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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

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    I always hated it, even as a kid. The whole 'things get worse and worse and stranger and stranger.. only for it to end up being 'all just a dream' just annoyed me.
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  2. Alice in Wonderland - pretty great film, in my estimation, and one of Disney's most artistically ambitious about that time. (Nine Old Men, you did that.) "The Unbirthday Song" is kind of it in a nutshell... so frantic and crazy that it can get really grating when it catches me in the wrong mood, but I can dig the hell out of it in its proper moment.
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  3. I probably gave that too many points (3.5), but the drunk mouse won me over.
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  4. Me patiently waiting for someone to snatch post #1000 so we can get on to the next page

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  5. Here you go.
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  6. It's time we said goodbye to our second film...




    All In The Golden Afternoon


    Highest Score: 9 x1 (@constantino), 8 x3 (@ohnostalgia, @Reboot, @Raichu)
    Lowest Score: 1 x1 (@Subwaykid)
    My Score: 3.5

    Oof, poor Alice. First she gets thrown into a make-believe nightmare world of disembodied spectral cats, sports-related animal cruelty and would-be decapitation, and now she gets chucked out of our rate with ruthless speed and efficiency. This makes Alice In Wonderland our first film with more than one song in the rate to fall, which is a shame since it’s such a classic, but I doubt many would argue against the result. The whimsical, drugged-up fever dream aesthetic works really well in the context of the film, but it just doesn’t translate hugely well into the soundtrack – throw in some spectacularly dated vocals and production and you’re looking at a recipe for disaster m’fraid. All In The Golden Afternoon has always been what I’ve considered the musical centrepiece of the film for some reason, even though it doesn’t lend itself to a massively important or iconic scene. Having said that, I’m not surprised to see it go so soon; it has the audio equivalent of the Drag Race Season 1 vaseline-filter over the whole thing muddying the sound and cementing it firmly in the 1950s, and Alice’s voice breaking – though relatable – isn’t exactly nice on the ears. The song was based on the Lewis Carroll poem of the same name that appeared as an introduction to the original Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland novel; the poem itself is about the day Carroll first came up with the story on a boat trip with Alice Liddell (the inspiration for her namesake) in 1862, so it’s cute that Disney made a song about it, but just a shame it’s not one that’s stood the test of time very well.

    LKane backs me up on that point, saying “This song feels so old to listen to now. Like something you would listen to at primary school in 1950. A bit boring now.” “Pretty boring,” kalonite agrees, “it’s hard to write non-boring commentary about such a boring song.” SAY BORING AGAIN. MollieSwift21: “The scene is kind of trippy. The song is not too great either.” and GimmeWork: “Not my favourite Disney bop but it gets a score boost for being performed by sassy flowers” seem inclined to agree, but Sprockrooster really goes in for the kill: “For something not even clocking 3 minutes this manages to really drag.” Hold up I’m sure I can find some vaguely positive comments in here somewhere. DJHazey? “The opening bit when the flowers all do their little refrains; that’s more memorable than the rest of the song, but it’s not terrible either.” … Yay? eccentricsimply chips in with “I’d like to point out you left the best Alice song out of the rate.” and I assume that means In A World Of My Own again but I don't recall anyone mentioning it when I asked for song recommendations before opening the thread so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    The rest of you felt the need to come for a seven-year-old child’s vocal ability, and quite right you are teebs. GhettoPrincess admits “That voice crack always makes me cackle”, while Raichu tries to let her down a touch more gently: “Love the dynamic harmonies in this. It gives this the off kilter element it needs. Alice is the worst thing about it.” Oop. I can’t not read constantino’s comment in Laganja’s voice and it’s all quite unsettling: “C’mon HARMONIES. C’mon VOCALS. These flowers didn’t come to play. NGL Alice looks and sounds a tad basic in comparison.” Finally, the good sis Daniel! gets the spotlight this time for bringing up one of my favourite videos: "Nn why is it that when Alice starts singing all I can think of is that infamous video of Beyoncé letting a fan sing a bit of 'Halo'."​

    RIP Alice, we hardly knew ye.


