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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Y'all are hateful!!!
  2. I was 31 and I still saw it in the cinema.
  3. Wow I love When We're Human so much, I did not expect it to go out this soon! Few songs fill me with this much joy.
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  4. Ready to take off into our Top 70?



    You Can Fly!


    Highest Score: 10 x2 (@constantino, @MamaHazey)
    Lowest Score: 2 x2 (@send photo, @DJHazey)
    My Score: 3.5

    Aw, Peter Pan finally walks the plank as we lose the second and final song from the film a whole twenty-five places after That Which Shall Not Be Named. As you can probably tell from my score, I’m not particularly sad to see the back of it. Wanting to teach young children to fly via the magic of happiness is a nice enough endeavour, but doing so just to take them to a far-off land so you can get the girl? Pan, sis. Chill out. I know you never grow up or whatever, but stopping being an obnoxious, petulant wee dick might help your chances more than a sprinkle of pixie dust teebs. Also, like, what were you planning to do if those kids leapt out the window and just plummeted to their death? I don’t think you’d fare well in juvenile detention. Anyway, Peter Pan’s soundtrack is the last one I think truly suffers from its age; the music of, say, Sleeping Beauty and The Jungle Book has an inexplicable timeless quality to them, though while just as recognisable, You Can Fly! just sounds so obviously trapped in the 1950s that I find it hard to enjoy m’fraid. Hopefully you guys could find more to appreciate.

    I suspect Sprockrooster must have just opened the Popjustice dictionary at a random page in order to come up with “A bop.” for this song, but then 2014 calls it “fun in song form.”, so maybe it’s just me. constantino justifies his 10 with “What a gorgeous piece of music this is; lush, grand, sweeping, joyful and exciting. One of Disney’s finest.”, while DJHazey does the same for his 2 with: “The screams of ‘he can fly!’ are so damn annoying (I'm not sorry) and that's all I've ever remembered about it. That's a not good sign.” Yeah the scene is rightfully far more iconic the song. GimmeWork aims for a pun: “Listening to this song wishing I was as fly as Pan and Tink!”, while Weslicious stans for a more unlikely hero: “Poor Nana being tied up. Michael is low key the best Disney kid for trying to bring her to Neverland. Sod a Wendy, screw a John!” I think Peter’s aiming for the vice versa teebs. Mina couldn’t forgive and forget Pan’s stage career: “I had an unpleasant flashback to the unfortunate Peter Pan Live! TV special whilst watching this.” Okay but was Carly in it? No? Irrelevant then.

    send photo has some safety concerns: “I wonder if this had a part in ‘don’t try this at home’ disclaimers being developed.”, and apparently they’re not entirely unfounded. “I so wanted to fly Peter Pan style when I was a kid.” iheartpoptarts admits, while eccentricsimply reached out and touched those dreams. And the floor: “ICONIC. I fell from my bed a lot of times trying to fly.” Sue Disney for damages though. Raichu doesn’t have the patience: “Like ‘When I See An Elephant Fly’ from Dumbo, this is talky but it doesn’t work here. The song picks up later on in its duration, but by then, it’s too late.”, and who can blame them really. LKane: “This song feels so old now. One of those that haven’t aged well. A bit boring. in general Peter Pan is a boring movie, never liked it.” and Mushroom: “Sort of highlights an issue I have with a lot of these older songs where they’re so technically proficient at what they set out to do, but just feel that little less formless than those from the Renaissance onwards.” are objectively correct, because they agree with me. Finally, here’s MollieSwift21: “The animation is wonderful for this. All it takes is faith and trust and little bit of pixie dust being the best part.”

    "The animation is wonderful for this."


    "The animation is wonderful"




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  5. I sure gave out some suspicious 10s, didn't I?
  6. Especially in comparison to some of your suspicious low scores yet to come...
  7. I love Peter Pan.
  8. Oh my god.
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  9. I never much cared for Peter Pan, and I blame the Neverland arc for tanking Once Upon a Time's second season. The first was amazing, and then the second they begun being introduced, everything went downhill.
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  10. I never got into Once Upon A Time, which is ridiculous cause all I know about it is that Pam from True Blood was Maleficent and that sounds right up my street.
  11. Yeah, but she's barely in it, so you're not missing out on anything. I'd say watch the first season (which was incredible, the way they tied up everything that came before in the finale was masterful) and then run for the hills.

