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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]

    Also, yeah, Gaston is now up for grabs. I thought I ought to have one who better reflects my Golden Age loves...
    C̶̱͉͍̭H̢̘͇̖̠̰̹E̻̟͈̟͓̝̣R̦̹͓̤N̼̫A͉̖͓̝͖B̘͉̯Ó̮̯̦G҉ H̩͈̼̙̜͞A̸̲̯̰̤͈̠S̟̜̻͍̦͜ ͓̝̹̬̠A͖̲̲W̦̖̩͚̳A̖K͈̭̭̳͇ͅE͡N̛̼E̘̮Ḑ̥.̡͕̥̪ ̙̲̜F̡͍̻͈̳̣͔E̥͔̘ͅA̤̙̜̠ͅR̠ ̵̞ME̺͠, ̧̺͕̖̰̼M̢̖̟O̩̘̙R̼̳̗͕̗̼T͚͙͚̼̥̭Ą̙̲L̛̪͕͚̱̣S.̻̝̞ ̸̼̬̞͕
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  2. Can I be Clopin?

  3. Woop, sorry bb. @Animalia

    And it's the best avatar of the bunch even.
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  4. Excited to see which @ohnostalgia chooses! I suggest the Red Queen. She is hilarious.
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  5. @Animalia please tell me you've posted the Swish Swish gif in the Witness thread! It's too good to not be shared!
  6. I didnt vote (seemed like a lot of work) but have just been scrolling through this and @Animalia you have me hooked, some great narrative, love it, I most certainly will be keeping up with how this progresses.
  7. Had to join the fun and switch my avatar as I said I would a month ago to the thirsty triplets. Looks like @Ironheade changed from Gaston so the only thing my triplets have left to be thirsty for are results.
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  9. It's probably for the best that The Aristocats' title track wasn't included, because I have a feeling all of the songs from that movie are going to be unfairly slaughtered. I love those jazzy cats, dammit. They deserve better!
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  10. I can't deal with this! @ohnostalgia

    Also I just wanna say that @Animalia's gif work is fantastic and I am not at all mad that he got super great at it in all of like a week nope not jealous of that at all.
  11. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Good riddance!
    Did I score this above 4? It actively annoys me.
  12. You gave it a 2, don't worry!

    The next elimination is coming by the way, I took some time out for dinner & Desperate Housewives oop.
  13. Done! Not quite a villain...more of a semi-antagonist - but had to join @Animalia in representing the felines.
  14. [​IMG]


    Best of Friends


    Highest Scores: 10 x3 (@MollieSwift21, @Serg., @Weslicious)
    Lowest Scores: 2 x4 (@GimmeWork, @Daniel!, @Alouder98, @kalonite)
    My Score: 3.5

    Ouch. The first of our last minute additions to the song list falls hard and fast now, as The Fox & the Hound loses its one and only representative in the rate. Fellow Shania stan and rate host @MollieSwift21 requested this be added, and honestly I low-key feel terrible for scoring it so low. For those who haven’t seen the film, there’s only one word I can use to describe it – devastating. Once you’ve witnessed Todd & Copper’s ill-fated journey from friendship to rival, all the way back around, upside down, back-to-front, inside-out, etc. etc., you will never look at a potential friend in the same way again. I like to blame the film in part for my crippling anxiety when meeting new people, teebs – I’m not just painfully shy, I just can’t be 100% sure that anyone I befriend isn’t gonna turn around and try to eat me in five years’ time. It’s only rational.

    Oh, yes. The song. Best of Friends serves as a theme song of sorts for our unlikely heroes, with the maternal owl Big Mama singing it longingly as she watches the two cubs play together as innocent, care-free pups. It’s a nostalgic, rustic little number performed by the late, legendary actress and singer Pearl Bailey, who boasts a Tony, an Emmy, a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Screen Actor’s Guild and A Presidential Medal of Freedom to her name. Phew. Technically she does a stellar job here, but I don't think Father Time has been kind to her unique vocal style and it’s become something of an acquired taste. Coupled with the fact that a lot of you haven’t heard it in the context of the film and it doesn’t really fit the classic, feel-good Disney musical vibe, all signs pointed towards an early exit for Big Mama. Sorry sis, consider this your comeuppance for emotionally scarring an entire generation of kids.

