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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. I think that we should just ignore the results and put I Won't Say (I'm In Love) in the Top 5 where it belongs.
  2. That French Moana poster is stunning! I always prefer more minimalist posters.

    Some of my favourites:


    And it's not for the film, but the Broadway poster for the Tarzan musical is gorgeous:

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  3. Hey guys! So I spent my whole day stress-crying over job applications and other adult things I'm not nearly emotionally equipped enough to handle, then I realised I had to make Top 5 graphics, so song #6 will be coming your way tomorrow!

    And whew it's a doozy y'all.
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  4. [​IMG]





    Part of Your World


    Highest Score: 11 x4 (@DJHazey, @GhettoPrincess, @HollyDunnSomething, @Lost In Japan.),
    10 x16 (@GimmeWork, @Reboot, @send photo, @MollieSwift21, @2014, @Robsolete, @aniraz, @ohnostalgia, @Mikl C, @Weslicious, @Sideout, @Mvnl, @Lost Boy, @Remorque, @MamaHazey, @Animalia)
    Lowest Score: 4 x1 (@constantino), 5 x1 (@Sprockrooster)
    My Score: 10


    Oh wow.

    The age-old curse of #6 rears ha ugly head yet again. In a retro moment of Valentina whatever, the obvious fan favourite gets booted out of the competition before the top five. She’s leaving us with a respectable average and the legacy of being tied for the most number of 11s in the rate, but I won’t pretend I didn’t go into this convinced that a Part of Your World vs. I Won’t Say (I’m In Love) finale was already written in the stars, and I’m sure I’m not alone there either. Ariel got off to a great start as well; two early 11s from GhettoPrincess and DJHazey secured her the gold for all of three ballots before LKane and Sprockrooster came along and burst her bubble so suddenly and violently that the poor sis just never recovered. This is the first time in a hot minute that we’ve had a noticeable jump in average though – there were barely ten points separating songs #15 to #7, then another ten points again just between Belle and Part of Your World. So, she may be your fifth alternate, but she was your comfortable fifth alternate. Which is… something, I guess? Sorry y’all.

    Part of Your World was the song that launched a thousand other songs. It was the beginning of what would soon become the golden age of Disney music; the first, and probably greatest, love child of the late, great Howard Ashman. Having just been invited back to work after writing Once Upon A Time In New York City for Oliver & Co., Ashman immediately kicked up a fuss by demanding the creators change this song. They’d asked him to write a song in which Ariel declares her love for Prince Eric by singing longingly to a statue of him, but he insisted that something more in line with classic Broadway “I Want” songs, exploring her fascination with the human world and its mysteries, would be a better fit for the film and appeal more to audiences. The homosexual agenda always wins. Soon after, Disney hired Ashman’s Little Shop of Horrors composer Alan Menken to score the film with him, and the dream team was born. Part of Your World was actually a rehash of based on their song Somewhere That’s Green from that show, and was jokingly titled "Somewhere That’s Dry" for most of its development.

    And whew did this song go through a lot of development. The lyrics went through several changes before all parties were happy with them; first, the directors made Ashman change any words relating to the human world that Ariel wouldn’t ~realistically~ know, since she got all her knowledge from a seagull, e.g. “I’ve got books bound in leather and gold” was changed “I’ve got whozits and whatzits galore”. The good sis was tasked with rewriting the entire reprise at one point, too; the original version was a far more sombre affair, with a defeated Ariel giving up on her dreams and singing “I’ll never be… part of that world”. Naturally, this didn’t really fit with Disney’s aesthetic, and the scene/song were repurposed to fit a more positive, determined Ariel. Hell, at one point Disney executive Jeffrey Katzenberg demanded Part of Your World be removed from The Little Mermaid entirely, after children appeared bored and restless during the scene at an early test screening. Thankfully the directors and basically everyone involved in the film fought for the song’s life, reminding him that Somewhere Over The Rainbow was almost cut from The Wizard of Oz for similar reasons. Katzenberg eventually caved, and a few years later would resign from his post and leave Disney to start Dreamworks Studios. How'd that work out for ya, eh Jeff?

    Well, there you have it, folks: Part of Your World falls just outside of Popjustice’s Top 5 Disney songs. I’ve spent the best part of a year with that knowledge and I still find it hard to believe. I get the feeling a few of you might not have seen this coming, either! Let’s have GimmeWork open the stansfloor: “Ariel is my favorite Disney princess and she song is PERFECT! End of story!” Well, this is the end of her rate story. Reboot simply describes it as “A classic.”, and MollieSwift21 as “Magical,” explaining “Jodi is my second favorite singing voice of the princesses. The reprise is everything. The end shot of Ariel on the rock when wave crashes is top notch Disney.” True, but the animators clearly weren’t thinking about people like myself making gifs in 28 years time ‘cause it cuts to a different image way too quickly and never looks good. Just rude, really. Raichu awards the song a 9.5, docking that half point for it being… too happy? “The melody here is absolutely gorgeous. This reminds me of ‘Out There’, but I don’t think it’s quite as powerful. Maybe it’s because The Little Mermaid is not as sad a story as The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” What is, teebs. Mina dubs Ariel’s wistful lament “A Disney ingénue song done right.”, and 2014 as “One of the best Disney songs, lyrically.” Looks like Epic Chocolat would agree with ya there: “I like how the lyrics encapsulate all the desires of the main character and what's at stake. All wrapped in a beautiful melody and sung with heart.” Oh hey, it’s time we check in on send photo: “Trade?” … Yes? eccentricsimply let’s out a sigh, realising this was yet another obvious high score: “Ah man, this is another of the very Iconic Disney songs.”, while Subwaykid made the grave mistake of rating the songs here in chronological order: “Christ, the jump in quality from the previous soundtracks to THIS.”


