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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Heigh-Ho outlasting mostly meh songs makes up for its placement, but it's really not that bad of a result in the end. I started out with an 8 for it and eventually moved it up to 10. It's just too iconic.

    I'm thrilled Why Should I Worry? is the #1 Oliver & Co track. It's the song I should've given a 10/10. I've never heard it before but it felt like a classic immediately. Rooting for it as if it were a 10.

    The Demi, Selena, and Avril shade was seen, noted, and will be remembered when the Winner's Rate starts up as @Sprockrooster already threatened after you subconsciously dragged Anastacia.

    I'm going to go for a bit of shocker and say Cinderella goes next.
  2. After Heigh-Ho, I wouldn't be surprised to see " bibidi babidi boo " next
  3. It Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Better Not!
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  4. Right, actual-real-life stuff outta the way for now, lemme get to work on this.

    Aw you're too kind! Thank you for giving me my 20,000th Like earlier!
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  5. Okay but can we lose Aladdin please.
  6. If we're going to cut an Aladdin song out, I'd be okay with it being Friend Like Me.
  7. A Whole New World is the only Aladdin song I'll tolerate losing before the top 25.
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  8. Not when that was my highest score for the movie, and also not when One Jump Ahead and Prince Ali are right there, ripe for the taking.

    Not that they're bad, per se, the rest is just better.
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  9. Songs I wouldn't mind going from the untouched multiple-song films:

    Cinderella - Both
    The Little Mermaid - None
    Beauty & The Beast - Gaston
    Aladdin - None
    The Lion King - Be Prepared/Can You Feel The Love Tonight?
    Hercules - All Of It Really, especially my 0s and 1 though.
    Mulan - A Girl Worth Fighting For/Honour To Us All
    Tarzan - Anything But Son Of Man
    Tangled - I've Got A Dream

    *lights match and walks away*
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  10. [​IMG]
  11. The only way I'll accept losing A Whole New World before Top 25 is if it comes in at #26.
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  12. ENOUGH!!! You bunch of JAFARS'... talking about 'a whole new world' exiting when we are at #65... If this song wins I will not be mad.
  13. Can all the Tangled songs please fuck off?
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  14. ... They all deserve top ten.
  15. I love all the Tangled songs, they're so fun and classic Disney (see iconic moment in my avi)
  16. I don't actually think "A Whole New World" should leave just yet, but I merely like it while I love the other songs from Aladdin.
  17. HELLO sorry I forgot I had to get PJSC votes in, blame @2014.​

    I’ve Got A Dream


    Highest Score: 10 x2 (@Lost Boy, @Mama Hazey)
    Lowest Score: 0 x1 (@DJHazey), 3 x1 (@Mina)
    My Score: 7.5

    No fooling you guys, huh? It’s goodbye to Tangled’s main comic relief as we cast this little slice of nonsense into the abyss. Poor thing was actually faring much worse for most of the voting period, hanging around the mid 70s for a long while before some generous late scores bumped it up, and honestly I was surprised to see it attract so much hate? It’s a fairly inoffensive, standard Disney comedy affair with some pretty great voice acting all around and, of course, some overzealous stereotype flipping. Turns out you can be a violent barbarian and play piano? I hope Elton gets the memo and unleashes the ruthless savage inside him. For real though – “I’d rather be called deadly for my killer showtune medley” is a fantastic line, as is “Call us brutal, sad, sadistic, and grotesquely optimistic!” for that matter. There are moments of greatness, but it’s a bit too Three cheers for individuality! Dreams can come true! Equal opportunities for thieves, vagabonds and murderers! etc., some of the jokes are a bit juvenile and the accordion isn’t exactly a hot commodity around here. It wasn’t always a Broadway-goes-folk moment of whatever though, it was originally a typical anthemic Be Yourself number but was re-written to fit the film more. For better or worse, we’ll never know. Funnily enough, our man Menken himself would be quite happy with this result – even he doesn’t like this song. He said in an interview that someone once ran up to him yelling “Oh my god Alan Menken!? I love I’ve Got A Dream!!!” and all he could say was “… why?” Self-aware king.

    Your silence says it all, really. Let’s check in on the few of you who could muster enough interest either way to comment. DJHazey recognises their dreams, and shatters them: “I must have tuned this thing out of my mind right after seeing the movie. What a mess.”, and Mina was taken aback by the visuals too: “I really should not have watched the ‘music video’ of this one.” I love it, truly, but Tangled can be one ugly-ass film when it tries. MollieSwift21 calls it “A little too much of a novelty song.”, and Sprockrooster gets puntastic once again with a strong “More like a nightmare.” I’ll give it a 6.25/10 to go with the song. You’re welcome! “It is kind of a nice Viking song but… not for me.” confesses LKane, while Raichu gets me in the mood: “I’ve heard it all before. I’ve heard it all before.” For Madonna, you harlots. Calm down. We’ll end with constantino, because he’s a gem and also the only one to offer up more than a single sentence. Hope your exams went well, bb! “Disney: Breaking down stereotypes, one bop at a time. No but seriously Rapunzel, sis, it’s time to invest in a scrunchie, some bobby pins and most importantly, some shoes. This shit was cute when you were in your tower but this trampy aesthetic won’t fly on the outside world.”

    I feel very attacked.

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  18. Yas.
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  19. Also I just realised I've been making @MamaHazey pink to match the actual usernames this whole time but they're no longer pink in the new forum layout anyway and now I'm questioning everything I've ever known I HATE CHANGE
  20. I absolutely adore Tangled. A true slept on classic.
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