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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

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  2. TASTE!!!! The rest of y'all need to get some. (just kidding I love you all but seriously hasn't this poor movie been through enough?!?)

    I just can't with this ground breaking, business owning, saving the prince, gay alligator befriending, Kelly Rowland looking beauty of a princess not getting more than just two voters!?!?! The animation is gorgeous, the songs are top notch, and the supporting characters are hilarious. It sticks to the Disney formula of a princess movie while shattering it at the same time.

    Even beyond being the first and long over due black princess, instead of trying to go to a ball or be with a prince, she was trying to be a business woman in the 1920's in Jim Crow fucking USA. Oh and she saved the spoiled, lazy, playboy prince.

    I'm going away until tomorrow I can't deal...

  3. The Princess and the Frog, hey? This one was top 20 on my giant list, and it's in a close-run battle with The Emperor's New Groove for being the best Disney movie of the 2000's. It's essentially a Disney-fanboy boutique project on Lasseter's part, and all the better for it - he knows exactly what made the old animated classics tick and what made them look so amazing, and the flaws of the later movies of his era (overly long, convoluted plotting, heavy-handed messages) hadn't set in yet. He even managed to do without the awful comic relief! Now do another traditionally animated movie, dammit.
  4. Princess in the Frog is fucking dreadful.

    Edit: I'm keeping the typo.
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  5. And now, a break from your regularly-scheduled programming as we await the return of @Animalia :


    Mina's Current Hit List
    (songs rated ≤7)
    Be Our Guest
    Prince Ali
    I Just Can't Wait to Be King
    Be Prepared
    Hakuna Matata
    The Gospel Truth
    Zero to Hero
    I Won't Say (I'm In Love)
    Let It Go​
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  6. You gave less than 7 to Zero to Hero, I Won't Say (I'm In Love), Let It Go, I Just Can't Wait To Be King and Hakuna Matata? Hmm you're lucky there's no Little Mermaid songs in that list. I wouldn't mind saying goodbye to Be Prepared though.
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  7. In retrospect, I overscored "Kiss the Girl." I was clearly forgetting this atrocious cover:

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  8. Nnnn I got shown The Princess and the Frog by some Disney-mad friends of mine and before it started they were like 'we know exactly who your fave is gonna be'. Clocked.
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  9. How Far I'll Go/I Am Moana needs Top 5, because after seeing the film for the first time last night, yeah, it just needs that. Thank you.
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  10. Unfortunatley I didn't take part in the rate but it's a lot of fun reading those write-ups and discussions!

    Just wondering... why are there some songs missing? "The Bells of Notre Dame" is probably one of my favourites and I also really like "Steady as the beating drum". "Human Again" is pretty great as well!

    Also, just cause... here's what my top 5 probably whould've looked like...
    05. Prince Ali
    04. Beauty and the Beast
    03. Bells Of Notre Dame
    02. Part Of Your World
    01. Colours of the Wind.

    Yes, Pocahontas is the best thing ever, yes, I love Menken, yes, I hate The Lion King and its sappy songs with a passion.
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  11. You totally should have voted.
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  12. Hey guys! I'm almost done with the next song elimination, and oh boy is it a doozy. An eleven, the highest number of 10s so far, and a literal mountain of commentary... #soon.
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  13. That sounds like a mermaid song. So yes.
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  14. Me whenever you say something like this:

    Me whenever it turns out it's not my 11:
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  15. It's been a long time coming.

    But it's finally here.

    *cue cheers/boos*

    Let It Go


    Highest Score: 11 x1 (@Alouder98), 10 x13 (@alanmr, @Mvnl, @Robsolete, @aniraz, @constantino, @Lost Boy, @GhettoPrincess, @MollieSwift21, @kalonite, @DJHazey, @Mikl C, @Remorque, @MamaHazey)
    Lowest Score: 0 x1 (@send photo), 2 x2 (@Subwaykid, @Aester)
    My Score: 8.5

    Well well well. Who would have thought this elusive little number would almost make its way into the Top 20? This is such a forgotten gem in the Disney songbook, I’m glad to see it found some love here despite its relatively low-key presence compared to the giants we have left standing


