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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. "Ma Belle Evangeline", eh. I do like how they went with a bit of a Cajun influence for it, solid enough number, but it's not too memorable in the end.

    Still, the choice of Randy Newman for the soundtrack of a film set in New Orleans? Excellent. I wish they'd gone with Dr. John for Facilier's singing voice, actually. Now that would be tight.
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  2. I have never seen the film but my Mom explained the whole 'impossible love story' to me when she scored it. I was like "what is this...?" and she cut me off with the "wait. You have to understand what is going on here." Still scored it low. Oops.
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  3. I really hated Ma Belle Evangeline. It's slightly better in the context of the movie, but it's just so saccharine. No thanks.
  4. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I forgot this was in, but yeah.. musically not a return to form. Bye.
  5. Finally catching up from the weekend...

    1. Y'all did Alice dirty. RIP you under rated gem. The Un-Birthday song is iconic and hilarious!

    2. I cannot figure out the motives here!?!? What do you all want?...Is it Comedy? Nope, they already axed "In Summer"..... Heartbreak? Nope, "Ma Belle Evangeline" is gone too... ????

    I can't at these songs being gone already when there is still that Brother Bear song and Oliver & Company left. I'll recover as long as you all don't do Mama Odie wrong!

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  6. This is all going very well so far. Almost suspiciously well, that I'm expecting something to come out of the blue and fuck me up.
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  7. Just reading about it again gives me goosebumps.
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  8. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Y'all really don't have a heart.
  9. I'm not a big fan of The Princess & The Frog but Ma Belle Evangeline was truly the highlight of the movie. It went out too soon.
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  10. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Definitely went too soon. Disney has it's depressing moments but this one was particularly rough.
  11. I'm sad this is out so soon, I like this song, and I really love the film too.
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  12. It is a very touching and moving song actually... but something is missing for me.

  13. Oh, this one will fuck you up alright.

    But it ain't blue.


    Pink Elephants On Parade


    Highest Score: 10 x1 (@Ironheade), 9 x1 (@DJHazey)
    Lowest Score: 0 x1 (@ohnostalgia), 1 x1 (@MollieSwift21)
    My Score: 5.5

    Okay, I know times have changed and the world today is not the same place it was in 1941, but seriously




    was this scene given the green light for a kids’ film??? I mean, even ignoring the fact that it champions the idea of underage elephants getting drunk to awaken their latent ability to fly, it’s also just SCARY AS ALL HECK. That military beat, those obnoxious horns, those creepy chimes and then those spooky, ghostly vocals describing in excrutiating detail the drugged-up horrors you’re having forced upon you? Nooooo ma’am. I’m perfectly happy without horrifyingly abstract elephant clowns invading my dreams, thank you. Honestly Drinkaware should just air this as their Please Drink Responsibly adverts, lord knows I think twice about having that last drink before bed in fear of being visited by Technicolor pachyderms in the night. Said horror has served the scene well through history though, our pink elephant friends have seen a number of parodies over the years in Looney Tunes films, Bob’s Burgers and various other cartoons, and they’re easily one of the most instantly memorable and recognisable images of the Golden Age. Not everyone has that. But everyone has the nightmares.

    Reboot would prefer to sleep safe and soundly, please: “This is some really weird psychedelic shit. No thanks.” and might have stumbled across the Word of the Day in the Hazey household. “A bit too psychedelic for me.” MamaHazey admits, with DJHazey backing her up with the last reference I expected to see here: “What kind of psychedelic thing were they trying to sell kids at the time? I’m pretty sure we know where Madonna got ‘Dear Jessie’ from don’t we? At first I was going to saw I’d rather hear that, but this has proven to become a bit of a bop.” Okay I just put Dear Jessie on and realised you meant the “pink elephants and lemonade” lyric and not that they actually sounded similar. Nevermind. Sprockrooster throws around some serious allegations “This is such a massive trip. What as Mr Disney on when he made this?”, but send photo has an idea, just saying “when you do shrooms with your friend.” As if Dumbo has any friends though. constantino has similar concerns: “Am I tripping on acid right now? I am living for the avant-garde surrealism of the visuals. Fantasia is SHOOK. The song itself is not particularly gripping I’m afraid.”, but iheartpoptarts is quick to highlight some different priorities: “Everything is much better pink.” Well clearly someone’s never had food poisoning from undercooked chicken.

