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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. I can't believe my 11 won :'(

  2. Excellent winner!

    Although this rate took so long, I'm glad Animalia took the time to do everything right. The write ups and graphics were absolutely superb.
  3. NAWT Vanessa Williams being the guest judge on Drag Race this week and them name-dropping Colours of the Wind??? Iconic.

    Thank you guys for the kind words! Final leaderboards are incoming x
  4. Love that What Made the Red Man Red? average. We did that.
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  5. Oh and I forgot to say a massive thank you to @Animalia. I know it'sbeen84years.gif but this has been such a wonderful thread, so much care and attention to detail and love put into it. You truly did that!

  6. [​IMG]

    Well folks, we made it. We’ve reached the end of the Disney Classics Rate. If you thought at several points that we were never gonna make it here, I can assure you you weren’t alone. I've really given @beyoncésweave a run for ha money in the itsbeen84years.gif rate stakes, but hey, quality over quantity am I right ladies? Much like bey, I wanted to do this right. I can’t even begin to guess how long it took me to get the gif artworks and custom movie borders for the songs the way I wanted them, how many hours I’ve spent trawling dodgy websites for fonts that are almost definitely copyright-protected and painstakingly editing individual frames in gifs for a kii and few extra likes, or just how many damn words I’ve written about Disney movies, of all things. From pre-thread promo to these dying breaths, I’ve been serving you content, mawma. Now, if y’all knew me in real life, you’d know that I am hot garbage when it comes to selling myself and that the last few sentences are incredibly out of character for me, but you know what? I am damn proud of this rate, so



    However, if I may quote Alexandra Burke – we have to address the elephant in the room. I haven’t really made it a secret that I’ve had kind of a rough time over the past year. Leaving university and not having anywhere to go hit me like a ton of bricks; I've felt stranded and essentially useless for the past several months, and it really took a toll on my self-confidence and motivation. I genuinely can’t apologise enough for all the delays and gaps in communication over this time, and I can’t thank you all enough for being so kind and patient with me (and for not calling mutiny and phoning in @ohnostalgia dddd). Even when I was AWOL from the forum, I was thinking about this rate all the time, which really just lead to the guilt and anxiety building up and making it worse, yada yada, you know the drill. But on the other hand, knowing that you guys were here, enjoying what I was doing enough to allow me the time I needed to do it, was a massive help. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, it gave me a reason to get up in the morning some days. So – thank you, to everyone who voted, and to everyone who followed along, whether you were with us from the start or joined in later. Thank you especially to @kalonite, who has been a damn saint putting up with me being a giant stress-ridden pain in the ass this whole time with breakdowns over write-ups and fits of rage over photoshop. You’re kinda the best. Again, sorry about Hellfire.



    I’m gonna miss this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to having a life again and not having an empty word document laughing in my face every evening, but I’m gonna miss it. A lot of you know yourselves how much goes into running a rate, but damn if it ain’t fun. Watching the leaderboard move around is way more exciting than it has any right to be, and making artwork, having people read your in-depth analyses on things that just aren’t that deep; it’s all worth the amount of effort. Oh, and the likes. The likes don’t hurt. Alas, I am done. I’m exhausted, emotionally drained and I low-key never want to hear a fucking Disney song ever again (who am I kidding, I'll be back bopping within a week), but…

    I’m free.


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  7. And thank you, @Animalia, for a flawless rate! The graphics and gifs you made were truly beyond, the writeups on point, the shade game always entertaining.

    I'm excited to see what you're doing next!
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  8. Thank you so much @Animalia, time doesn't matter when the execution is this perfect and enjoyable. Can't wait for your next rate!
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  10. Amazing rate, even amazing-er host @Animalia. This whole thing has been incredible and I'm happy with the results, even if they weren't my personal picks they are still worthy winners.
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  11. [​IMG]

    I'm back back back back back again, binches! This time with a few little extras, 'cause why not.

    Firstable, the averages for each soundtrack (the ones that had more than one song represented, anyway).

