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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. It really didn't belong in the Top 10, so this is good. Hero to Zero and Under the Sea next.
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  2. [​IMG]
  3. The only songs below a 10 for me. I gave "Belle" a 9, but after seeing the life-action re-make I had a moment and it's really a 10 now.

    Under The Sea
    Be Our Guest
    Zero to Hero
    I'll Make A Man Out Of You
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  4. Well since I already lost my 11, here's my top 10 from what's left...
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  5. My remaining non-10s xx.
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  6. Hopefully my 11 will be shared?
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  7. Hey I'd be perfectly fine with Reflection winning, if my 11 doesn't.
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  8. The first part of a tie for film #12 is here!

    = 12th


    One Hundred And One Dalmatians (1961)

    4 Points: @Aester
    3 Points: @DJHazey, @funkyg, @Weslicious

    Animalia's 101 Things Worse Than 101 Dalmatians


    1. How fucking ugly a lot of the original theatrical posters are.
    2. Animal cruelty.
    3. Real fur clothing.
    4. PETA.
    5. Cigarette holders.
    6. Smoking.
    7. People who still think smoking is cool in 2017.
    8. Disney's jazz soundtracks.
    9. Smooth jazz.
    10. Piano jazz.
    11. Acid jazz.
    12. All jazz.
    13. La La Land.
    14. Ryan Gosling.
    15. Emma Stone in anything other than The House Bunny and maybe Easy A.
    16. Actual dalmatians.
    17. People who think dogs are better than cats.
    18. Me making a hullabaloo about that during The Aristocats' write-up then realising this film was next.
    19. The idea of having 101 dogs.
    20. Giving birth to 99 puppies, I'd imagine*.
    21. Giving birth in general, I'd imagine.
    22. The fact that this film is technically titled "One Hundred And One Dalmatians".
    23. The guilt of being too lazy to type that out in full each time.
    24. Finding out that I've been spelling "dalmation" wrong my whole life.
    25. Having to say yet again that Disney's animation studio were relying on this film to keep them alive after the commercial failure of Sleeping Beauty.
    26. The ugly, scratchy xerography animation style used to cut costs.
    27. Disney thinking this looked good enough to keep around for the next fifteen years.
    28. The studio being forced to reduce their art department from 500 to under 100 employees to cut costs even further.
    29. Despite this, ol' Walt's inner circle of the "Nine Old Men" being kept around just to animate one character (Perdita).
    30. Old white men in general.
    31. The Steps thread.
    32. The Taylor Swift thread.
    33. The Taylor Swift album.
    34. Taylor Swift.
    35. Nazis.
    36. 2017.
    37. The fact that someone took the time to count exactly how many spots there are in this film. (There are 6,469,952.)
    38. This idea for this write-up.
    39. How long it's taking me to come up with these.
    40. How long it's taking me to do anything with this rate.
    41. Being distracted by @kalonite playing Breath of the Wild.
    42. How often it fucking rains in Breath of the Wild.
    43. The sad truth that as amazing as Zelda is, NieR: Automata inevitably getting snubbed by Game of the Year lists will be a massive injustice.
    44. Die-hard Nintendo fans.
    45. Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.
    46. The new Pokémon movie.
    47. The fact that Pikachu fucking talks in said movie.
    48. The following examples of said movie completely disregarding well-established type mechanics.
    49. Ash's Charmeleon using Crush Claw (a Normal-type move) on a Marshadow (a Ghost-type).
    50. His rival insisting on using an Incineroar to fight a Charizard when he had a 4x-effective Rock-type Lycanroc right there.
    51. Pikachu using Thunderbolt on a group of Pokémon including Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Geodude, Graveler and Rhyhorn - all Ground-types.
    52. Being 24 years old and still getting frustrated by inaccuracies in the battling logic of the Pokémon cinematic universe.
    53. People who take their kids to the cinema and let them talk through it.
    54. People who check their phones during a film.
    55. People who bring noisy snacks to the cinema.
    56. Fougasse.
    57. The Bake Off favouring white mediocrity over talent and personality this year.
    58. That one user in the Bake Off thread with a suspicious, unjustified hatred for Liam.
    59. My coffee getting cold while I'm doing this.
    60. Shit coffee.
    61. Coffee liqueurs.
    62. Tiramisu.
    63. Me not being able to see that word without thinking of Macklemore's "Downtown".
    64. Macklemore.
    65. The GeePee continually allowing aggressively mediocre artists to thrive.
    66. Harry Styles' solo career.
    67. Mollie King's solo career.
    68. Ed Sheeran's career existence.
    69. Charli XCX being stuck in label purgatory despite releasing some of the best pop music of our generation.
    70. My Joanne-hat-photoshopping prowess adding nothing to my employability.
    71. Million Reasons.
    72. Million Reasons again.
    73. Sam Smith winning that Oscar over Gaga.
    74. Sam Smith attempting to rewrite decades of LGBT history for his own gain at the same time.
    75. Literally everything about Sam Smith.
    76. Iggy Azalea's Cruella de Vil Halloween costume.
    77. Manila Luzon's Cruella drag.
    78. Sasha Velour.
    79. Katie Hopkins.
    80. Piers Morgan.
    81. Dodie Smith, the author of the original novel, being inspired by her friend actually saying her dalmatian puppies "would make a lovely fur coat".
    82. Everything about the 1996 live-action remake except maybe Glenn Close but even then that's pushing it.
    83. 102 Dalmatians.
    84. 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure.
    85. The fact that none of these adaptations/sequels are even remotely as terrible as Dodie Smith's official 1967 sequel "The Starlight Brigade".
    86. "The Starlight Brigade" being a mystery novel in which the puppies team up with stray dogs and a few cats to investigate why every human in the country has fallen into a deep sleep.
    87. The group being visited by (wait for it) Sirius, Lord of the Dog Star - an extraterrestrial dog who appears as whatever breed of dog is speaking to him.
    88. Sirius, Lord of the Dog Star explaining that he has come to Earth to save dogkind from nuclear war and owner abuse… by taking them to outer space.
    89. A council of dogs - lead by Pongo, of course - then turning down that generous offer to stay on Earth and rescue their owners.
    90. The fact that that's a better story than Final Fantasy XV's.
    91. Final Fantasy XV.
    92. The fact that I'll never be as petty as Walt Disney, who was apparently so disappointed by how this film looked that he didn't forgive art director Ken Anderson until the day he died.
    93. Twitter giving everyone 280 characters.
    94. Me rushing to finish this before The Apprentice starts and/or Reputation leaks.
    95. Shit, uh, how hungry I am?
    96. How long it takes to bake potatoes.
    97. How badly I'm pining for the bottle of wine I can see in my peripheral vision?
    98. Fucking Witness.
    99. How underrated this film is as a classic, feel-good Disney story.
    100. Actually pretty much all the films we've eliminated before this one, so well done everyone.
    101. The relief of finishing this then remembering which song I have to eliminate next.


