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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. You're all welcome.
  2. One song from the film was enough teebs and Look Through My Eyes is a bargain bucket, adult-contemporary rip-off of Avril Lavigne's I'm With You so ehhhhhh. (Also I forgot it existed until very recently.)
  3. In The Air Tonight is clearly the best Phil Collins song. He never really showed that kind of edge again, even though he supplied plenty of bops.
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  4. [​IMG]



    Streets of Gold


    Highest Score: 9.5 x2 (@eccentricsimply, @Raichu)
    Lowest Score: 2 x1 (@MamaHazey), 2.5 x2 (@Ironheade, @LKane)
    My Score: 8

    This bonafide 80s BAWP though??? The good sis Rita is werking that voluminous weave, strutting down those city streets with effortless class and beauty while she lays down the law for the uneducated. Let them know, queen. Yas. I don’t understand what y’all have against the female character in this film but it’s… distressing. This is a solid, fun slice of nostalgic pop gold performed by none other than Ruth Pointer (of The Pointer Sisters, in or out of their Andrew Christian underwears) as well?? C’mon. It deserved better than this, regardless of your feelings about the film. Having said that I, uh, don’t have much else to say about it, so here’s a fun fact – I spent way too much time cropping out the One World Trade Centre from the NYC skyline in Oliver & Company’s gif border ‘cause it wouldn’t have existed at the time of the film and I couldn’t find a decent shot from the 80s to use. I need a life, chapter 43.

    In perhaps the most damning of all critiques, you guys didn't have too much to say about it either. iheartpoptarts calls it “Like Disney meets PJOPS.”, which would have me more interested in the contest if finding one song a month wasn’t already stressful enough. “This is a bit of a Disney bop isn’t it? asks GhettoPrincess. Yes. Yes it is. Just ask Raichu! “Streets of Bop. I’m impressed by how well the songs from this movie work as pop songs.” Part of me would love to see what Disney would do with a similarly star-studded soundtrack nowadays, but I guess it’d be filled with Demis, Selenas and the like so… hard pass. Oh hey, it’s DJHazey! “This diva-dog's perm, OMG! Compared to the first two songs this one is very 'meh' though.” constantino begs to differ, but mostly ‘cause he thinks the whole soundtrack is meh: “I can appreciate how 80s this is (and the fact that it is at least sang by a woman) but this is still pretty shoddy.” Lies. MollieSwift21 doesn’t get the hype either: “Nice enough but nothing makes it stand out.”, while LKane’s issue lies more in the film itself: “Nice try, but no. I think in general the animation on this movie disturbs me.” Sprockrooster shoots for another pun: “But no golden song.”, but did he score? You decide. To finish, Epic Chocolat recognises “A proper good 80’s soundtrack tune.” when he sees one, and eccentricsimply takes it one – hell, several – steps further: “This is quite possibly one of the best things Disney's ever done???” Uh... Is the 66th best close enough?


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  5. Good. It's insipid and dance pop from 1988 is awful - probably the worst representation of Oliver and Company's failed attempts at being hip and contemporary. And the "isn't life in New York sassy?" angle makes me want to retch. Sorry, Ruth Pointer, but you can't save this turkey.

    (Ooh, a notification that doesn't make me sad! There's a first.)
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  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Phil Collins is a legend, simple.
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  7. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    The entirety of that soundtrack made me cringe, not just the female characters song!
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  8. What I feel about Oliver & company in general is that it is a movie that looks like made by Fox or other company. It doesn't have that Disney quality.
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Anastasia can be an exception haha
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  11. On My Way deserved much, much better, but then again I'm not surprised because people here are allergic to most male vocals. I hope the other songs he has left will fare a little better.
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  12. Hello!



