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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. When you say most, you're leaving which song out? I'll wait for an answer before deciding to tell @Animalia to lock your scores in a tower so they don't effect the results.
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  2. Really pink psycho elephants over Evangeline?

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  3. I've Got a Dream. Mother Knows Best is also solid. The rest is passable at best. And yew better not come for me, I've got a frying pan and I'm not afraid to use it.
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  4. I can't make this stuff up, but I gave your favorite a 0 and you didn't bother to name my 10, so this is going to be very interesting.
  5. Why haven't we had this as a Kingdom Hearts boss yet though?
  6. Well, it's your ice powers versus my, uh... alien puppy cuteness? Could go either way, methinks.
  7. Man, though, seriously. How can you not enjoy the sight of the animators just going bonkers and showing off what they can do? It's the absolute high point of surreal squash-and-stretch animation in the entire Disney canon, and never less than a blast to watch. Yeah, it's creepy and weird all around. And it succeeds brilliantly at it! (Also it's totally appropriate for kids. They're tough, they can take it!)

    Also, yeah. Winnie the Pooh... well done doing it on the cheap, you great ursine plagiarist you. They even got the ballet bit and the Egyptian bit! Blehhh.
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  8. Brother Bear still being here is pretty confusing for sure. I didn't give any of the Phil Collins songs that low of a score, but I will be interested to find out who these stans are when they are exposed.
  9. Really enjoying this rate so far, pink elephants and all!

    Question for @Animalia - is the film countdown going to be interspersed with the song eliminations, or revealed afterwards?
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  10. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

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  11. Brother Bear, yeah. It's the one I always forget about when I'm trying to list the Disney movies. It's just so... bland. Like a plastic cheese sandwich on white bread. It's the Platonic ideal of a totally neutral and unobjectionable kiddie flick. The only reason it's not bad is because it isn't really anything at all. (Except for the random Bob and Doug McKenzie inserts, which I do not remotely understand.)

    Between that and Pocahontas, can we just agree that Disney should probably not make movies about Native Americans?
  12. I was originally planning on doing the the movies afterwards, but interspersed might actually work better if you guys would prefer that? Maybe starting once we hit the Top 40? I know there are a few people still wanting to send in film scores though so I wanna give them some time!

    Also the best part of Brother Bear was the motion-capture bloopers with the real bear cub over the credits. CUTE AS HELL.
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  13. I am now full-on dreading the eventual "@Animalia mentioned you in a post" notification.

    Also, yeah, rating the movies, that sounds like something I should get to.
  14. Whatever works better for you! I presume the reveal list shouldn't be too lengthy (more than ~25ish films?) either way.
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  15. 33 films actually received at least one point in the end, which is a pleasant surprise! But yeah, I'll give people a wee while longer if they wanna send in their votes, then figure it out from there if that's cool with everyone!

    Actually, there's one film still sitting on zero points THAT DOESN'T DESERVE TO BE THERE so if those still to vote could use your telepathic powers to identify it and show it some love that'd be great, ta x
  16. The moment you are not tagged because you were the 6th one or later in line and you think your faves are safe, but you lost one anyway is the real dreading moment.
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  17. It's time we said goodbye to another soundtrack.

    Break out the tissues, folks!


    Baby Mine


    Highest Score: 10 x5 (@Weslicious, @Mikl C, @Serg., @Ironheade, @funkyg)
    Lowest Score: 1 x1 (@Daniel!)
    My Score: 2.5

    And it’s curtains for Dumbo! Our over-emotional defier of gravity and all other laws of nature and physics becomes our third casualty in the race for relevance. I do feel a teeny tiny bit guilty for being so harsh with this song, but I’ll be completely, brutally honest with you here. I’ve had all the songs here on constant rotation for several months now (ask @kalonite, it’s been driving him mad) and I still struggle to remember how this one goes. I get that it’s not supposed to be a huge, show-stopping barrel of fun or anything, and the scene itself is quite nice and touching, but I just find the song so… nothingy. Basically, as a soothing, maternal lullaby it sure as heck does its job. Just, perhaps a bit too well.

