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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. 1. ‘Part of Your World’

  2. Same.

  3. Well there goes my winner...

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  4. So just caught up with the results - well done @Animalia for such an in-depth rate. I remember this rate was a small idea of mine MANY moons ago but you've delved into each song so much better than I ever could. As a Disney stan, I've loved the snatches of history.

    But...taste went out the window for much of this. Hunchback is all Top 10 but y'all are awful,

    That said, the top ten is solid as fuck, bar the anomaly EVERY SINGLE PERSON seems to love - Mulan songs. Never cared for the film, thought the music was subpar. Keep it.

    Colours of the Wind or Part of your World need to take this. We're mostly gays on Popjustice - I won't abide hetty shit like Whole New World winning.
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  5. [​IMG]

    How DARE you catch up on this before I've rescued all the broken image links from Photobucket's money-grabbing hands dddddd but thank you! You're a star for letting me steal both your rate ideas xo

    Behind the scenes bonus kii: Apols to any Mulan purists who might've noticed this, but I had to paint out her blush 'cause there were too many colours in the gif (there still is teebs, but lemme pretend the graininess is a deliberate paint effect ddd).

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  6. I'm straight and I totally agree!
  7. [​IMG]

    I'm speechless. The difference with "Umbrella" is that I was openly trolling with that 0 and this time I just honestly hated what I was hearing that much. What an amazing Top 10 this is now, considering Zero to Hero would've been the one anomaly sticking out like a sore thumb.
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  8. It would've gotten at least one more point from me.
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  9. My ideal top 5! But they are all excellent songs obviously so there's really no bad way this turns out!
    (unless for some god forsaken reason Part Of Your World doesn't go top 5, then burn it to the ground!)
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  10. The only two songs I don't want in the Top 5 are Under the Sea (8/10) and Be Our Guest (7/10). The rest are either 10s or 10s in spirit (Belle).
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  11. You know, for what it's worth, I think your 'Umbrella' zero was kind of legit. I mean, that song was annoying.
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  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

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  13. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

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  14. I hope somebody zeroes the Pocahontas song.
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  15. Hellishly annoyed that I didn't take part in this wonderful rate, but for what it's worth, I would've given 'Part of Your World' my 11 because it is legitimately one of the greatest songs of all time - not just within Disney.

    Wonderful to see 'Colours of the Wind' make the Top 10 too. Actually, aside from maybe one or two that I'd swap in/out, it's a excellent set that remains!
  16. So, it's pretty much a disaster that there's no Hercules in the Top 10 songs.

    But is the film about to be cast into the underworld too?

    Or are we throwing Zootopia to the wolves?

    Is it goodnight for Sleeping Beauty?

    Game Over for Wreck-It Ralph?

    Are we eliminating any of the other films I can't think of a decent pun for?

    Well I'm halfway through the write-up but it's @kalonite & I's anniversary date night tonight so if you're lucky you might get a drunken regurgitation of the IMDb trivia page later tonight xo

  17. Yassss! Happy anniversary! I just celebrated my 14 year anniversary last week.
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  18. Thank you, and to you too @HollyDunnSomething ! No idea why he's put up with me for four years, but I'll take it!

    Also, bump.

  19. Nah, thankfully y'all aren't that tasteless.​



    Zootopia (2016)

    5 Points: @Serg.
    2 Points: @Alouder98
    1 Point: @alanmr, @Mvnl, @Lost In Japan., @2014, @Reboot

    We love a good politically-charged bop, don’t we ladies? Rhythm Nation, Born This Way, Formation; the importance of heavy-hitters in pop culture instilling progressive social messages into their work should never be underestimated, and that’s exactly what makes Zootopia so great. It’s no secret that Disney have a somewhat, shall we say, patchy track record when it comes to certain social issues, so for the studio to dedicate one of their main titles (in a post-Frozen-renaissance world, no less) to obliquely discussing racism - a topic that they themselves have been on the wrong side of for decades, risking those criticisms coming back to the fore? Well hello! Let’s celebrate that. Of course, there’s no real going back on some of the choices they’ve made in the past. They can pull a Björk and re-release as many Director’s Cut edits and variants on as many formats as they want – the damage has already been done – but they had a choice. They could either own up to their faults, apologise and do better moving forward, or they could double down on their ~bad girl~ aesthetic and make a damn fool of themselves. I mean really, hew would choose the latter? Not Big-Pop-Girl-cum-Shakira-fursona Gazelle, that’s for damn sure.


    Zootopia is Disney putting their hands up and saying “Back in 1940? When we had caricatured black centaurs shining the hooves of their white superiors? That was fucked up. That time we re-wrote Native American history to make our film more accessible to children? That was a mistake. That Jim Crow character? Yikes. We’re sorry.” Zootopia is Disney recognising that the scope of their influence on the younger generations means they have a moral obligation to not be racist fucks do the right thing. To tell stories that need to be told. To be the change they wish to see in the world, if you’ll forgive a wee inspirational-posterism. Whether or not Disney were successful in delivering that message, well, I guess that’s up for debate. Personally, I think the film handles the issue of race with the intelligence and maturity that it requires and deserves. While it is slightly Disney-fied into a predator vs. prey speciesism with cute animals etc., it doesn’t feel the need to dumb it down for the kiddies all that much; it presents racism/speciesism as a complex, institutionalised problem in the film’s universe and it’s always very clear what they’re actually talking about. However, I can’t help but think it feels slightly disingenuous when you then go check out the IMDb Cast & Crew page and are greeted with a sea of white people. I mean, I could begrudgingly understand if it were a “big names mean big numbers” situation, but Disney have proven that they don’t depend on that, and… Jason Bateman? Ginnifer Goodwin? Disney, sis… no one cares about Once Upon A Time. Give it up. Throwing Idris Elba and Octavia Spencer some B-roles doesn’t quite cut it, especially when Moana’s almost-entirely-Polynesian cast must have already been decided at the time, so this oversight seems particularly odd. But at the end of the day, this is a kids film that unambiguously and truthfully paints racism as the serious, difficult issue that it is, and never uses it for a cheap punchline. Zootopia deserves our respect.


    Welp, so far this reads as if Zootopia is some grim, gritty portrait of injustice and not an actually-really-enjoyable animated film as well BUT I SWEAR IT’S REALLY FUCKING GREAT YOU GUYS. It’s got everything; action, comedy, drama, cute animals – well, it’s got everything except romance, ‘cause Disney have learned their lesson and stopped shoe-horning awkward love stories into films that don’t need ‘em. It’s just a joy to watch from start to finish. Plus, Zootopia’s particular brand of humour relies heavily on peppering every second scene with meta self-references and amazing animal puns, and as one of the world’s last remaining Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs stans after that atrocious sequel, I am exactly that kind of girl.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]




    The sloth scene in the bank (I think it's a bank but correct me if I'm wrong) had me laughing way more than it should have, and the whole message behind the film was so heartwarming and it was the first time for a looooong time I left a film feeling totally satisfied and happy, it was really quite something.


    I'll just link to the many reasons I thought this movie was amazing and call it a day:

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