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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Funny, I thought it was the kind of soundtrack the forum would turn out for en masse! Clearly, I am Jon Snow.
  2. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    It's not Pop enough sadly. I'm now anticipating my second choice 11 Almost There to go in like the next 20 places.
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  3. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I did really enjoy one or two of the songs by the 'princess' in that movie.
  4. We've been mostly on the same side the entire rate, does that make me Samwell Tarly?

    But I wanna be Arya!

    I refuse to believe that amazing change in art direction alone won't catapult this into the Top 20. C'mon, PopJustice, don't do your name wrong in this one!
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  5. Anything even vaguely jazzy gets crushed in these rates. It makes me sad quite often.
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  6. Those songs will almost certainly go top 20. Actually, I would say that they're a lock for top 10.
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  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Esmerelda is such an underrated Disney Queen.
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  8. Not me, I'm a high scorer!
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  9. I'm not mad, I'm disappointed.
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  10. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    I Won't Say I'm In Love is the obvious winner here, right?
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  11. If by winner you mean second place to Part Of Your World then yes.
  12. Hey there! Sorry this is late, we went out for a cute hike around some scenic hills to savour the last of the sun.

    Which was quite appropriate, actually.


    On My Way


    Highest Score: 10 x1 (@Lost Boy)
    Lowest Score: 3 x3 (@Mushroom, @ohnostalgia, @HollyDunnSomething)
    My Score: 7.5

    Well, this has been a long time coming huh? I have no idea how Phil Collins managed to survive unscathed for so long on Popjustice of all places, but honestly I’m pretty pleased he did. Thankfully my host status protects me from being dragged (right?) so I can safely say I actually really like Phil Collins’ voice. I think his tone and song-writing style fit perfectly with the atmosphere of both films, even if it is a tad disconcerting to have an invisible, omnipotent voice singing the songs rather than the characters themselves. But hey, he was never gonna be the tea for you guys, so really the question is: why is On My Way his first loss? It’s like the “glittery pop” to Tarzan’s “jungle dad rock”, there’s an adorable bear cub singing along, it has whistling, it has triumphant brass and the film itself is oh wait yeah I get it now. There are only two types of people in the world; those who haven’t seen Brother Bear, and those who think it’s a bit shit. And it’s such a shame, ‘cause the plot had potential and the culture it draws from is so rich with amazing mythology and tradition, but it just falls completely flat on-screen. Honestly, this song and the motion-capture bloopers with real bear cubs in the credits are the only real highlights. But yeah, the song. I really enjoy it – I like the whole cheesy we’re-going-on-a-literal-journey-across-land-but-also-it’s-a-metaphorical-journey-for-the-soul sort of thing it has going on, and those horns before the final chorus pop off a bitsy. It’s a good song at its heart, but it’s let down by basically everything around it.

    DJHazey won’t miss it though: “Screaming, Phil Collins yet again? Okay this has now gotten out of hand, talk about sounding a bit samey.”, and he’s not the only one thinking the man has outstayed his welcome – Mina says it “Sounds like every other Phil Collins song”, while constantino makes me Google something I wish I hadn’t: “Omar Naber is shaking. I have never watched Brother Bear but it looks like an absolute hoot...not. This would be a 7 but Phil Collins.” Oh my God that song is woefully terrible. I would’ve given Spain points over it, which is saying something. Raichu doesn’t think it quite lives up to expectation: “Limper than Phil’s Tarzan songs, but there’s something quite feel good about this.”, but LKane seems to see it hitting new heights: “We have Phil Collins again but this time with a more catchy song and with less percussions, which makes it more enjoyable than Tarzan.” Whoops, sorry. MollieSwift21 has it right though: “This song is a forgotten gem in Disney Universe. Best part of the movie.” Truth! And Reboot backs us up: “GREAT song. The bears are absolutely adorable in this clip.”

    Opinions on he film itself were surprisingly divided, by which I mean a whole two of you had something nice to say. ephemeralartery proclaims “Brother Bear was unfairly maligned! Need to rewatch soon.”, while Sprockrooster just has it completely backwards: “That movie is so sad I have no words. It did not deserve this mediocre song.” Hm. Renowned Canadian send photo isn’t angry, he’s disappointed: “I watched this the other day for this and it kind of fell flat. Really disappointed as I love the concept (and region naturally). Song is lowkey better than the Tarzan songs even if it’s shoehorned in.”, but eccentricsimply really is just angry: “I have nothing to say about the song, but damn I detest this movie.” and iheartpoptarts is just plain oblivious: “Somehow I have zero recollection of this even being a movie.” Sometimes ignorance really is bliss. Mushroom gets top billing this time for one of my favourite pieces of commentary in the whole damn rate.

    “Kerchak did not die for this.”

    Ddddddd bye, have some cute bears.


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  13. Haven't seen the film but the song is irresistible. I really do love his voice.
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  14. I just had this weird flashback from when I was a kid and spent an entire Sunday afternoon playing the games that came with Brother Bear's DVD. I have no recollection of how they are, I just know they're there and that I was, apparently, as bored then as I am right now.
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  15. Yeah, what I said about this one before stands. Like the Tarzan ones, but not as catchy and with weaker lyrics, soundtracking a lazy montage. (Which is the Brother Bear soundtrack overall, really. All I can remember of the songs from that film are the chorus of "On My Way" and scattered bits from "Circle of Life" - er, sorry, "Great Spirits".)

    Plus... there's way too much Bob and Doug McKenzie interrupting it in the middle. I don't know exactly what a hoser is, but I reckon the Disney executive who came up with the idea to have Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas reprise them would qualify as one.
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  16. This is doubly appropriate cause I forgot to put sun cream on. Help.
  17. I really like Phil Collins (in a non-ironic way, Groovy Kind of Love is the shit), I just didn't really like this song.
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  18. Let's all bop to Phil Collins' best song while I order Chinese and think about starting the next elimination x
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  19. The shade of picking a cover as his best song! (Still a bop though.)
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  20. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    On My Way's inclusion puzzled me when Look Through My Eyes seemed to be the movie's main song/single.
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