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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Get Belle and How Far I'll Go out for songs, and Lilo & Stitch needs to get tf out!
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  2. None of my films have gone yet!
  3. My two highest scores left!

    I'd be happy with any of these going:

    Beauty and the Beast
    I Just Can't Wait to Be King
    Zero To Hero
    A Whole New World
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  4. Yas at the PJ Gay Agenda being so close to pushing 'I'll Make a Man Out of You', the most homo-erotic Disney track of all time, into the Top 10.
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  5. I think these should probably go next.
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  6. I'm physically incapable of liking any post that exhibits negativity toward The Emperor's New Groove, sorry.
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  7. I like it! Just less than the other 10 on that list, sorry.
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  8. I would just like to point out that I willed this into existence. You're welcome.
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  9. But which one are you sis?

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  10. The Desperate Housewives stan in me wants to think I'm Alfre Woodard, but the harsh reality is that I'm more of an unfortunate John Oliver/Billy Eichner hybrid.
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  11. I meant which one of the fates... Haha
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  12. Welp whichever one I am I clearly don't have the eye right now.
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  13. And we're live!​

    Your impact continues...​

    I Just Can’t Wait To Be King


    Highest Score: 11 x1 (@Mushroom), 10 x12 (@Reboot, @MollieSwift21, @2014, @aniraz, @iheartpoptarts, @Daniel!, @Weslicious, @Lost In Japan., @Lost Boy, @Sideout, @Conan, @Animalia)
    Lowest Score: 3 x1 (@Mina), 5 x1 (@constantino)
    My Score: 10








    Nawt @Mina & @constantino ruthlessly casting this song off a cliff into a stampede of wildebeest just as the incredible cast for the remake is announced. JD McCrary is shaking. Let’s be real though, I Just Can’t Wait To Be King is one of the biggest, brightest, boldest and best feel-good BOPS in the Disney songbook and I would have loved to have seen it ascend to the throne of the Top 10. There’s literally only three whole points’ difference between #13 and #8, so every single half point counted in the battle for the Top 10 and those few embarrassingly misguided scores really did seal Simba’s fate. As if the poor guy didn’t have enough to contend with; imagine being so excited and carefree, getting your life singing a song about your future as king and then having that title fall to you twenty minutes later after watching your father be trampled to death in front of you. Yikes. Be careful what you wish for, kid. But no amount of unfortunate circumstance can change the fact that I Just Can’t Wait To Be King is simply incredible. It’s the musical embodiment of that bounding youthful energy, that naïve optimism that the world is yours to conquer, that you can do whatever you want in life and be successful and happy in it. It’s a lie. But it’s a cheerful, funny, adorable, and DAMN CATCHY AS FUCK lie. Say what you want about Elton John, but he sure as hell knows his way around a pop song. That instantly recognisable, nostalgic woodwind melody, the iconic back-and-forth between Simba and Zazu, the chorus of animals joining in for the climax – it’s just so much FUN.

    So tell us Mina, why do you hate fun? “I hate Disney songs that sound like they're sung by 10 year olds. If I wanted that, I'd go listen to Connie Talbot.” I don’t know what’s stranger, this opinion or the fact that you expected anyone to get a 2007 Britain’s Got Talent reference. Maybe constantino’s attempt to justify his score will make more sense: “Urgh Simba is such a little prick, while Zazu remains iconic and a true professional.” Huh. Nope. He’s right about one thing though, eh Daniel!? “Zazu is so iconic.” Who would ever have thought Mr. Bean would almost make a Top 10 on Popjustice? Talent. Speaking of which, 2014 reveals more about his amdram past: “As part of an acting group I used to be in we performed all the Lion King songs and I was cast as Simba and it was always stupidly fun performing this. It could be a pop song.” Not you snatching the lead though! Totally unrelated but when I was like six, my friend and I were cast as Mary & Joseph in the Christmas nativity; we got bored halfway through the performance and started using the shepherd’s sticks as lightsabers and playing catch with the baby Jesus doll ddddddd. Moving on, it looks like Sprockrooster has his sights set on the second lead: “Who wants to be a king, when you can be a queen?” I don’t remember this line from Born This Way but okay. GimmeWork gets ha life: “This is my favorite Lion King song! Get it Simba!”, LKane gets nostalgic: “Very catchy. This was my fave song of the movie when I was a kid… And I still like it!”, while iheartpoptarts just gets a wee bit sad: “Poor kid has no idea what he’s in for.” :(

    alanmr can see past the doom and gloom though: “Simba might be terribly unaware about what it means to be king, but this one is still a whole lot of fun.” eccentricsimply agrees, describing it as “So much fun, cutie little Simba.”, but Raichu’s gonna take a wee bit more convincing: “Fun, but I feel this one needs the visuals for impact more than the other songs from The Lion King.” The accompanying visuals for this song are stunning, to be fair – some of the most vivid and colourful Disney have ever penned – but I think the song more than stands on its own, too! Thankfully it only took DJHazey a whole four lines to come to ha senses and realise the song’s greatness: “Was thinking ‘this isn't a special as I remember’ until Simba sings ‘working on my ROAR’ and the transition into the chorus from there. That production is instilled in my very being too.” It’s had its effect on Reboot too, who calls it “My jam when I was young.” When you were young? We out here still shamelessly bopping to it in our mid-twenties sis, get on our level! MollieSwift21 gets it: “Simba was everything. I sang this song all the time much to my parents annoyance. Everywhere you look I'm standing in the spotlight *pushes sibling out of the way*” Pushing siblings? In my Lion King? It’s… too realistic. Last but not least, it’s send photo: “I’m surprised there’s no drag queen ‘queen’ edition. Probably couldn’t get the legalities cleared."

    Well, if anyone can do it…




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  14. This is my Lion King fave aside from "Be Prepared". Catchy as anything, and some awesome colourful animation to boot. And I love Rowan Atkinson, so.

    (Oh, remake cast? Donald Glover, I approve. John Oliver and Billy Eichner, I do not approve. Probably not gonna see it anyway.)
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  15. (My 11 is totally going next, isn't it?)
  16. @Mina I got your reference!
  17. Hmm?
  18. You joyless bastards.
  19. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    Coming in to find out I Won't Say I'm In Love and I Just Can't Wait to Be King are out while How Far I'll Go remains in...
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