    MollieSwift21 is having flashbacks to a similar scene elsewhere: “Nightmarish like Heffalumps and Woozles”, but Daniel! doesn’t fall for the cheap knock-off brand hallucinations: “Heffalumps and Woozles TRIED it. Also Dumbo watching them is me when I’ve already peaked at prinks dddd.” I hope pink champagne is your beverage of choice too sis. Stay classy! Mina simply calls it “Headache-inducing”, while Raichu thinks there’s “So much going on that it gets boring pretty quickly”, and teebs neither of ‘em are entirely wrong. LKane loses out on the Dumbo soundtrack sweepstakes: “The song is classic for Walt Disney and even Disneyland so I’m giving this my highest score for Dumbo.”, and eccentricsimply’s just plain bewildered: “Dude, I don’t understand how Disney got away with so many movies that have very blatant drug usage.” Kids those days! Moana would NEVER. Let’s end on something positive, take it away alanmr! “I’m always down for some trippy, psychedelic action, and it surprised me how good this particular track is, especially coming from a movie that I abhorred on my childhood (probably because it was too sad for my childish sensibilities, I also always hated the sequel to that live action pig movie as well, they both made me feel awful), so I’m giving this a higher grade than I expected to give anything from this age, since it’s one that I usually fail to connect with.”


  14. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Good riddance.
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  15. "Pink Elephants on Parade" and "Heffalumps & Woozles" still freak me out, but there's something about the sheer insanity of them that I like.
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  16. Dddd, of course I meant the lyrics and the visuals...definitely not the sound. The little pink elephants flying around in both videos, for some reason make me think of "pink elephants on parade" and "love parade". I swear the song pulled something from Dumbo, I don't how or why, but it did.
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    Seriously, this one stings, it's my first true loss of the rate. It should've made at least halfway through, with all the bland, unmemorable stuff we have yet to sort through. How is this worse than Brother Bear, most of Tangled, and so on? WRONG.
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  18. Also yes I did deliberately choose the one elephant with a dick for a trunk.

    You're welcome.
  19. I also see how everyone got celebratory pink names, are we on parade? Queen of Thematic Reveals.
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  20. *huff*

    G͇̰̟̟̺ͬ͗͌̚Ơ̮͖̝͕̼͙̅̈̍͌͋̑̓ͅ ̻̯ͪ̾̃̽̔̓͘F̜̹̘̯̠̈ͥ͢ͅỎ̫̙̭̖͚͓͚͆̌R̞̮̟̺̍̑̚͘Ṱ̨̳͉̞̞̖̞̌̿̾H̲̟͉̼͎̦̣ͯ͐ͪ͂͞,̻̭̞͕͚̊͗ ̷̲͍͍̙ͩ̊ͫ̿ͦ̏M̬̪͍̄̈̓͊Ȳ͙̮͚̭͚̄̚͠ ̙̦̲M̩̝̉Ȉ̮͖̣̘͉̿̂N̵I̪ͭ̚Oͮ̓̍ͧ҉̬͎̗̜̩N͙̬̣̣ͪS̥̳̗̻̝̫..̤͎̐̓͒͆ͥ̉ͪ.̶ͮ̊̇͆͐ ̦̘̖̫̥̳͓ͦ̉͛̀͞A̼͎̯ͨ͒̿̐͞ͅN̹͎̦̘ͯͬD̶̗̞̫͕̣ͩ͂̈́̅ͧ̏́ ̣̤ͯ̋̇͆̓ͪ̓S̭̬̼̟̝͑ͫͭͥͯ̐ͧͅL͌ͭͤ̓̉͊̊A̘̞̹̗̜̝ͩ̓ͥ͑͛ͮͫ͜Ṳ̠͕͊ͮ͆ͤG̬̿̿̅ͧ̚̚H͆̓͊̃̕Ṱ̲̖́ͥ̅E̖͔R̹̰͚̰͖͊̐̎̐!̩͍̬͓͖̫

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