    Once Upon A Time In New York City


    Highest Score: 10 x3 (@Conan, @Serg., @Sprockrooster)
    Lowest Score: 0 x1 (@constantino)
    My Score: 7

    Poor wee Oliver. He and his gang of loveable misfits hit hard times now as Why Should I Worry? is left as their only song still standing, which is definitely correct, but happening far too soon. Once Upon A Time In New York City was the other song added to the list at the last minute by @Conan’s request, so hey – it may be leaving early, but at least it survived 25 cuts longer than Best of Friends. Poor it. This also marks our first loss for one of – if not the – greatest thing to ever happen to Disney; the late, great Howard Ashman. We’ll talk more later about how he revolutionised the idea of the Disney musical and lead the charge into the Renaissance years, but this was the first song he ever wrote for the company. Without this song there would probably be no Beauties, no Beasts, no Little Mermaids, etc. etc. so it deserves love and respect for paving the way for greatness, but realistically the song itself isn’t quite on the same level. Huey Lewis (of “& the News” fame) delivers a nice, lighters-in-the-air 80s pop ballad, but it’s serving some dated Smooth Radio realness these days, which of course fits the film perfectly, but it sadly just doesn’t stand up to most of what’s left. I want to know who at Disney thought it was a good idea to drown out the dramatic sax solo (i.e. the best part of the song) with obnoxiously loud dog barking though. I deducted a point for that. Carly would never.

    Let’s open with lowest scorer constantino, who justifies his zero loudly and irrationally: “What the fuck is this? Some dated, tacky nightmare??? This GARBAGE has no place in this rate, just like the irrelevant film it features on.” Nawt when you gave You Can Fly! a 10 though. A few of you were, quite rightly more offended by Oliver’s situation than the song itself. send photo, like all good Canadians, senses an opportunity to trash the US and jumps on it: “Who leaves kittens out like that?? NYC stays the worst.” MollieSwift21: “Great opening song. Poor Oliver though.” and Reboot: “I like how different the Oliver And Company soundtrack is compared to all the other Disney movies. Fucking sad beginning of the movie, though. Poor thing.” are writing to their local animal protection charities as we speak, too. Mina, meanwhile, brings up the bane of my existence again: “Finally, I love ‘Once Upon a December’, I'm totally giving it my 11... oh wait, wrong song. What a disappointment.” ANASTACIA IS OVERRATED.

    Sprockrooster finds an unexpected gem: “What a brilliant discovery! Instantly taken!”, and Raichu’s hungry for more too: “A bit cheesy but I dig it.” Can Pokémon even eat cheese? That sounds risky. DJHazey is feeling the nostalgia: “I've actually never watched this movie but I'm getting a kick out of how it sounds like a regular 80s pop station rather than a Disney movie soundtrack. This sounds like the opening credits track for an 80s sitcom for example and I'm sort living for it.”, and he’s not the only one to pick up on that vibe. iheartpoptarts notes “This one almost sounds more cheesy sitcom theme song than Disney to me.”, and Subwaykid is living for the gig: “What sort of cheesy late 80's sitcom theme song realness? How did I completely forget about this movie and how influential was it on my taste in music today?” Yas Disney ha impacT.

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  13. BYE.
  14. Best song in the movie, probably could've lasted a bit longer if I'm honest. But... really? Huey Lewis? Even by 1988, he wouldn't exactly have been kids' choice. (Then again, Disney recruiting past-their-prime pop stars is sort of a regular theme.)

    Also, no, Disney. Are you seriously going to suggest that, even in New York, a pet shop literally can't give a kitten away for free? C'mon now.
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  15. nn I'm so relieved someone got this
  16. Oop, @Sprockrooster is shook.
  17. I'm going to be catching up forever, but for now let me say that I'm shocked 'Streets of Gold' left so early. It sounds like an actual pop hit we'd all bop to - what's not to love?

    I think I need to see this Oliver movie. It's so aggressively 80s and it kind of makes my life.
  18. I will have my revenge with Joga in the Winners Rate.
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  19. Well, probably collaborating with Huey Lewis was not the best thing for Howard Ashman, but hey! he did better after this with Alan Menken!
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  20. OK, at first glance and for a further 20 seconds I thought this was an off-shoot of


    Which is apt as I need to be drunk to bother with Oliver & Co.
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