-watched the film that he's only in it for like ten minutes?? Who is this mysterious Christopher Biggins lookalike who appears at the last minute out of nowhere to take bad boys to Pleasure Island?? Lemme stop before I get sued for libel, but seriously, my whole life I’ve thought they were one and the same. They’re even voiced by the same guy.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    So who’s the real villain? Stromboli? “The Coachman”? No. ‘tis whichever sick, twisted mind at Walt Disney studios was in charge of the transformation scene. Like, what the fuck??? NOT OKAY. Those horrors aside though, Pinocchio’s very much a diamond in the rough of the Golden Age. It’s beautiful to look at, delivers some incredibly memorable characters and scenes, and manages to weave a plot that remains emotionally impactful (even if a lot that emotion is abject terror) and relevant despite being a bit on the nose with the whole be-a-good-boy-or-unthinkably-horrific-things-will-happen-to-you parable. Pinocchio seems to find his way on to a new Greatest Ever list with every passing year, and is still heralded as the technical and thematic peak of Disney’s catalogue by film critics to this day; the wee guy’s undoubtedly earned himself one of the strongest, most enduring legacies in animation history, and ain’t nobody gonna take that away from him. But he’s still creepy af.

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  18. Bah, you wimps. I would say that's the best thing about Pinocchio and the thing that helped it land a spot on my list over Dumbo and The Little Mermaid, that it's not afraid to go to those seriously dark places. (Can't say it scared me much as a kid, honestly. But then again, I grew up to be a lover of Lucio Fulci movies. Man, what is it with Italians and unremitting horror?) I have my doubts that it was intended, in its conception, as strictly a children's film - remember, this was the time of Fantasia, the time when Walt Disney had his most grandiose ambitions to make capital-A Art, and Pinocchio pulls that off. Because seriously LOOK AT THAT ANIMATION! This is what technically perfect animation looks like, people - can't top that, the medium is now cancelled. (Oh and it has an amazing soundtrack and one of the most memorable casts of characters of the Golden Age but whatever LOOK AT THAT ANIMATION)
  19. I'm finally back to vacation and this gif fills me with so much joy, I couldn't be any happier unless I was still on vacation!!!

    Thank you!
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  20. A Million times THIS!!!

    Leave Aladdin alone. Lion King is way way worse!
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