    DJHazey is a lucky survivor of said trauma: “I don’t remember too much about this film except that sad scene that somebody posted, this is a little dawwww moment when you think about how that scene went down.”, and constantino is apparently just a heartless sack of coal: “about as forgettable as the film it features in, sorryboutit!” GET HIM. Sprockrooster misses out on some of the emotional ties with the song too, admitting “I do not know this one and the song lacks a bit because of it”, which is fair enough, it does owe a lot to the plot and atmosphere of the film. A few of you took issue with the simple, straightforward nature of the song, with Raichu saying “Melody is not bad, but this is pretty boring. It’s super corny too”, kalonite adding “Wow, the vocals of this rub me the wrong way. The lyrics are really on the nose too.” and LKane agreeing on both points: “So, this one is kind of touching, it represents a lot of what’s happening through the whole movie, but I find this one very cheesy and the voice of the singer is so simple… maybe with another singer and interpretation this would have been better.”

    Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage: the Popjustice Chorus of Children Traumatised By The Fox and the Hound! “FUCK THIS MOVIE. FUCK DISNEY.” eccentricsimply screams painfully into the mic, backed up by melancholic harmonies from send photo: “This fucking movie” and Weslicious: “’We’ll always be friends forever’… thanks but painful”. Meanwhile, Subwaykid stands deathly still in the centre of the stage, saying it all not with his voice, but with his face: “:(((((((“. I feel like I just described a Sufjan Stevens concert. At least 2014’s having a good time: “this film <3”. I’m glad someone can look back on the film with something other than deep, dark sadness. Enter, MollieSwift21. “Ugly tears begin. ‘If only the world wouldn’t get in the way’ is heartbreaking. Pearl Bailey’s vocals are fantastic too.”

    Finally, Mina asks a question that I wish I hadn’t tried to answer: “Why does this song make me think about Where The Red Fern Grows (tragic, don’t read it!)?" WELL. I thought a wee trip to Wikipedia was in order, and, well… all seemed normal – hunters, dogs, competitions – until…

    Billy enters the fight with his axe, hoping to save his dogs, but they end up having to save him. Eventually, they kill the mountain lion, but Old Dan is badly wounded, and Billy finds his intestines in a bush. He dies later that night. Billy is heartbroken, and Little Ann loses the will to live, stops eating and dies of grief a few days later on Old Dan’s grave.

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  15. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    This is going too wel thusfar.
    Despite owning all the classics on DVD I haven't watched this one yet, which doesn't help, but on first listen the song just bored me.
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  16. Indeed, watching the Lion King and being in 4th grade where our teacher read this book aloud to us (why?!? did she not read ahead to the ending?!) were two of the most traumatic events of my childhood!
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  17. [​IMG]

    I read the plotline after sending in my scores and do vaguely remember the movie, but I really think I wanted to block it out to be honest.
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  18. Whuh??? Did I... did I even rate this? Did I send in my scores before it was added or something? Meh, doesn't matter, it's one of my least favourite Disney films ever. Not because it's sad. Because it sucks.

    Also I've read the novel by Daniel P. Mannix it was "based on" (as in, shares a name with). If you were expecting Disney, well... here's the last paragraph of Wikipedia's summary:

    One morning, after Tod's escape from the greyhounds, the Master sends Copper on the hunt. After he picks up the fox's trail, Copper relentlessly pursues him throughout the day and into the next morning. Tod finally drops dead of exhaustion, and Copper collapses on top of him, close to death himself. The Master nurses Copper back to health, and both enjoy their new popularity, but after a few months the excitement over Copper's accomplishment dies down. The Master is left alone again, and returns to drinking. He is once again asked to consider living in a nursing home, and this time he agrees. Crying, he takes his shotgun from the wall, leads Copper outside, and pets him gently before ordering him to lie down. He covers the dog's eyes as Copper licks his hand trustingly.
  19. After a brief moment of panic, I double checked your PM and you gave it a 3!

    Also... wow at that original ending. We got off pretty lightly after all, huh?
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