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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. I don't think I've ever seen Treasure Planet.
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. ddddd I was quietly relieved no one gave it any points cause I've never seen it either

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  4. I actually really like Treasure Planer (and I’m Still Here is great), but it’s not bothering my Top 20 Disney movies and it could’ve been a lot better than it was. It’s cute, the world is interesting and the animation is, of course, gorgeous. Story could’ve been stronger.

    Hercules is brilliant. I totally agree it’s underrated.
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  5. So gewls. Here's the plan.

    Song #4 is on track for tonight, and film #4 shall be with you tomorrow. Then I think I'll take Monday to prepare write-ups and graphics (since I'll be tired & hungover after the Grammys anyway), and then we'll finish up the film rate on Tuesday (#3)/Wednesday (Finale), then do the same for the song rate on Thursday/Friday and we'll have this whole shindig wrapped up by the weekend!

    Sound good?

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  6. Yes please!
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  7. Then we rate Pixar feature films and shorts, yes?

    P.s. great job on this rate.
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  8. So, that last unlucky song to miss out on finals week?




    A Whole New World


    Highest Score: 11 x2 (@LKane, @Remorque), 10 x24 (@ohnostalgia, @Raichu, @Mina, @2014, @Serg., @Sideout, @Robsolete, @Conan, @funkyg, @Lost In Japan., @Mikl C, @aniraz, @eccentricsimply, @HollyDunnSomething, @Alouder98, @Sprockrooster, @MollieSwift21, @DJHazey, @send photo, @GimmeWork, @GhettoPrincess, @Reboot, @ephemeralartery, @MamaHazey)
    Lowest Score: 6 x4 (@Ironheade, @constantino, @Mushroom, @kalonite)
    My Score: 9.5

    WHEW that’s a lot of 10s right there – with forty voters, well over half of y’all threw A Whole New World full marks (or your 11) and it still wasn’t enough to net it a podium place. If I remember correctly, this won @Mvnl's Disney compilation maker back in 2012, so we’ve officially broken free from the chains of tradition and have crowned a new song as Popjustice’s favourite! Thank god tbh ‘cause if I’d gone to all this effort just to come out with the same result I would’ve been pissed. Not that A Whole New World wouldn’t have been a worthy champion, of course – it’s probably among the soppiest, corniest, sickly-sweetest love songs we’ve ever rated on this forum and that’s exactly why we love it, dammit. It doesn’t pretend to be anything else; it knows it’s decked out with grotesque clichés and tropes and it ain’t about to apologise for it. This isn’t really a song about love at all, it’s a song about the idea of love – it’s Aladdin painting a picture of the fantasy of he & Jasmine’s love, a perfect paradise of mutual adoration and trust with none of the awkward hang-ups or realistic difficulties. Love ain’t easy, but kids don’t have to know that just yet. Let them believe there are picture perfect romances where princes and princesses sail through the night sky together on magical flying carpets. And hey, maybe for a wee three minutes, adults can believe in it too; this song and its gorgeous, globe-trotting scene are as much an escape for the audience as they are for the characters themselves.

    The love for A Whole New World didn’t stop when people left the cinema, either. A promotional duet version of the song by Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle was the first (and to date, the only) Disney song to hit #1 in the US – in fact, it was the song that bumped Whitney’s I Will Always Love You off the top spot after its record 14-week stint. As if that wasn’t achievement enough for this li’l ditty, it was nominated for the Best Original Song (for Visual Media) awards at the Academy Awards, Grammys and Golden Globes, won them all, and then even went on to win the big one, Song of the Year at the 1994 Grammys. But no, A Whole New World wasn’t done yet. It had enough life left in it for one final triumph, one last victory lap around the track to show all the other Disney songs that it was truly the one to beat. That #1 and an entire shelf of awards were NOTHING compared to... this.

    Seriously though I can’t believe none of you mentioned that in your commentary. Half of this damn forum seems perpetually trapped in the mid-noughties and not a single one of you brought up the fact that Peter Andre and Katie Price released a whole album named after this song and it bombed so massively that their label was forced to drop two of the biggest reality stars the country had ever seen. Iconic. What did y’all have to say then? “Probably my favorite of the Disney romance songs!” cheers GimmeWork, “As far as wish fulfillment goes, being a princess and traveling the world on a magic carpet with a studly prince street rat is about as good as it gets!” Okay but real talk for a sec, Aladdin is hotter as a street rat than as a prince. I’d take roguish charm, abs and nip slips over seventy-five golden camels any day. Raichu calls it “Probably the greatest Disney love song.” too, adding: “The terms epic and dreamy almost feel like an understatement, so I’ll just let my ten speak.” Mina let her 10 speak for itself too, as she succinctly dubs it “A classic.” A Whole New World really is sorta in a league of classicness(?) of its own though, right DJHazey? “If you asked me to name Disney Classic songs off the top of my head before this rate started, then I would probably name this first or close to it. I actually figured it might get my 11 because of that, but it ends up not being quite on that level for me. Don't take that as too much of a downgrade though, because every moment is just as breathtaking as I remember it being, especially Jasmine's parts obviously.” Popjustice member in preferring female vocalist SHOCKER. You ain’t alone there, if 2014’s slanderous comments are anything to go by: “The clear highlight in the disappointing film. Jasmine is so underrated.”