    * dddd @kalonite has just reminded me that Perdita obviously doesn't actually give birth to 99 puppies, but the point still stands xo

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  9. Epic.

    It's just one of the first films I remember from my childhood and one of the ones I have seen the most. Cruella is a villain icon. It's odd because alot of @Animalia's points about preferring cats over dogs and animal cruelty should make me hate this movie and well I haven't seen it in a long time to be fair, but I had to include it because of how memorable it is to me.

    Now @Animalia, have you seen that the Mass Effect Character rate thread is up. Please get @kalonite to vote too.
  10. Yeah, yeah, cats are better than dogs, whatever... but which one's movie lasted longer?


    Yeah, I love One Hundred and One Dalmatians, I might well put it in my Disney top 10. One of Disney's most lighthearted, fun and unpretentious features. And you know what, I think the xerography actually works for the kind of loose, comic story that it is - it makes One Hundred and One Dalmatians patently a cartoon, in a way that previous Disney features were not, and a great one at that. Also, Cruella might just be my favourite Disney villain ever, aside from, obviously, CHERNABOG.

    (And just so I'm not accused of being unduly harsh on our feline friends, Lucifer from Cinderella is one of my favourite parts of that film. Figaro from Pinocchio rules too.)
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  11. I'll definitely be doing it for sure, and I'll try rope him in too!
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  12. Now wait a damn minute.

    What the FUCK is "I Won't Say (I'm in Love)" doing out at FOURTEEN????? Why has a forum of pop girl worshipping homosexuals allowed this disgusting hate crime to take place? Why was @DJHazey's obvious troll, pro-Herculexit ballot not tossed into the underworld where it belongs? And what on Mount Olympus does @Sideout think she's doing?


    An absolute disgrace.
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  13. Okay, I have to read that sequel because it sounds nuts. It looks like it's actually called "The Starlight Barking." Perhaps it's related to my favorite part of the movie, The Twilight Bark?

    Like The Aristocats, I enjoy One Hundred and One Dalmatians for its insane premise. A children's movie about a woman who wants to make puppies into coats. Sure, Disney! Why not? I also really like the "Kanine Krunchies" scene and watch it way too often.

    I sometimes tell my blue heeler that she would make a lovely fur coat, but only to tease her. (Her fur is more beautiful than a dalmatian's, in my opinion.)
  14. Amazing.
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  15. Out of all those 101 things, this made me scream the loudest.
  16. [​IMG]


    Excuse YOU tiramisu is an iconic desert, binch.
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  17. It's hilarious that I got the harsher dragging and I didn't even give "I Won't Say What Movie It Came From" the lowest score.

    I'm excited to see what happens when Hero to Zero gets eliminated.
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  18. EPIC. AMAZING. Prime example of how your creativity, wit and dedication have made this rate such a complete joy to witness and be a part of!!! BRAVO!

    Kii at this string!!!!!

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  19. Does this mean the dogs win? Hehe.
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