    Although you wouldn’t know it from the film’s credits (for some reason not a single voice actor was given a screen credit for Dumbo??? mess), Baby Mine was performed by Betty Noyes, who was most known for ironically dubbing two of Debbie Reynolds’ songs in Singin’ In The Rain, which her character was supposed to be dubbing for someone else. Dubception, if you like. Noyes also provided backing vocals for films like The Wizard of Oz and The Sound of Music, so it’s a wee shame to be kicking her out so early but hey ho, should’ve given us a better song sis. Having said that, Baby Mine was nominated for the Best Original Song Academy Award in 1941 and, more impressively, snatched five whole 10s in the Popjustice Disney Rate, so maybe the issue’s on my part here. Let’s ask our own esteemed panel of judges, who thankfully aren’t all old straight white men.

    Daniel! is pretty much on the same page as me: “Okay so the movie scene is obviously very touching and e•mo•tional etc. but the song is high-key rubbish.”, while DJHazey calls us out on our callousness, but it’s cool ‘cause he’s just as guilty: “How do you give this a low score with such an adorable scene? I do, because I’m cruel and heartless, that’s how.” Join the club! We meet on the night of the full moon. MollieSwift21 calls it “A sweet song,” adding that “Allison Krauss has done a nice cover of it.” which is very much a hew? moment for me, but the good sis Wikipedia tells me that her cover nabbed her a Best Female Country Vocal Performance Grammy nomination for it so yas, go you Allison. LKane feels Baby Mine just misses the mark: “It represents the sequence and the feelings of the mother. It is very touching but just not good enough for me.” and MamaHazey agrees, calling it “Too much of a sleepy lullaby.”

    Looks like it had the desired effect on Sprockrooster – “WOW. That is so sad and I completely forgot.” – but the fact that you forgot about it kinda says it all teebs. iheartpoptarts asks the burning question on everyone’s mind: “Do hippos really sleep underwater? Oh, I don't even know.” I have consulted my dusty, rusty Zoology degree and can confirm that I have absolutely no idea. Raichu’s feeling some Déjà vu: “Reminds me of When You Wish Upon A Star, but not as memorable. Still good tho.”, but Weslicious has a different link in mind: “I always loved this. Such a lovely song for such a sad moment. Here for a live action remake so Lana Del Rey can ‘Once Upon A Time’ it.” Wait at this actually being a fantastic, not-entirely-unrealistic idea though?? Someone get Interscope on the phone, stat! Finally, constantino has a question: “I’ve never seen Dumbo in full but this is really beautiful. Is it worth watching?”, and eccentricsimply just might have the answer:


    ... I think that's a yes?


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  18. Oh please let this be foreshadowing for more Frozen cuts!
  19. Oh my GOD this write up was the best one yet, I laughed out loud pretty much continuously. That said:

    THIS IS NOT BETTER THAN PINK ELEPHANTS ON PARADE. (yeah, I'm still bitter, y'all are dirty)

    Also: @eccentricsimply I feel ya, sis, Dumbo left me emotionally scarred as well.
  20. Sorry @Animalia , great writeup as usual, but it will not be getting a like because

    C͕̩͛̑͛́͜H̠̤͎͎̞̱̣̄͊̾E̵̖͍ͮ̈ͭ̄̇̂̊R̻͎ͥͭͩN͎͛̄̂̇̑͑͒A̝̯̭̰̟̮̮̔̐͌͘B̨̳͎͙ͥ͑̓O̼͈͍̗ͦ̾̅G͐̏͆ͤ̋̏͑͏̰̲̙͙ ̗̦̳̇͛̊ͫ̀͗̈́I̦͉̋̀S̗̣͙̗̟ ̪̰͕̽͐̿C̴̲̟̟͓̣̎͒ͮ̔̿R̨̯̣͉̰̖̗͋̈̓̈́̓͒̉Yͭ̓Ị̩͈͔̝N̟̮͕ͣ̓͌̈́ͬͣ͒G̫.̙̖̜ͤ͌̂͗ ̹͎̩̪̳̝̰̃́̿͛ͨ̎ͮ

    I mean, what the hell, guys. Do you just not have souls? If you had dry eyes when you saw this scene, then the answer is yes. I mean... it's just heart-rending. The way you say all the other babies being able to cuddle up to their mothers, while Mrs. Jumbo can't reach hers... and her trunk barely being able to reach between the tiny bars of her cage... and realizing that she's probably going to be executed and this might be their last time together... I need a moment.

    Also @constantino YES. You need to see Dumbo now. (It was probably the toughest cut from my list of five films.) But you knew that me, Mr. Get-Off-My-Lawn of the Disney Rate, would say that.
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