    Ever benevolent and easily impressed, send photo has enough room in his heart for both, calling them “Disney’s golden couple tbh”. Fix-It Felix Jr. and Sergeant Calhoun are RIGHT THERE but okay whatever. Never mind cheesy romances, A Whole New World reminds Epic Chocolat of a different relationship: “It will always remind you of the time the cast of SNL sang this song to their mom for Mother's day. Cute.” Why does this read as if the entire cast of SNL share a mother and why would that also not surprise me in the least? Resident happiness vacuum constantino throws a spanner in the works of this love-in: “DDD I kinda hate this corny mess, but the scene itself is lovely so I shan’t tank it completely...” More like the Binch who stole Christmas amirite ladies? That didn’t make sense but I’ve been drinking and it’s late SO I’M STICKING WITH IT. Speaking of things that just don’t work, here’s Reboot trying to find tangible scientific logic and reason in the physics of a magical carpet that lives in a lion-shaped cave of wonders in the middle of the desert that can only be located and opened with the aid of a magical scarab brooch by one specific street rat foretold by a magical hourglass owned by an evil sorcerer in a Disney movie: “Throughout this song I keep wondering how the two of them manage to stay on the magical carpet even when it’s doing several loops in the air, but I’m guessing that’s beside the point.”


    GhettoPrincess is more on board with this flight of fantasy: “A gorgeous song, lovely duet. The best moment in Aladdin basically. Who wouldn’t want to go on a magic carpet ride for a first date? Regina Belle’s voice is perfect for the song.” You might have a fight on your hands with ol’ MollieSwift21: “A Whole New World What an incredible scene. All the best Disney movies have that one scene that's just breathtaking and magical and this is it for Aladdin. Both of their voices are incredible. I think Lea Salonga voice suits Jasmine better than Mulan.” Remember when one of the find-the-connection questions in a PJ pop quiz was artists who had recorded songs for Disney films and Lea Salonga was one of them? Team Hipsterjustice finally find a use for my fake ass that day. Mulan won in the end though, sorry girl! Sprockrooster’s here to put some wind back in Jasmine’s sails (that sounds horrific yikes sorry y’all): “Such an amazing song and part of my top 5 from Disney and possibly even my holy trinity.” Not all your faves dropping like flies at the last minute. Still, that’s an improvement on most rates for ya, eh? Anyway here’s eccentricsimply to bring some class back to the proceedings: “A song that's going to remain a big deal forever, let's be honest.” The genuine, gods’-honest truth. A Whole New World’s legacy and the impact it has had on music in cinema will be felt the world over long after we’ve all left this sorry shithole of a planet. Here's a disaster of my own making that iheartpoptarts forced me to inflict upon you all: “Why do I always imagine him asking ‘You wanna go for a ride’ all Aqua style?”


    I hate everything about that. As always, the last word goes to the kind soul who bestowed upon Aladdin and Jasmine the greatest gift mankind has ever known; their 11 in a Popjustice forum rate:


    “Brad Kane + Lea Salonga + Alan Menken = 11. That’s all. They made real magic with this track. Watching the recording sessions on the dvd extras is a very special moment, they were definitely doing magic.”

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  9. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    Oh wow I really thought Whole New World would win. Hopefully the final is Colors of the Wind and Circle of Life then. Not sure which I would want to win!
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  10. Which means... Popjustice's top three Disney songs are:



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  11. I knew the tag was coming, but it was...not what I was expecting.

    My 11 survives another few days...
  12. Iconic!

    However, firstable how dare you post that Katie Price video that is quite clearly fake. She may not be the best singer ddd but she is NOT that bad. It's a joke that some hater made and the press picked up as being real. Secondable, Katie's and Peter (yuk) album actually went gold. We love a certified pop princess.
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  13. Is it just me, or is this top 3 completely unexpected.
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  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Gagged at Circle Of Life doing so well, and I'm so proud of my 11 still being here (even though I'd have given it to I Won't Say I'm In Love looking back, if I'd have known how much it would have needed it!!!?) [no I'm still not over it not making top 10!!!]
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Reflection is a bit unexpected for me. It’s nice, but I prefer I’ll Make a Man Out of You from Mulan, and I prefer the rest of the Top 10 to either.

    Circle of Life and Colours of the Wind are top tier.
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  17. Yeah I'm surprised Reflection has made it this far. I expected it to go out at #15 or something.

    Colours of the Wind should win at this point.
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  18. [​IMG]


  19. Hey, that's still a gold certified album even if nearly half of them did rot

  20. Not everybody has that!
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