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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. I've been waiting for Be Our Guest to vacate, now all we need is I'll Make Man Out Of You and the rest are all deserved winning songs.
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  2. I've just spent an enjoyable few hours catching up on this thread. Thanks for the kiis, girls. Didn't dish out many likes; liking year-old posts is a bit too much like accidentally liking a crush's thirst trap holiday pic from 2015 on Instagram for comfort. Sorry about that.

    My favourite Disney song (and 11 if I was around to rate a year ago) is Can You Feel The Love Tonight? You all did it dirty at number 18.

    The Top 7 is solid. Out of what's left, I'd struggle to pick an 11 between Colours of the Wind, I'll Make A Man Out Of You, A Whole New World and Circle of Life. Although Circle Of Life would probably edge out the others, as The Lion King is one of my favourite movies of all time, full stop, let alone Disney films.

    Any of the songs left are worthy winners.

    Also, Zootopia is fantastic and I'd encourage any of you who haven't seen it yet to remedy that immediately. I've probably watched it six times in the past 30 days alone.
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  3. You liked a couple of my posts so clearly you have taste. Oh wait, you wouldn't have given your 11 to Part Of Your World? Never mind...

  4. This should've been Top 5 ...
  5. Miss Aurora?

    Miss Aurora?

    Oh my fuckin' god

    She fuckin' dead



    Sleeping Beauty (1959)

    5 Points: @MollieSwift21
    3 Points: @HollyDunnSomething
    2 Points: @GhettoPrincess, @iheartpoptarts, @ephemeralartery
    1 Point: @constantino, @GimmeWork, @Sideout

    I fucked up. I thought the whole Ultimate Popjustice-style representational bias (or whatever, I didn’t go to fucking school for math .gif) would be a cute addition for the film rate, but literally the only difference the multiplication made to the entire leaderboard was pushing Sleeping Beauty above Wreck-It Ralph. See, when you do clownery, the clown comes back to bite. The stan in me low-key considered scrapping it without telling anyone for a hot second, but my damn conscience wouldn’t let me FACK OFF JIMINY MACKEEF. I’ve come to terms with it though; Sleeping Beauty falling now leaves The Emperor’s New Groove as the very last piece of non-Renaissance Disney standing in either rate, which I’m sure you’ll all agree is the correct result. Now, I haven’t exactly kept my… ambivalence towards early Disney a massive secret, but if anything pre-1989 was gonna make it this far, I’m glad to see it was this. From Snow White to Moana, the studio has been bringing whimsical princess fairytales to the silver screen for almost a century now; each one has been bigger and more elaborate than the last, but Sleeping Beauty remains as iconic as it gets.


    Sleeping Beauty is a classic in the truest of senses, practically unbeatable in its simplicity, grace and charm. Disney fuckin’ knew they’d nailed it as well – they didn’t attempt another fairytale movie for thirty years after this one. Ms Aurora really lucked out landing this role though; deliver a mere eighteen lines of dialogue then have a good long nap while you become one of the most famous characters in animated film history? If only sleep worked that way in real life, I’d be golden. The titular princess haself isn’t the star of this show though, oh no. The real MVPs of Sleeping Beauty are the colour-coordinated icons that are Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. Motivational queen!


    Since our leading lady spends most of the film passed out waiting for an anonymous man to come rescue her with an unsolicited kiss (not my feminism), most of the narrative heavy-lifting is left to these magic mamas. Naturally, the past sixty years haven’t been too kind to their 70s BBC sitcom-style elderly housewives bickering over family recipes sort of humour, but they’re entertaining enough to carry the brunt of the runtime while Maleficent isn’t out here tearing shit up, dressed for the GAWDS and being generally amazing in every way. I lied when I said the fairies were the stars of this film, didn’t I?

    Now, you shall deal with me, O prince


    And all the powers... OF HELL


    Someone should make a movie about her. That'd be cool, huh?


    This might seem like an unpopular inclusion but it was one of the first Disney movies I saw and Maleficent scared the shit out of me. Also the fairies changing the colour of the Aurora’s dress is one of my favourite visuals ever in a Disney movie. It’s so pretty and simple but I love it.


    Maleficent is an icon. Best Disney villain by a mile, and she's not tainted by a polarising song (let's not talk about the somewhat mixed reception to the movie).


    The best of the classic Disney movies. Hail to the best Disney princess Aurora. The gift of beauty and song, elegant graceful and regal not everyone has that. Mary Costa is my favorite voice of all the princesses. Particularly the scene before she sings I wonder with the birds. I loved watching interview of Mary she seems so lovely. Prince Phillip is the best prince too. Brave, funny and sweet. The battle scene with Maleficent is incredible. Maleficent is the best villain too. Terrifying without making her comedic. Her laughs and side-eyes are out of this world. She truly is the mistress of all evil. The three fairies are great fun too. The fight over the dress color ha! Fauna being my personal favorite. Once Upon A Dream is such a wonderful song too. Aurora’s dancing during it and then Prince Phillip coming in is such a moment. The animation is just breathtaking. There’s so much details and the fact that it was all hand drawn. The scene where they dance at the end is magical.
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  6. Hi @Animalia, just to let you know, Legally Blonde The Musical is coming to Glasgow in April, and you owe it to yourself to go see it. Judging by your write ups, you'll love it. This will be my fourth time seeing it (saw it twice on the West End with the wonderful Sheridan Smith) and I can't wait.