    Hold on


    The word “overplayed” gets tossed around a lot on the forum, but does it ever mean more than in reference to Let It Go? Like, this song is/was bloody everywhere. Frozen is almost four years old now, and surviving a trip to your local shopping centre and/or supermarket without having Adele Dazeem’s caterwauling shoved down your throat is still no mean feat. It’s ridiculous to think that in a rate with such literal classics as When You Wish Upon A Star, Heigh-Ho, Once Upon A Dream etc., that this might actually be the most famous thing here. Never mind a rock – someone would have to live under a fucking mountain to have never heard Let It Go. Disney songs were long past the days of commercial success by 2013, but this stone-cold BANGER stormed into the charts at #11 in the UK and #5 in the US, the first Disney song to hit the Top 10 there since Vanessa Williams’ cover of Colours of the Wind in 1995. Most our faves would kill for the kind of numbers this song pulled, and the good ol’ GeePee only really knew Idina from a handful of Glee episodes (and maybe Rent for the hunties) at the time. It won the Oscar, the Grammy, the Critic’s Choice award, the Golden Glo—oh, wait, nope. The Globes decided to give theirs to some shitty U2 song? I wonder what their voting committee could possibly have looked like, hmm.

    Let It Go is the very definition of iconic. It’s just a wee shame that for a lot of people, that ubiquity quickly (and understandably) transforms into oppressive annoyance. I mean, teebs I do let out an involuntary sigh whenever I hear those opening notes, but goddamn if I’m not dramatically lip-syncing for my life by the time the first chorus comes crashing in. This song is HUGE. HUGE. Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez cite many influences for this song; they looked to the true Disney Classics like The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, and popstars like Adele, Lady Gaga (yas) and Avril Lavigne (what) for inspiration, then for reason they decided to throw them all in the trash and just rewrite Defying Gravity instead. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it eh? Anyway holy crap I just saw how much commentary there is for this song, lemme cease my rambling and get to it.

    It’s only right to let famed Frozen stan alanmr open the floor for this song, right? It’s all yours, sis! “Frozen’s soundtrack has seen plenty of ridicule and I honest-to-God understand why: it has been literally everywhere, from malls to supermarkets to radio to drugstores to toys to your gadgets (don’t pretend you didn’t bellow this song’s lyrics at least once), and it might be easy to write it off as cheap or genpop-oriented, but you know what? Fuck that. Let It Go is a brilliant piece of music and it deserves every bit the success it has garnered. Idina Menzel’s vocals are outstanding, the lyrics depict with pitch-perfect accuracy the inner turmoil not only of her character but also of anyone who’s had to bury their feelings and then decided it was time to middle finger any discordant voices, the melody is catchy as hell (and I say this without a drop of sarcasm) and it all adds up to a song that is way better than the sum of its parts. Drag it for its omnipresence if you must, but admit it is fucking killer. Also: Coming Out: the Movie.” Honestly I was shook that on Popjustice, you were one of only two people to bring up the whole ~gay subtext~ tumblr shenanigans. I just knew I could count on kalonite to cover that for me though: “This obviously has echoes of Defying Gravity, and the casting of Idina Menzel really hammers that home. The idea of taking a song like that and making it *DISNEY* is genuinely concerning – especially since Defying Gravity has such explicit gay subtext. Thankfully, Let it Go is just as gay, and just as impactful. I was very dismissive of the idea of Frozen before its release – right up until the day Disney uploaded the whole Let it Go sequence as a marketing ploy. Damn, did it work.”

    So there’s some praise, let’s try find something on the other side… “Fucking drivel.” Welp that didn’t take long, thanks Reboot! “Those screeching vocals… Even Demi does it better.” I love oxymorons. Mina isn’t a fan of Idina’s signature wailing either: “Idina did this much better as Elphaba in ‘Defying Gravity.’ Her vocal performance here is far from her best.” Would this be a good time to say I think Defying Gravity is a bit shit? Oop. Raichu doesn’t think John Travolta’s personal Everest was the best choice for the song: “Quite epic but also feels a little generic for how much hype it gets. I also think this would sound better sung in someone else’s voice; Idina’s voice is a bit too jagged. But after those fucking weaksauce Tangled songs, hearing something this catchy and powerful is a godsend.” Now there’s a word you don’t hear everyday outside 4chan. Sprockrooster still feels the pain of having the song rammed down his throat (wait): “Massive overkill and I still have not recovered.”, and Epic Chocolat: “Overplayed much?” and ephemeralartery: “I've had it with hearing this. Anyone who's around children regularly understands this pain.” need some aspirin too. Let the light in, folks – overplayed doesn’t always mean terrible! Right HollyDunnSomething? “Overplayed to death of course but still a great song.” Thank you.