    In unrelated Peter Pan adaptation news: I might also dislike it because the Hook boss battle was the point I gave up on the original Kingdom Hearts, I could never get through it.
  12. OH GOD YES WHY IS IT SO FUCKING DIFFICULT??? That and the shadow-Sora fight inside the ship mean I always dread the Peter Pan level.
  13. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    A nightmare.
  14. I hate-watched it for way too long. Gave up when they started introducing Frozen of all goddamn things. Robert Carlyle was the only thing making it watchable at that point.

    Oh yeah, "You Can Fly". Probably the best bit of Peter Pan, aside from Conrad Veidt's performance as Hook. As to my opinion on the film, it's similar to that of Sword in the Stone - quite fun, but I'd not count it as top tier.
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  15. Finally! Bye byeee Peter Pan!

  16. ohnostalgia

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    So every Rate then?

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  18. ןǝʇ,s sǝǝ ʍɥɐʇ,s uǝxʇ' sɥɐןן ʍǝ¿



    Topsy Turvy


    Highest Score: 10 x1 (@Serg.), 9.5 x1 (@Conan)
    Lowest Score: 0 x1 (@DJHazey)
    My Score: 7.5

    Poor, misunderstood Clopin becomes the Renaissance’s third casualty as we throw Hunchback’s high-energy musical centrepiece into the stocks and ready our rotten fruit. But hey, at least we’ve finally hit 6.00 averages! Things are starting to get real. Topsy Turvy soundtracks Quasimodo’s first experience of the world outside his bell-tower, at the celebrated Feast of Fools where everyone mistakes Quasi for a contestant in the running for the ugliest mask and it all gets horribly gruesome and emotionally devastating and will make you never want to leave the house or talk to a human being ever again ‘cause they’re all just fucking terrible. As I said earlier in the thread, I really like that the song contrasts so greatly with the horrors that follow; it’s a dichotomy that violently hammers home how naive and vulnerable Quasimodo is, which in turn would make you hate Frollo that little bit more, if such a thing was possible. Speaking of Frollo, there’s a bit in the song where he’s referred to as a “priest”, which was (accidentally?) left in after Disney made the choice to change his character from a priest to a judge, to avoid the holy wrath of those kind of people. You know the type. That’s not the only reference to the original Victor Hugo novel in the song either – Clopin calling her “La Esmeralda” and specifically dating the festival as “on the 6th of January” were deliberate nods to the source material too, which is cute.

    So aye, I think the effectiveness and shock value of the Feast of Fools scene owes a lot to Topsy Turvy, and I enjoy the song in all its lively, colourful splendour, but at the end of the day it’s an oddly-structured six-minute marathon from a film you uncultured swines love to hate, so I wasn’t expecting it to do too well.

    No prizes for guessing which moment DJHazey singles out: “What in the actual fuck is this nonsense? I'm getting a headache. Esmerelda's entrance aside, this is just noise to me.” Didn’t think to check the spelling of your eye-candy’s name nah? Reboot gets it right, at least: “Fun fact (which I’ve only just remembered): When I was a kid, like five or six, we had a ‘carnival’ (dress-up) party at school and I came dressed up as Esmeralda. I obviously had the best costume of all.” I’m jealous, honestly. LKane has fond childhood memories of the scene too: “As a kid this was a very fun song to listen. I used to like Clopin a lot, so I think this was my fave song. Now that I listen to it, still has something that I like about it. Probably nostalgia, not my fave now, but pretty good one.”, but eccentricsimply still feels that emotional stab to the gut: “This song is amazing, but I associate it to what happens next in the movie and I get so sad.” I feel ya, sis. And so does one of our resident Hunchback stans, kalonite: “Clopin's a great character, and I love how he keeps slipping back to the ‘Come one, come all’ of Bells of Notre Dame. Poor Quasi. It's not gonna end well here.”

    Sprockrooster calls it a “Party anthem”, and I’m making a note to never go to one of his parties. Raichu’s had enough partying for one rate though, thanks: “Entertaining enough and well written, but I’m really tiring of this sort of song by now.”, and constantino thinks he’s had better times elsewhere: “This is fun but it pales compared to similar moments in stronger soundtracks in the rate. Sonics aside, the concept of him being validated for his ugliness is oddly touching, isn’t it?” For, like, two minutes sure. Then all hell breaks loose. I’ll let MollieSwft21 play us out again by saying in two sentences what I tried to say in two paragraphs: “The carnival and jovial vibe to start paired with cruelness of what follows is compelling. The song itself is just missing a little something.”

    And I’m out!


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  19. Loving these writeups!!!
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    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    The shade on my Peter Pan commentary. Kind of sad it's out already.
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