    The Little Mermaid - 8.58
    Beauty & The Beast - 8.42
    The Lion King - 8.41
    Aladdin - 8.12
    Mulan - 7.91
    Hercules - 7.65
    Pocahontas - 7.28
    Tangled - 7.23
    Tarzan - 6.99
    Moana - 6.99
    Cinderella - 6.64
    Frozen - 6.63
    The Jungle Book - 6.37
    The Hunchback of Notre Dame - 6.36
    Princess & The Frog - 6.19
    Oliver & Company - 6.10
    Pinocchio - 6.07
    Snow White & The Seven Dwarves - 5.83
    The Aristocats - 5.53
    Lady & The Tramp - 5.25
    Alice In Wonderland - 5.19
    Dumbo - 5.05
    Peter Pan - 3.78

    Looks like Ariel is leaving PJ with a crown in the end! Not one that matters, but hey. No one can take that away from her. As for Peter Pan...

  12. Yeeessssssss, my Mermaid queen coming through with a crown at last.
  13. Secondable, the averages for each of Disney's major eras/ages/whatever you wanna call 'em, and their highest/lowest scorers!


    The Golden Age
    (Snow White -> The Jungle Book)


    Highest Scorers

    Ironheade - 7.96
    Sprockrooster - 7.70
    constantino - 7.57

    Lowest Scorers

    Subwaykid - 1.57
    send photo - 3.72
    Daniel! - 3.93

    The Bronze Age
    (The Aristocats -> Oliver & Co.)


    Highest Scorers

    Aester - 8.56
    MollieSwift21 - 8.13
    Serg. - 8.06

    Lowest Scorers

    Subwaykid - 2.88
    HollyDunnSomething - 3.63
    Daniel! - 3.63

    The Renaissance I
    (The Little Mermaid -> Pocahontas)


    Highest Scorers

    Sideout - 9.76
    MamaHazey - 9.29
    aniraz - 9.24

    Lowest Scorers

    funkyg - 6.60
    Subwaykid - 6.93
    Epic Chocolat - 6.95

    The Renaissance II
    (The Hunchback of Notre Dame -> Tarzan)


    Highest Scorers

    Conan - 9.24
    ephemeralartery - 9.21
    Animalia - 9.00

    Lowest Scorers

    DJHazey - 4.21
    Aester - 5.43
    funkyg - 5.61

    The 21st Century
    (The Emperor's New Groove -> Moana)


    Highest Scorers

    MamaHazey - 8.23
    alanmr - 8.15
    Serg. - 7.94

    Lowest Scorers

    Mina - 4.54
    funkyg - 5.08
    send photo - 5.10

  14. Thirdable, and finallyable:

    The Spreadsheet!

    Just incase anyone fancies poking around, judging peoples' taste, having a look at how songs moved about over the voting period (in the Time tab), be blinded by my garish colour coding, etc. Or if anyone wants to repurpose it for their own rate, go ahead!

    Also, if anyone's running anything and wants some gifs/graphics made, feel free to shoot me a PM! That's what I'm gonna miss the most teebs ddd.

    Anyway, WINE.

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  15. Growing up in a Middle-Eastern country, I never heard (or didn't remember) most of these classics unlike most of the voters but I'm so glad I did this since it was such a fantastic rate. Thank you @Animalia xx
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  16. The 21st Century deserved to do a bit better because Moana*'s soundtrack is flawless and could've fit perfectly in the Renaissance era, but phew 90s Disney really did that, huh? Talent always wins.

    *See also: Frozen before it became a viral pop culture sensation and the first few chords of Let It Go were enough to bring a cold sweat to anyone with a pulse, and, to a slightly lesser extent, Tangled and The Princess and The Frog.
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  17. I guess I'm lucky the Pocahontas song won in the end, or everyone would be out to get me!

    @Animalia, you're so flawless. I'm gonna miss this - thank you for doing Disney justice a million times over!
  18. I am really hoping @Animalia can find a crown for Belle to wear. There has to be something Beauty and the Beast can snatch for an award. Most 11's perhaps? I just need Angela Lansbury to get another award.
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