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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]


    Sleeping Beauty
    The Little Mermaid
    Beauty & the Beast
    The Lion King
    The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    The Emperor's New Groove
    Wreck-It Ralph
  2. I admittedly hadn't seen this when I gave my scores and while it wouldn't have made my top 5 I thoroughly enjoyed it!
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  3. All of my films making the top 10.

  4. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Oh Zootopia surprised me so much. Sure it was funny and cute as hell as the trailer led me to believe, but naive little me didn't see some plot twists coming, and the way it touches upon racism is really well done (well, going by my own limited white point of view). The moment Judy gives her speech and realizes what she's saying.. wow. And ouch.
    It might have made it this far because it's recent and young people actually saw it but I do believe it's worthy to be close to all those renaissance classics, although a completely different kind of movie.
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  5. You guys are going to hate me, but I'd call Zootopia Disney's weakest film of the 10's. The script felt like it was a revision away from being properly ready (I remember they practically bragged about completely switching the film's protagonist 16 months before the release date!), good when it focused on the straightforward mystery plot and not so good when it came to anything else. And while the message might be honourable, I'm not so sure how successful the overall execution of it was. I mean, I like the characters and the world, and I didn't dislike it overall (and you can always count on a Disney film to look excellent in any case), but it just couldn't grab me.

    Although, you already know that I don't really care for this sort of ultra-modern self-aware humour in animated movies, so I am absolutely willing to just put this down to "different strokes for different folks".
  6. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    The original direction the were going with Zootopia was bleak. The film was really great though and another great addition to Disney.

    I believe I have 4/5 movies in the top 10!

    Hopefully the next to go in order are:
    The Emperor's New Groove
    Wreck-It Ralph
    The Hunchback of Notre Dame

    The other six are all 10/10 for me.
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  7. I need those Beauty and the Beast songs to leave immediately.
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  8. Hey! I'm already losing a movie, no need to pile on!
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  9. Mine too!
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  10. kii sorry, I'm weak and couldn't resist a cheap dig x

    Here, let me ruin everyone else's weekends too! In case you've missed it, 2017 continues to be the absolute worst, as some troubled soul has taken it upon themselves to write anti-abortion JudyxNick fanfic comics...





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  11. I'm so confused right now.
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  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Zootopia is so amazing!

    Those final 10 films are all so great too.
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  14. I still listen to "Try Everything" at least once a month.
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  15. Our #10 song will be leaving us tonight folks, place your bets!
  16. Think: I'll Make a Man Out of You, A Whole New World, or Beauty and the Beast

    Want: I'll Make a Man Out of You, Be Our Guest, or Under the Sea.
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  17. it should be 'I'll Make A Man Out Of You'. Sorry, I still crush hard on Li Shang but that song needs to be next.
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  18. My lowest score has been "A Whole New World" for some time.
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  19. Into the Top 10 we go!



    Under The Sea


    Highest Score: 10 x15 (@GimmeWork, @Daniel!, @iheartpoptarts, @Mushroom, @Lost Boy, @Sideout, @Weslicious, @constantino, @2014, @aniraz, @Serg., @GhettoPrincess, @HollyDunnSomething, @Reboot, @MamaHazey)
    Lowest Score: 1 x1 (@send photo), 3 x1 (@Sprockrooster)
    My Score: 9

    The newt play the flute
    The carp play the harp
    The plaice play the bass
    And they soundin’ sharp


    The bass play the brass
    The chub play the tub
    The fluke is the duke of soul


    The ray he can play
    The lings on the strings
    The trout rockin’ out
    The blackfish she sings



