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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. I'm not big on Hunchback so I'm not too bothered with this as well, as long as Hellfire stays a bit longer. That was chilling.

    And now, it's time for me to enjoy this rainy Saturday afternoon and watch The Princess and the Frog.
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  2. Right, this isn't going well for me, is it?

    One of the most successful and least annoying comic numbers of the Renaissance, I would say, and the gypsy-jazz feel to Esmeralda's introduction is a very nice touch. Plus, you'll see in the sequence, this is where Disney really got the hang of blending CGI and traditional animation, and it's just stunningly done.
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  3. I'm catching up now and I CAN'T BELIEVE that Perfect Isn't Easy is already out. Heathens, etc.

    Also, those Peter Pan screencaps had me screaming.
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  4. I knew Shiny was going to be done wrong. Anything too weird never gets too far in these rates.
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  5. It's been a while since I've last done one of these, but I wanted to get back on that old horse for:


    Firstable, I'd like to state a warning. I'm currently on a deep, powered by Wikipedia™ dive through a Voodoo-themed wormhole, learning all of the tips and all of the tricks, and it's for one reason only: if you gave Almost There, Friends on the Other Side and/or Dig a Little Deeper anything below an 8, I'm turning ye into a mute frog faster than you can yell "cultural appropriation!", so you can't even reason your way towards a kiss with a princess. And then I'm also taking your hearing because you clearly don't deserve it, if you've been using yours to not think those are all stellar songs from a stellar soundtrack for a stellar movie. Me and my shadow friends (not to be confused with Melisandre's shadow babies) are coming for ya, with all of the power of the color green.


    Moving on.

    Yew guyyyyssss, The Princess and the Frog is SO. GOOD. It didn't beat neither Frozen nor Moana to me, but if this is indeed Disney's last foray into hand-drawn animation (spoiler: it won't be, nostalgia never goes out of style), they definitely went out with a bang, and I'd like to posit that this movie is less of a victory tour and more of an apology for all the times the company has fucked with our collective childhood, either by enforcing racist and/or misogynous stereotypes, or by simply driving a knife through our hearts with all these depressive plot twists (poor, [Insert Main Character's Dead Parent(s)'s Name Here]).

    I think what makes this movie is that it isn't a complete 180º of the misguided messages from the Disney movies of yore (that I dragged here, in particular when it came to The Little Mermaid), because, while telling sweet, innocent girls/gays that they have nothing to worry about, as long as they stay pretty and snatch themselves a hubby, ~~Trew Lawve will solve all their problems!~~ ranges from naively unrealistic to malicious brainwashing, I'm not exactly advocating we teach our youth that we are all tiny specks of dust floating around the terrifying emptiness of space in a slightly less-tiny speck of dust and that our lives are as meaningless as those of ants and, as such, the attempt to assign feeling and meaning to anything is as futile as the act of living itself. So, yeah, between blind faith in fairy tales and staring long enough into the void that it says "hi!", there must be a middle ground, a compromise, and that's where this movie's message lies.

    From the very beginning, we're told by Tiana's father that she can wish upon a star, but that's only 50% of the way, the other half being: hard work. And then we get Mama Odie's (Talented! Brilliant! Incredible! Amazing! Showstopping! Spectacular!) number, and it's all about knowing what you need and working towards it, instead of what you want. And, lastly, this is still a Princess movie with a romantic thorough-line, but it never comes out and say having Naveen is what Tiana needs to be happy, instead, it states her dream is what gives her joy, falling in love with a prince (and becoming a princess) was just a happy coincidence along the way. That compromise between true love and reasonable expectations is what elevates this story and it feels at once like Disney's apology for its somewhat toxic legacy and a genuine message being imparted.

    Finally: the villain is a male version of Ursula and he has a psychedelic number full of floating neon skulls and magic cards, that alone would make me love this movie.

    Grade: 9 out of 10 fireflies leading the way towards an A+ musical number.

    Next up: Vanilla Sky! Wait, what do you mean that's not a Disney movie?
  6. [​IMG]

    (And yes, I know that's from the 1977 one and not the 2011 one, WHADDAYA WANT FROM ME. But I hope they give it a go again at some point, anyway.)
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  7. Oh, woop, sorry Eeyore, now all I can notice is your tail 50 Shades of Grey-ing.

    Can you tell I'm not exactly a Disney specialist? Haha.
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  8. ...Oof. I just noticed that, actually. Ain't animation glitches always fun to spot? (Better than him being recoloured blue - you know, like donkeys are - in the cheapquels, anyway.)
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  9. Hey guys I'm back from working on the first half our next tie! Are y'all rea--


    oh no​


    Friends On The Other Side


    Highest Score: 9 x3 (@alanmr, @Ironheade, @HollyDunnSomething)
    Lowest Score: 3 x1 (@iheartpoptarts)
    My Score: 7.5

    I'M SORRY. God I wish I’d scored this half a point higher so it didn’t have to tie with what it’s tying with. Why do you all hate anything with an even slightly complex structure or a hint of darkness? I mean, I’ve learned to expect it from @iheartpoptarts, but the rest of you? I’m disappointed. Friends On The Other Side is a fantastic combination of classic villain song and New Orleans soul, wrapped up tightly in new, spooky twist to Disney’s signature storytelling-through-music shtick. Using a shady fortune-teller to foreshadow the plot is a genius move, especially when you notice those little amphibious hints (“You just wanna be free, hop from place to place” / “When I look into your future, it’s the green that I see”). It’s exactly what you would want and expect from Dr Facilier’s character in this setting, and then when it all goes bonkers at the end? Yas. That demonic chanting and those feverish “ARE YA READY!?”s coupled with the insane(ly amazing) visuals are just such a moment. My only real complaint is that takes a touch too long to get to that moment, so the song itself kinda suffers from its prolonged exposition-intro. Still, y’all have done this dirty. Let’s see how you try and worm your way outta this one.

