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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Beauty and the Beast is a beautiful song, but I'm glad it was the first one out in the Top 5. Now can the movie go too?
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  2. Iconic song. Both the movie and Celine version.
  3. I’m seeing it tonight!

    And none for Ariana Grande.
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  4. Let us know what you thought! Did you sit through a chunk of the credits to give yourself time to stop crying before leaving the screen too?

  5. Can I pre-emptively give it my 11 in the future Pixar rate?*

    It was gorgeous! Lovely, colourful, poignant.

    *My 11 would actually go to A Bug’s Life or The Good Dinosaur, both of which I absolutely love and feel are underrated in the Pixar canon.
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  6. Aladdin was the first Disney movie I ever watched so that's why it got the points from me. This was back when people would collect those over-sized VHS cases from Disney. The big white ones. My Mom still has a stack of like 100 of them to this day.
  7. @Animalia, I was super distracted at first thinking Miguel looked exactly like Jacob Tremblay (soon got past it). Is it just me?

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  8. Me catching up to find out that Part Of Your World was eliminated before top 5! Nope! Can't take it! Maybe, I'll come back in a few days once I've calmed down a bit!
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  9. asfdgaksjdgjf I'm so mad I didn't see this before eliminating Beauty & the Beast. They're coming to get @Sprockrooster for not even mourning ha death.
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  10. I am just speechless.

    But in all honesty. Top 5 is respectable placement for a rate of this magnitude.
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  11. Place your bets for which of our Top 5 films will be the first to fall this afternoon!

  12. Want: Mermaid

    Expects: Mulan
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  13. Hercules or The Little Mermaid can go
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  14. Mulan or Hercules pretty please.
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  15. Bye Hercules.
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  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I think it'll be Lion King but I pray it isn't!
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  17. So I meant to get this posted way earlier, but while I was downloading the film to make gifs (sorry @Disney) I was wondering why it was taking so long...

    And then I realised I'd downloaded the 2014 live action movie of the same name ddddd

    Which can only mean...




    Hercules (1997)

    5 Points: @Subwaykid, @Mikl C, @Mvnl
    4 Points: @ohnostalgia, @eccentricsimply, @Daniel!, @GhettoPrincess, @kalonite
    3 Points: @Animalia
    2 Points: @Robsolete, @MollieSwift21
    1 Point: @HollyDunnSomething, @LKane, @Stradiwhovius

    Yes, I know those are Roman numerals and the film is set in ancient Greece, but they reference them in the film (as above) and that was the gag on the original poster, so please redirect any complaints to Walt Disney Studios. I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to accommodate you. Anyway, phew – my little fave that could! I’ve always considered Hercules to be the forgotten gem of the Renaissance, forever cursed to live underappreciated in the shadow of the big ol' lumbering titans before and after it. I’d resigned myself to the fact that it would bow out in the tragic #6 spot it had lingered at for most of the voting period, so trust that I was ECSTATIC watching Subwaykid, Mikl C and Mvnl come through in the dying moments with those top marks and push it into the Top 5. You guys are the real heroes.

    Hercules is probably my favourite film of the Renaissance, and I love it for basically the same reasons I do The Emperor’s New Groove. Disney have done the tug-at-your-heartstrings coming-of-age flick countless times – and don’t get me wrong, they’re almost always fantastic – but when they venture out of that comfort zone and lean towards more of a straightforward comedy, that’s when I think the writers are truly allowed to shine. Give me niche historical references, give me jokes that are far too intelligent for your target audience, give me that scathing critique of celebrity culture and consumerism, give me PUNS goddammit. The humour in Hercules is like some crazy, spectacular hybrid of high-brow in-jokes about ancient Greek history and mythos and modern pop culture with kid-friendly caricatures and slapstick, and it just works perfectly. I mean, on one hand you’ve got shit like:




    And on the other:



    Get you a film who can do both, y’all.