    So, where did it all go wrong for Ariel? Let’s ask our lowest scorer, constantino: “No T but this is the most overrated Disney song goes NOWHERE and yet everyone creams over it...” Suddenly I don’t feel so bad about you getting slashed. Sprockrooster defies all logic and reason in the universe by somehow having never heard this song before this rate: “This song is new for me and it started of great, but got a bit bland in the process.” What’s the rent like on the rock you’ve clearly been living under for the past three decades sis? LKane wakes up feeling positive: “This is a cool song actually. I even remember the Jessica Simpson cover. It represents a lot of the little mermaid, and the voice of Jodi Benson is great!”, but thing’s go downhill pretty quickly from there: “I’m not giving a better score because in general I don’t like this movie too much, for me it’s just ok.” Welp. alanmr hears Ariel singing her wee heart out, laying all her hopes and dreams bare for all to see, and throws her a half-hearted 6: “There are trends in the songs of a Disney movie, you usually get your “I’m the Villain!” and you can also nearly always count on a “I Want” song to set up the protagonist’s motivation, and this is Ariel’s, and also the one song from this movie that I can’t quite connect with. The first part is promising enough, showing her obsession with the world in the dry land and how she wants to explore it, and then the Reprise boils it all down to Eric and nothing else, and it gets groan-inducing.” Had enough of that hettie nonsense, huh? We’ve all been there.

    Of course, those of you who awarded Part of Your World your 11 get to deliver the final eulogies. GhettoPrincess, DJHazey and HollyDunnSomething are bright young women [sic], sick of swimmin',



    This is just Disney magic to me. “I wanna be where the people are, I wanna see them, wanna see them dancing” It’s such a hopeful and heartbreaking song because Ariel just wants to be a part of a world which she wasn’t born for. I relate to it a lot in that I think we all long to be a part of something that often seems out of reach in life. Like the top shelf in the supermarket. Just kidding! Jodi Benson’s voice is gorgeous too.


    One of the first songs I thought of giving my 11 to, let's see if that holds up. "I want mooooore" is amazing to this day, that part can make any of us emotional, I'm sorry. Ariel's cute little "what do you call it?" interjections are iconic and people are still loving them. It's just incredible how the structure of the whole thing is very stop-n-go; the science of that tells you the song should be losing its momentum all over the place, but it's all just so...special. You can't really put your finger on it, but you know it was one of a kind the first time you heard it. The main theme behind the song can be applied as a metaphor to many people's lives, touching upon anyone who felt leftout or like they didn't belong. Extraordinary.


    To tell you that this song (and film) changed my life would be a gross understatement. Growing up gay I always felt outside of things and longed to be "normal", and I felt like this song (and character) represented that. Ariel is also one of my inspirations for drag, and the reason I wear red hair always.


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  5. Shook. Thought Part of Your World was a shoo-in for top 3 easily. Surprised y'all kicked out all of The Little Mermaid songs before top 5.

    In any case, in what might be a rate first, you've eliminated all my non-10s before top 5, @Animalia! Just 4 10s and 1 11 left.

    And can we hear it for Queen Lea being represented in the top 5 not once, but twice? (She's the singing voice of both Jasmine and Mulan.)

  6. Yas! I loved watching you predict that your 11 would be next to go since, like, the Top 40, knowing it was top five the whole time!
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  7. Now I'm paranoid that when you said "top 5" you actually mean "#5."
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  8. A collection of covers of Part of Your World, for your listening pleasure experience.




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  9. Being in the room while you assembled this post was an experience pleasure.
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. That's... simply not okay.
  12. I gasped.
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  14. Part of Your World feels like it should definitely have been top 5 but I'm not sure what I'd replace, so...
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  15. Let me blame the Netherlands for not knowing this. I also feel like The Little Mermaid is less known here than in the UK/US, but not sure. Or maybe it simply is the complete lack of this movie during my childhood.

    Also, a 5 in my book is not a low score. It is average. And this was my highest score from the entire movie.
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  16. I am devastated! First I Won't Say (I'm In Love) and now this?

    I'm out. I need some time to process this.
  17. I feel like maybe I deserve this after giving Jade a 3...
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  18. Don't justify it.

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