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  7. I have to be very honest and say that I forgot we had even rated that song.
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  8. Aw. But then again, this was the period of Disney where the scores very often bettered the songs.
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  9. "Sound your A Lily!"
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  10. Oh, and I keep meaning to say: the leaderboard on the first page is being updated with links to eliminations as we go along (as long as I remember, anyway - please pester me if it falls behind).

    I'd rather have it all neat and centred but apparently the forum's incapable of centre-aligning spoiler tags so meh.
  11. Funny how I had the same problem with the wacky center thing when I did my review of this here movie, can the Powers That Be have a look at the issue? Should I @ PopJustice?
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    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I also had that problem with my April charts.
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  13. I was thinking of asking about it in the forum update thread. It's just a minor inconvenience, though it's the same with quotes (hence why I had to left-align 'em above).
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  14. Sounds like a plan, you can @ me there if need be.
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  15. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    I was a bit surprised when All In The Golden Afternoon beat Unbirthday song.
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  16. In my defense I'll say that I'm new in the forum, I'm just glad I submitted my votes! Buuuut... A World Of My Own is the best song in this movie. Shocked to see that this is the first eliminated film.
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  17. Let's round out our Bottom 10.

    *Willam voice* They're all bottoms!


    Thomas O’Malley Cat


    Highest Score: 9 x3 (@Sprockrooster, @Aester, @constantino)
    Lowest Score: 2 x2 (@Subwaykid, @Conan)
    My Score: 5

    Only on Misandryjustice would this fairly inoffensive, smooth jazz number find itself in the bottom ten. I mean, I’m not complaining – it doesn’t exactly set the world on fire with excitement or intrigue, it’s just… there. O’Malley’s serving up your standard hero affair; suave and sophisticated, yet street-smart and worldly, with just that touch too much self-confidence so it starts to border on sleaze and makes you think he’s overcompensating for something. You know the type. And lord knows you should never trust someone with that many names. Abraham DeLacey Giuseppe Casey Thomas O’Malley? Sis...


    The song started out in life as an elaborate hot jazz – oop, sorry, just threw up in my mouth a little – number called “My Way’s The High Way”, complete with big band production and snazzy orchestration, but when the Sherman brothers left Disney, the filmmakers invited Terry Gilkison back to try and recreate the greatness he offered up with The Bare Necessities a few years earlier. This was the result. Well, you can’t win ‘em all, folks.

    When send photo snarls “what a fuckboy” I think he means it as a negative, but teebs I can’t relate ‘cause I harbour enough self-hatred for that to be my type. Just… preferably not feline, thanks. Speaking of men this forum finds particularly repulsive though, constantino admits “I’m not usually into swing music but suddenly the Michael Buble is me…” Okay, I’m not that bad. MollieSwift21: “Love this scene, the vocals are very charismatic” and Sprockrooster: “Loving all these Sinatra references” find themselves falling for O’Malley’s charms, but unsurprisingly, resident heterosexual DJHazey is a bit more hesitant: “I don’t know what this is and whether I’m really sold by his act, but the rhyming names part is extremely catchy I must say.” Raichu, however, offers up the exact opposite: “Charismatic, but I don’t find it that catchy.”, and Daniel! adds “I love this film but the songs really aren’t the tea.”, while Mina finds herself more enamoured with other musical heroes, arguing “Belle and Gaston are much better self-titled autobiographical songs.” You’re not wrong! kalonite finds issue in the man behind the drawing – “You just can’t re-use Baloo’s voice in the VERY NEXT FUCKING FILM, guys” – so I doubt he’d be pleased to find out Phil Harris voices Little John in Robin Hood a few years later too. As the only one of you to offer up more than a single sentence, LKane gets the final word this time. Take it away! “As the same case as The Bare Necessities, the actor who dubbed the Spanish version of the song was very famous during that time. He has a great voice and it gives a great personality to the character. But I find this song to be a bit boring, it is not a song that I would remember after watching it.”

    Sorry O’Malley, you’re meowing up the wrong tree here.

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  18. Yes these songs are probably ranked the wrong way, but I'm not crying about either of them either.
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  19. Somehow Ev'rybody Wants To Be A Cat ends up being the winning song for Aristocats? That's a...choice.
  20. [​IMG]
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