    But what use are good jokes if you’ve not got great characters to tell ‘em? Lucky for Hercules, it’s packing one of the brightest-shining casts in the Disney cosmos. Hercules (honey, you mean Hunkules), Phil, Pegasus, Pain & Panic, Zeus & Hera, Hermes, the Muses, the Fates – all incredible, right? Well even so, they ain’t NOTHING compared to the gruesome twosome, the icons of myth & legend that are Hades and Megara. I mean, I’m not gonna sit here and make excuses James Woods’ fucking atrocious existence over the past few years, but goddamn if he doesn’t own this lord of the underworld gig. The schmoozy bravado, the explosive rage, the deadpan delivery of some of the film’s best jokes; Woods loves this character so much that he always comes back for shitty spin-off series and video games, and when Hercules went over-budget he even offered to refund his salary and do it for free – you can feel that love in the performance, it’s all just so perfectly camp and hilarious and it’s annoying as all hell that he’s so far beyond cancelled now. At least he has the honour of being the only Disney villain to be voiced by an actual villain, I guess. Megara would never. Don’t worry, I trawled through Susan Egan’s twitter just to make sure and she’s out there living her best damn life running a farm, releasing sappy Christmas duets with crooners and making appearances at Disney theme parks. Oh, and… this:

    I am… disgusted. But let’s not allow that atrocity to take away from how fucking ICONIC Meg is. Like yas sis, tear down the patriarchy with your callous disregard for Herc’s overbearing masculinity and your subtle-yet-excruciating undermining of his alpha confidence; effortlessly seduce all audience demographics with your oddly-sexualised black widow demeanour and your incredible, darkly beguiling voice. Forget that asshole who broke your heart; go flirt with evil to earn your freedom and ruthlessly destroy the hopes, dreams and psyches of as many men as you can along the way you facking QUEEN. Speaking of queens, lemme hand over to the tastemakers who showed this film the love it deserves.


    Meg made me replay this movie so many times. She’s one of my favourite Disney characters. However the rest of the film is absolutely brilliant too especially Hades and many of the supporting characters. Very underrated really.


    Hades as a sleazy used car dealer I don't think I need to add anything else. Other than Meg being a right good sis.


    In my humble opinion one of the most underrated Disney films of them all. It's just so good! The comedy is there, the visuals are there, the muses are there, the bops are there. Iconic.


    This one is all about the songs. We get to start off with a girl group so how could it be anything other than incredible. Go the Distance and Won’t Say I’m In Love are two of my overall favorite Disney songs. Hercules is such a loveable hero. His awkwardness is endearing. Pegasus has always been my favorite sidekick. I love his attitude and playfulness. I love seeing the journey he goes to becoming a hero in Go the Distance and One Last Hope. Zero the Hero is a tremendous amount of fun. I love how they make him like a modern day celebrity signing autographs, merchandise and just being everywhere. Megara’s wit is great too. I’m a damsel. I’m in distress. I can handle this.” What makes it work so well is this that the movie has a very light-hearted and fun feel too. “People always do crazy things when they’re in love”.

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  18. I feel like that one just missed my peak Disney era. Oh well!
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  19. OH and some background info/kiis on Hercules' origin I forgot to mention:

    John Musker and Ron Clements had been begging Disney to let them make a Treasure Planet movie since The Little Mermaid was first proposed in 1985, but Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenberg always refused 'cause they thought it sounded boring and didn't see enough potential for money-grabbing merchandising. Eventually, after the slightly disappointing response to Pocahontas and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Musker & Clements were told that if they made one more huge, popular, successful film, the studio would green light their passion project. Thus, Hercules was born; the cynical take on consumer culture at the centre of it with celebrity endorsement deals and Herc's adoring fans throwing money at action figures, sports drinks, novelty clothing, etc. was all basically the directors being shady apes about their own bosses.

    Hercules fared... well enough, Treasure Planet was given the go-ahead and, well...



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  20. Poor guys... I don't even remember knowing about Treasure Planet. It lowkey sounds like a good place to host a kids' birthday party.
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