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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Oh don't you worry, as stated it gets much worse. I probably overscored this one.

    I'm all for girl groups in a Disney movie as long they don't sound like that.
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  2. I feel like this is a clue that The Aristocats will be exiting the film countdown soon. And even though I love it, I expect to be thoroughly entertained by your write-up.
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  3. reluctant bump
  4. [​IMG]

    Can You Feel The Love Tonight?


    Highest Score: 10 x15 (@Lost In Japan., @Serg., @Epic Chocolat, @aniraz, @Robsolete, @Sprockrooster, @MollieSwift21, @Sideout, @Lost Boy, @constantino, @Remorque, @Reboot, @Conan, @send photo, @Animalia)
    Lowest Score: 1 x1 (@Aester), 5 x3 (@Ironheade, @DJHazey, @Alouder98)
    My Score: 10











    Ahem. I’ve been quiet about it, but I might as well say now that this was second runner-up for my 11 after [REDACTED] and Hellfire. As far as I’m concerned (and obviously as host, my opinion is the only one that matters xo), Can You Feel The Love Tonight? is the gold standard when it comes to soppy love songs. Disney go on about their patented “magic” in advertisements for their theme parks and various remasters of ancient films from the depths of time, but for me, it’s moments like this where that power resonates the strongest; it’s one of those Disney songs that picks me up in its warm, caring embrace and catapults me full-force back in time to happy, carefree childhood days. The enchanting melody, the sweeping instrumental, Timon & Pumbaa, the emotive vocals, the fact that Disney had the good sense to outsource said vocals and spare us the full force of Elton’s wrath – everything about it is pure gold. And when that final chorus comes crashing down from the heavens with that magical harp flourish and the towering crescendo of backing vocals? A MOMENT. I couldn’t even begin to count how many times I’ve listened to Can You Feel The Love Tonight? both in the film itself and on the various Disney compilation albums I’ve stanned throughout my life, and it still never fails to leave me – for lack of a better word – goddamn shook. Hell, the fact that it’s still incredible in the hands of S Club 7 and Owl City speaks volumes on the sheer quality of the song itself. (Jason Derulo still managed to drop the ball though, yikes.)

    Say what you want about Elton John – he’s a bit annoying, he’s occasionally problematic, he ruined the Scissor Sisters’ second album, whatever – he can write a bloody good song. He originally wrote Can You Feel The Love Tonight? as a proper duet between Simba and Nala, but the film directors felt it would be an “unearned” moment for them. Perfect Illusion key change teas. The song was then reworked to be sung entirely by Timon and Pumbaa, but thankfully Elton put his foot down, rejecting the comedic angle and insisting that it follow the tradition of great Disney love songs. As if that wasn’t close enough to disaster, Can You Feel The Love Tonight? was then cut from the film completely because foolish higher-ups didn’t want a whole song focused on the romance when the film was supposed to be about the father-son relationship, but our spectacled queen put up the good fight and forced them to surrender to the song’s majesty. Considering it ended up hitting #4 in the US, selling 11 million copies worldwide, winning every kind of award under the sun (including Golden Globes, Academy Awards and Grammys) and becoming one of the most iconic songs in the Disney canon, I doubt he/they regret that decision. Well, you know what we say about talent! I wonder if back in 1994 when Elton was writing these songs and reaping the rewards, he ever thought that in a decade’s time he’d been performing a piano duet with Lady Gaga on a Muppets Thanksgiving special. Life is wild.

    Sprockrooster gives credit where credit is due: “Elton deserves every award he got for this one. If there has to be runner-up for my 11 this rate, it has to be this one.” TASTE. Lend some to DJHazey, please: “Oops, I only vaguely remember this song for some reason. The lead female vocalist doesn't help things, because she's low-key irritating. When we instead hear what Simba and Nala are thinking about the situation things definitely get better, but this is certainly not a favorite at all.”

