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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Glad to see Ariel get to rise up and snatch at least one crown.

  2. [​IMG]
    Thank you for your honesty. That's brave. And your post makes this whole rate even more amazing. I hope 2018 has much better things in store for you. With this rate you showed you can literally do anything. If only you could inlcude it in future CVs.

  3. After 9 months I wasn't ready for this rate to end. Despite a few robberies here and there I am over the moon with the result


    @Animalia thank you!
  4. Yay at my mermaid Ariel coming through for one crown.


    What a rate it's been @Animalia, you did a tremendous job and got me reliving my childhood memories. Some of the results were, quite frankly, down right wrong but it's been so much fun despite that. THANK YOU!
  5. Welp, I'm afraid yours was the only 11 for that soundtrack! That award goes to The Little Mermaid again with 7, closely followed by Hunchback with 6 (poor guy can't catch a break).

    Beauty & the Beast will always have the most terrying Funko figures, I guess? Not everyone has that.


    I meant to reply to this earlier sorry; if people were up for a quick wee Pixar rate later in the year I'd totally be up for running it if no one else fancied taking it on! It'd have to be the Eurovision style voting like the films here though, I love both myself and you guys way too much to force anyone to watch a Cars movie.

  6. Jesus, binch

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  7. If you’re up for it, I’d 100% be in!

    The only two Pixar films I haven’t seen are Cars 2 and 3, so Eurovision style would be perfect ddd. I enjoyed Cars at the time, but it’s not one I return to like most of the others.
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  8. Yeah to be fair, the first Cars isn't that bad. I cried at the end 'cause I was hungover at the time and I'm a damn mess, but 2 was a shambles. The only Pixar films I haven't seen are Cars 3, Ratatouille and Brave (sorry Scottish hunties x).
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  9. Oh, Ratatouille is great! Watch it immediately. It's still not in my Top 5 Pixar films, although when the calibre is this high, that's not an insult.

    Brave didn't do as well with audiences or critics, but I loved it. Not sure if it's because I'm Scottish or because I'm basic, but either way I found it enjoyable. And, as a mummy's boy, the story resonated with me so much that I had to phone my mum in floods of tears when I got out of the cinema.

    Although I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry at the amount of ridiculous attempts at Scottish accents we've had to endure thanks to Brave. This is a particularly heinous example:

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  10. Seconding this. Ratatouille is pretty good. Brave's 'okay' by pixar standards and I haven't seen Cars 3, but it can't be any worse than Planes surely?
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  11. I didn't participate in this rate, I just don't know Disney films/songs that well, but I've been following this every step of the way, and I must say @Animalia it was a truely stunning rate. What you say about each song and film was just beautiful and so interesting, and definately makes me want to review the Disney back catalogue. Honestly, you should be so proud of yourself. Great work, by you, and all the contributors.
  12. Thank you @Animalia for this magnificent rate that has given us some of the best kiis over the past year! You're write-ups and art are legendary and it's been such a pleasure to participate! THANK YOU!

    And thank you to everyone else that kept this rate going and so much fun for the past year! Happy yet sad to see it go!

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  13. [​IMG]

    It is done. All the elimination post image links have been fixed. So if anyone was planning on pulling an Oleander-with-the-Björk-rate and having me wake up one day to 500 likes overnight, you can now forge ahead free of Photobucket's hideous money-grabbing talons.

    Thanks again for all the love, I'll hopefully see y'all in Off Topic for PJ's Ultimate Video Games... soon.

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