    “No.” says Sprockrooster, and Reboot merely offers up a half-hearted “Not feeling this.”, too. Thank you both for those insightful comments. Truly. MollieSwift21 gives me the quality content I’m looking for though: “The bit at the end is what really makes the song. The song really came to life for me after seeiing the castle show during halloween at Magic Kingdom.”, and DJHazey is quick to save himself from voodoo shenanigans too: “I don't know who this guy is, but he is kind of iconic and his storytelling is instantly captivating.” HollyDunnSomething is here for Facilier’s wicked ways: “By the standard of villain songs, this is really good, and suits the film perfectly.”, but LKane won’t be shaking his hand any time soon: “If I compare this song to other villains song, this one stays very low. But it is actually not that bad. Too much talking.” Speaking of other villain songs, Mina answers their own question: “Rasputin from the non-Disney Anastasia movie did it better. Remind me again why we're not rating that one?” and teebs I’m tempted to dock points from their 11 for daring to mention that film in here. constantino has issues with the song structure: “I want to like this but it’s way too choppy for my liking...just give me a melody.”, while Raichu’s problem seems to be the same one they have with every song: “Very solid melody but I’m so tired of this kind of song.” Sis I’m starting to think you’re tired of music. Finally, GimmeWork gets gaggy: “Gimme that voodoo honey! YAS!”



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  10. I'm coming to dread notifications from you. Because seriously

    Ẅ̢͔̰̯́ͦͅĤ͔̯̟̯̹Â̦̣̼̹͔̮̈ͤ͑ͧ͠T̠͍̘̩̭̹̄͗ͩͥͤ̆ ͉̪̬͌̆ͫ̆͗ͤ̓͘Ṭ̛̼̹͐ͬͭ̑H͖͓̥̰̖ͯ͆̏͆̚͡Ē͍̘̜͍͈ͩ͒̃ ͛̈̑͏̬̫̳͙S̲̠ͬͣ̏H̀ͪ̀ͨI̩̹̳͖̝̐̄͟ͅȚ̺ͧ̏̆̋͌̿͞T̼̲̫͙̀̀̾̿̐͋I̯̖̣̜͈Ň̬͉̭̼͙̥̖̑͗̍̉̎G̮̣̮̹̖̳̓ ̨͙̽F͈̺̊̄̓̂̓̈U͖͍͚̍̊͋̉ͦͯ͜C̨̳̻͙̭̣̬̐̓͆̆K̛̖̖͚̦͔̝̰ͭ ͔̬̟̘̩̦͗͢I̻̱̘̘̥̦͛̏̈́ͭS͓͓͊ ̳̬̘̞̞̤Ṭ̵̱̓̈͊̐̊̏͂Ḧ́ͤͩ̇̚̚͏̹̮İ̩̱̏ͦͩͯ͝S͔̲̆̓̌̎̃͆́ ̦̙̰̞̺̃ͧ̓͐B̠̗̳̜̌ͬ͗̊͝A͚̤͓̝̣̺̩̍̄ͨL͉͊̊͊̾ͨ͡L̤̩͙̙̇ͨ̚S̥͎̏̉̔

    ...No, genuinely. I don't understand this forum's taste in Disney music at all. @Animalia nailed that opening paragraph. If the trite shittery of "A Whole New World" or "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" goes top 20, in the wake of this li'l masterpiece being eliminated? I will come for your young.

    (Also, c'mon, Anastasia was OK.)
  11. Don't look at me - many of my 10s went to villain songs/the rest of the Hunchback soundtrack.

    Also, feel free to refer to me as a she in your commentary.
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    I swear @Animalia isn't sharing the ranking with me, guys, but I will need ha to share the low scores for this song...


    ... because I'm coming for y'all.
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  13. Almost half the voters gave it a 5 or lower and I can't let you kill them all and ruin my likes m'fraid.
  14. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Yeah this just didn't do anything for me.
    Also I'll take love songs over villain ones any day.
  15. I won't kill them, they can like your posts with their frog tongues.

  16. ...For real? But why? The whole voodoo theme is brilliant and creative for Disney, the vocal's got charisma for days, and the animation throughout is superb. (Rasputin's prancing pink bugs hew? We got a new animated king of spooky things here, folks - thou hast done good service unto Chernabog, Facilier.)

    And remember what I said? The freaky bits of Disney movies are always the best. When you do movies without them, you get 70's Disney, and nobody wants that.
  17. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    NOOOOOOOOOO. Clearly I should've given the entire Princess and the Frog soundtrack 10s to compensate for the taste of this forum.
  18. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    (Buzz killer-mode:) but then it wouldn't have been an accurate impression of the forum's collective taste which seems more relevant to me than making sure your faves do well.
  19. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I'm one vote in a sea of like 59- it wouldn't have changed much except broke some tragic ties.
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