    GhettoPrincess might be pleasantly surprised by this result: “I know this will probably crash and burn in the rate but it’s such a powerful song. Idina Menzel’s vocals have always been a guilty pleasure of mine. The powerhouse chorus just blows me away and yes it was everywhere but that’s a sign of Disney magic working its way into the charts & hearts of the nation. I love the attitude and it was such a moment in the movie.”, while MollieSwift21 is probably more relieved: “I don't want it to win but I can't not give it a 10. Those lyrics, melody and her voice make a very powerful performance. Thankful they didn't push Demi's version to pop radio.” We all are. Speaking of tragic C-listers though, constantino? “DDD not this having over 500 million views on Youtube... half of Ellie Goulding’s seminal Love Me Like You Do. People will make poorly-conceived puns using the lyrics and call this overrated, but the true T is that this is one of the best Disney songs ever, and we should be proud that it came out in our lifetime.” Okay but the Renaissance also happened in our lifetime, so… wait if anyone was born after 1999 don’t you dare point it out or I might actually cry. Oh hey, I said a year. That’s as good a segue as I need to pass the mic to 2014: “Kinda irritating, so many other Disney songs deserve the love this gets.” Twenty-two of ‘em got more love from you guys, at least!

    iheartpoptarts was a bit distracted by the visuals: “Okay, so this movie is the prettiest ever.”, while LKane’s appreciation was plagued by familiarity: “Pretty good song. Actually the best song in the movie… if it wasn’t because I’ve listened to the song too much already, it may have got a better score.” On the other hand, MamaHazey just can’t get enough of the song: “Saw this in concert and loved it. Definitely one my favorite songs on this list. I don't understand how anyone could call it ‘overrated’. Nothing this fantastic could ever be played too many times!” eccentricsimply, however, left the cinema feeling decidedly… whelmed: “You see... Objectively, the song isn't bad. Quite the contrary, it's actually great up until the first ‘the cold never bothered me anyway’. But much like everything that's ever been overhyped, the fans ruined the movie for me. I went in expecting something much better, and I was extremely disappointed. And then if you said anything bad people said you simply didn't get the movie, or that you were being annoying, and bla bla bla. So instead of the 9 this song could warrant, let it keep the 6 it's getting.” Me with La La Land teas. Unfortunately Alouder98 didn’t give any commentary to explain their 11, so here’s DJHazey to sing its final praises: “One of the easiest 10s I've given and almost my 11. When the only argument haters will throw out is ‘overplayed’ then you know you're dealing with something they can remain pressed about. There's no way anyone can pick apart the song itself. Just how it really is a women empowerment song in disguise is enough to make it everything. So many theatrics, so much drama, and the song's structure is also pop perfection too. Demi also slays it, so how can I say no? ‘The cold never bothered me anyway’ is one of my favorite lines in the whole rate.”

    Bloody hell that's a lot of words. We finally say goodbye to Elsa with send photo, whose commentary accurately reflects me with this write-up too: “Me letting go of this song:”


    This post was brought to you by the removal of the character limit.

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  16. Which means...


    How Far I'll Go / I Am Moana is officially Popjustice's favourite 21st Century Disney song!

    Well done everyone.
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    Let It Go definitely deserved top 20.
  18. Well, I was not expecting that. Overplayed, indeed it was. I never want to hear another oboe cover or bouzouki cover or theremin cover of it ever again. But ya know what, now that time's put some distance between me and it? It's an awesome song. Can't say fairer than that.

    Still can't stand the pop version, though. Demi, Demi, Demi... why did you decide to record your vocals while pushing a piano up a hill?
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  19. YES How Far I'll Go, a bop that I only discovered through this rate and which practically hasn't left my head since.

    Let It Go is great but the best part of it is the middle 8 from Demi's version and they didn't even include that so...
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  20. Absolutely fucking SEETHING. I don't give a fuck how overplayed it supposedly is, or how pressed people are that it was more successful than their fave Disney song. It 100%, absolutely deserved top 10 and to the people who gave it low scores...fuck you.

    Also I realise using the word 'fuck' so many times in the Disney rate is probably a little inappropriate but that's how fuming I am.
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