    Although the less said about this the better ...

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  7. I love this film so I'm glad it made top 10.
  8. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    Aw, well Sleeping Beauty lasted much longer than I thought it would and I am glad it was rated the highest out of the Golden era. The animations is breathtakingly beautiful. Has my favorite Princess, Prince and Villain in it. Fauna was my favorite of the three faeries.
  9. Yeah, Sleeping Beauty ranks as my favourite of the Golden Era too and Emperor's New Groove is just the best so this is very good for me, all things considered :)
  10. I mean Merryweather is the best of the fairies and Aurora isn't close to being the best princess but the rest is correct.

    Except Prince Eric is the best.
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  11. I'm glad it got further than I initially thought it would.
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  12. Oh, and lemme post these one last time for good measure:


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  13. The best fairy is the one who wanted the pink dress, but I honestly have no idea which is which!
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  14. Was reminded of this gem (set to Madeon's fantastic Pop Culture mashup) today and thought you lot would appreciate it.
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  15. That was amazing. OMG
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  16. [​IMG]


    I’ll Make A Man Out Of You


    Highest Score: 11 x1 (@Reboot), 10 x16 (@Lost In Japan., @Robsolete, @Mina, @send photo, @aniraz, @Mikl C, @Mvnl, @MollieSwift21, @ephemeralartery, @funkyg, @Conan, @Serg., @Sideout, @kalonite, @MamaHazey, @Animalia)
    Lowest Score: 4 x1 (@alanmr), 5 x3 (@ohnostalgia, @Alouder98, @Sprockrooster)
    My Score: 10










    Whew we love a patriarchy-defying anthem. Honestly, I didn’t expect this to fare so well around these parts – a male-fronted song reinforcing archaic gender norms, implying that the female lead has to become a “man” to be strong and successful in her chosen field? On my Popjustice? We didn’t stand there laughing as Robin Thicke died for this. But of course, the gag is that the only person with the fortitude, willpower and intelligence to complete the task at hand, is a woman. I totally understand that the moral might not stick the landing well enough for everyone, and that on the surface/outside of the film itself it definitely seems a bit suspect, but personally I’ve always thought the message comes across really nicely in the end. So much so that I even ranked I’ll Make A Man Out Of You as one of my all-time favourite songs when Ultimate Popjustice started all those years ago. “But Animalia,” I hear you ask, “why isn’t this your 11 then?” Well, honestly, I had just realised last minute that my list was missing a Disney song and this was the first one that popped into my head as I’d recently got my life delivering a rousing, entirely-tuneless rendition of it at a party with some friends. There are better songs remaining in the rate, but I’m not mad about my decision ‘cause this remains undoubtedly one of my favourite Disney songs and a stone-cold facking BOP of the highest degree. Who’da thought that of all the fossilized pop boys of yesteryear, it would be Donny Osmond who would almost crack the top five in a Popjustice rate? The power of queer icon Li Shang, y’all. I mean…



    “ugh yes daddy li shang I’m ready” – send photo, 2017


    “How did Donny Osmond make such a jam?” asks MollieSwift21, “I love his voice on ‘time is racing toward us’. That final chorus too.” A proper eyes closed, punching-the-air boyband moment without the terribleness of an actual boyband. Yas. Raichu’s getting his life too: “The triumphant energy of this is fucking addictive.”, while Epic Chocolat is happy to sit on the sidelines and watch: “I appreciate the energy it conveys.” Me explaining to my family why diving is the only Olympic event I watch teas. LKane’s feeling the high-octane energy too: “Fun track and enjoyable to watch in the movie. A lot of action in the song.” Sprockrooster isn’t really feeling much of anything: “Hmmm, not really clicking.”, but eccentricsimply is feeling enough for us all: “AN EXTREMELY SEXIST SONG AND I REGRET THIS SCORE TERRIBLY FOR IT BUT THE SONG IS GREAT I'M SORRY @ MYSELF.” As I said above, I can see why some might find the song offensive, and you’re obviously far more qualified to critique that point than I am! DJHazey embarrasses himself by admitting he isn’t as familiar with Mulan as any self-respecting person should be: “Okay so I kind of remember this storyline of Mulan attempting to train for the samurai life, which adds a little comedy to the proceedings, considering this guy doesn't know really know who he is dealing with. Sonically, it surprisingly works too.” You will never bring your family honour. Thankfully constantino’s here to bring some class back to the proceedings: “Yes Mulan, prove them all wrong. I’m an absolute sucker for a progressive training sequence, especially one with such a great pay-off.” The song climaxing as Mulan sits atop the pole looking down on all the flop men, and then the final chorus roaring as she beats them all into the ground in every task yas. A feminist legend, a feminist icon. Of course, Reboot gets the last word on the song she decided was her favourite in the whole rate: “Ask me to make a top 20 favourite songs of all time, and this will be in it, no question. It’s absolutely massive. Mulan is my favourite Disney character ever.”


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  17. Yeah the tag made me think my 11 was gone and I was ready to lose it. Still gutted though.
  18. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I forgot what I gave my 11.
  19. ... to?
  20. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Never end a sentence with a preposition!
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