    … wait


    "Female vocalist"

    "Low-key irritating"


    Moving on. Our gone-but-never-forgotten iconic sister send photo has a moment of parallel universe confusion: “Why do I remember the Elton John version being the one in the movie? At least the Berenstain universe is good for something.” Okay but is the shit new P!nk song topping iTunes charts worldwide in the ‘stein universe too? ‘cause I could be tempted by a wee jaunt down a wormhole, not gonna lie. LKane is grateful that Elton took a step back too: “As someone said in the thread, the movie version is better than Elton John’s one.”, but eccentricsimply has other ideas: “Funnily enough the movie version is not the most beautiful version of this song, but it's still gorgeous.” I had no idea you were such an Owl City stan! Yas. Meanwhile, GimmeWork has… concerns: “Great song! But I feel like the romance in this scene is doing the most! Like is this going to get graphic? *awkward* Did I accidentally change the channel to mating season on animal planet or something? No, because the lions are talking.. hmmmm...If I google this type of animal romance for clarification are the results going to SCAR me forever with bestiality sites galore?!?!? Better to never know. But still I love the song!” dddd @Glitterizer subjected the Pokémon rates to enough anthro messery for one pop music forum, thanks.

    I’ll tell you who won’t be feeling any love tonight though – kalonite: “A slow-ballad let down right when the movie's about to really pick up and sprint towards the finish line. Don't care for it. Can't stop seeing Nala's sex eyes every time I think about it.” I want to be mad, but you still gave it an 8 so werk. Reboot isn’t here for the sickly sweetness either, but at least she recognises greatness where she hears it: “The scene itself is a bit too sentimental and saccharine for my tastes but I can’t fault the song.” 2014 describes it as “Gloriously melodramatic, but perfect at the same time.”, as if melodrama was a bad thing? Get ha @alanmr. “Minus two points for the annoying intro” Mina grumbles – okay but Timon & Pumbaa are iconic and people are still loving them. iheartpoptarts admits: “I never stan for the ballads quite as hard as the others. No one is surprised.” You’re not wrong! Raichu isn’t opposed to ballads, just… this one in particular: “An undeniable love song, but I think Disney has done better in this department.” Unfortunately (for me), ‘twould seem you’re not alone in that thought. Anyway let’s end on the high this song DESERVES, DAMMIT. “How did I forget how stunning this is???” wails constantino, “I just had a moment to this, a MOMENT I tell you!” Bish me too the fuck. MollieSwift21 sums it all up nicely with a Gaga-style barrage of assorted positive adjectives: “Beautiful, romantic, elegant, passionate, iconic, tour de force”, but I can’t help but feel there’s one missing… What’s that Epic Chocolat? “Gorgeous.” Ah yes.



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  5. And yet we still haven't said goodbye to the two remaining low scores I have from Lion King. Sigh.
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  6. I wish "Be Prepared" had outlasted this, but I'm glad "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" did. So, swings and roundabouts, really. (Elton asleep at the keyboard, with Tim Rice. So you just know how much I'm not going to love this soundtrack, with the exception of those two songs.)
  7. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    Noooo. Was hoping it would make the top 10.
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  8. Noooooooooo.

    I remember having to sing that in year 7 at school and it was iconic, tbh.
  9. I thought it's impossible to hate that song, but.......yeah.
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  10. Sistren, our Lorde and savior has redefined the meaning of that word to nothing short of life-altering. I'm glad Anims got the memo!
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  11. Oh wow. Are we still out of Mermaid before this classic is lost?
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  12. Yes, and rightly so.
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  13. To get 15 10's and still finish at no. 18 is impressive though.
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  14. Wait, did I miss the no. 19 film?
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  15. It was about damn time!
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  16. [​IMG]
  17. He didn't put his name in it. I'm strangely disappointed!
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  18. "Can you feel the JASON DERULO?"

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  19. I think he should've replaced the 'Circle of Life' yell at the beginning. I'd die.
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  20. Sometimes talent loses and that's okay as long as Ms. Ursula is perched in that Top 10.
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