    Yikes. Moving on, swiftly. Our first cut into the Top 10 leaves Part of Your World as The Little Mermaid’s sole hope for the musical crown – quelle surprise, talent always wins and all that. Our crustacean chanteuse put up a damn good fight to get here though; early low scores from send photo and Sprockrooster left ha floundering (kii) down in the mid twenties for a long time, and it was only the last few voters who lifted this Caribbean calypso into the Top 10. I won’t lie to y’all, watching this effectively switch places with I Won’t Say (I’m In Love) at the last minute was one of the most stressful experiences I’ve had as a rate host. Under The Sea issa bop and a half though, so I’ve come to terms with it. It’s a classic for a reason, y’know? A short, simple, endlessly-enjoyable burst of fun brought to life with an over-the-top charismatic performance and one of the liveliest, most colourful scenes in Disney herstory. The elderly white powers that be seemed to love it too, as it won both the Academy Award for Best Original Song and the corresponding Grammy – Under The Sea basically paved the way for Disney to dominate those categories for the next decade. Hamilstans (Staniltons?) have extra reason to celebrate this song too; Lin-Manuel Miranda claims that seeing this scene in The Little Mermaid as a kid changed his life forever and ignited his love for musicals. Fast forward 28 years and now he’s re-recording it for the live-action remake. Sebastian ha impacT.

    Part of the reason I couldn’t possibly give Under The Sea a 10 though… it suffers from the same affliction as Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo. The Kingdom Hearts curse.

    That two-minute clip on repeat for hours…

    Isn’t nearly as offensive as what they did in Kingdom Hearts II.

    That’s actually Jodi Benson voicing Ariel.

    ‘twas not Ursula, but time who stole her voice in the end, poor soul.

    DJHazey thinks the song itself has suffered a bit of wear and tear: “When I was younger and we played this cassette tape on like every car trip, I lived for every word. Don't get me wrong, it's still incredibly fun, but it just seems too much like nonsense for me give it top marks today.” LKane’s lost a bit of love for Sebastian’s soothing tones too: “This is one of the songs that you’ll hear everywhere and then you’ll just get tired of it. But of course I admit the great effort that Howard Ashman did with this song and the entire soundtrack. This is a classic now and I recognize it. It’s just that I don’t like it.” Sheesh, let him down gently why don’t ya. Quick, lighten the mood iheartpoptarts! “Most Disney movies seem to have that one ridiculously happy song and I love it.” You’re rapidly running out of fun songs left, huh? Sorry ‘bout that, we’re all miserable. Oh hey, it’s Sprockrooster: “Love the beat. Hate that vocal delivery.” MamaHazey wants a word with you sis: “Calypso Sebastian is a great character and the beat to this song is infectious.” Okay thankfully I think we’re almost outta negative comments now; just one more from send photo: “Yeesh, I forgot this one was problematic.”


    “Another classic.” Reboot celebrates, “I love the lyrics in particular.” Yeah, if anyone needed further proof of Howard Ashman’s genius, look no further than him rhyming under the sea with en fricassee. Nicotine/Hero-een/Morphine hew? Mina: “A fun romp.”, GhettoPrincess: “This song just makes me so happy.” and MollieSwift21: “So much fun! The animation of all the sea creatures jamming!” stay getting their lives, while 2014 gives us another insight into his: “ddddd all my secrets are coming out but when I was in a singing group I sang this and it's really hard to sing, but I had to give it a 10. #Disneyimpact2.0” Can I book you to perform at the finale of the rate? Keep your diary free for Summer 2027 please. Raichu acknowledges how far ahead of its time Disney were: “A true tropi-bop. One of Disney’s best fun songs.” The people agree! The usually-PG-certified GimmeWork leaves me a bit perplexed and potentially shook with what might be double-entendre: “Important life lessons – ‘It's better down where it's wetter!’, but there’s no doubt in my mind what eccentricsimply’s alluding to: “’Baby it's better, down where it's wetter’ Hehe” IN THE DISNEY RATE? kimwoodburn_filth.gif, the both of you. In an amazing twist of fate, here’s Subwaykid rejoicing the truth: “Sebastian had the tea.” Yas. Last, but never least, here’s my boo constantino being ridiculously extra as always: “Nawt Miss Sebastian SLAYING the youtube game like this and leaving the other Disney gorls SHAKING. A classic.”

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