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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. You're welcome.

    Also, this cut is all wrong.
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  2. I watched Shrek The Third today and it turns out that they did the same scene way better with Prince Charming and the villains.
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  3. Time for another tie to take us into the Top 60!




    He’s A Tramp


    Highest Score: 10 x1 (@constantino), 9.5 x1 (@Serg.)
    Lowest Score: 0 x1 (@DJHazey), 1 x1 (@Subwaykid)
    My Score: 7.5

    Everyone’s favourite lovesick puppies have slurped their last strand of spaghetti in the rate. Bon appétit, lay-day. He’s A Tramp is that smooth, sultry bop though, I’m happy to see it do so (relatively) well. Peggy is a fashion icon – the windswept hair, the smoky eye, the smouldering temptress waltz, she’s giving you everything and you are living. Don’t deny it. And she can sing and walk back and forth dance too!? Move over Gags, there’s a new triple threat in town and she was doing the John Wayne shtick decades ago. It's a story we’ve heard & lived a thousand times, being shamefully, inexplicably attracted to a rogue/vagabond/brokestraightboy, and our voluminous chanteuse delivers those vocals with such attitude and conviction that you can’t help but let out a “yas queen” alongside your empathy. Until, that is, the song descends into a discordant chorus of obnoxious, irritating barking. Goddammit Disney why do you keep insisting on doing this? We don’t deserve this. Peggy doesn’t deserve this.

    I regret using my anecdote about Peggy Lee suing Disney for The Siamese Cat Song when I really could have used it more here, so, uh, over to you guys! “That yellow shaggy dog is a star.” Raichu starts, “This song has a kind of swinging sass to it that’s really appealing.” Stan a bit. GimmeWork gives credit where credit’s due too: “Cute song but if it hadn't been performed by the amazing floozy pound puppy mistress it wouldn't be nearly as entertaining.”, but Peggy’s womanly wiles didn’t work on GhettoPrincess, who confesses that they “Forgot about this gem.” For shame. The results have been good to DJHazey lately, who gets to explain yet another zero: “When the style of music is so far from anything I'd ever voluntarily listen to, there's nothing else I can do with my score.” And what style would that be? “Sassy jazz.” Oh, thanks Sprockrooster! MollieSwift21 feels for our leading lady: “I like the vibe to the song. Poor Lady in this moment.”, but Weslicious has different (better) priorities: “Here for sultry vamping in my Disney films.” LKane puts personal taste aside to recognise talent: “Very catchy, good one!. Great voice of the singer. Maybe not enough for me, but is is a good song.”, while constantino loses another 10, poor thing: “Peggy Lee’s vocals are like butter on this track, absolutely gorgeous. The stylistic variation across the soundtrack for this film is really quite impressive.”

    Now I get to share with you all my single favourite piece of commentary in the rate, from send photo.

    “Goldie Hawn’s actually got a pretty great voice, is this her only singing role?”






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  4. The first cut, not so bad a choice. The second, a turbo-bad choice. Peggy Lee, the ultimate sultress, how can you go wrong?

    I wish Lady and the Tramp had done better in this rate. Aside from Bambi, it might just have the finest animation of animals ever done.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    I've Got A Dream lasted a bit too long compared to what is out.
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  7. [​IMG]

    Ev’rybody Wants To Be A Cat


    Highest Score: 10 x5 (@Aester, @Raichu, @funky, @Sprockrooster, @constantino)
    Lowest Score: 0 x1 (@send photo), 1 x3 (@Weslicious, @Subwaykid, @DJHazey)
    My Score: 6

    Oh good, more jazz. And this time it’s not even smooth, relatively inoffensive Cheek 2 Cheek jazz – it’s a loud, frantic, in-your-face marathon of noise that only let's up long enough to chuck in a classy harp solo. All signs point towards disaster, but yet… it. goes. AWF. It’s bouncy, it’s charismatic, it’s relatable, and the colourful shindig of a scene alongside it is undeniably iconic. The rampaging, joyous energy during the EVERYBODY! EVERYBODY! outro is annoyingly infectious, and the sheer audacity in having Duchess sing “if you want to turn me on, play your horn” in that flirty tone in a Disney film deserves recognition too. But, alas, we can no longer ignore the elephant in the room. The big, racist elephant.


    Yikes. That’s… unfortunate. Now, I should point out that since those lines were removed from the 1996 soundtrack version of the song, anyone who rated via Spotify rather than the videos wouldn’t have heard it, so no judging those who scored it highly! Unless they openly admit to knowing about this, in which case, get them. I wasn’t quite sure on the etiquette of point deduction for blatant racism in otherwise great music, but I settled on a forgiving three point penalty in the end, if only because they realised their mistake and tried to remedy it. It’s pretty fucking bad though, let’s be real. And to make matters worse – as Ironheade mentioned earlier, the Racist Cat’s voice actor was none other than Tigger himself. I can see my childhood disintegrating before my eyes. Ev’rybody Wants To Be A Cat really is a fantastic little slice of fun completely ruined by some terrible, terrible choices. At least it’s the last racism we should have to contend with here though – three cheers for good taste!

    Weslicious goes in: “I mean, you'd think 'The Siamese Cat Song' would be as bad as that stereotyping would get...” The fifteen years between them didn’t do much good, huh? kalonite says “This was an 8 before the chopsticks.”, but really he just feels attacked ‘cause he can’t use them for shit. send photo is disappointed too: “Oh jeez, you were doing so well.”, but surprisingly, those were the only comments on the matter? I originally though DJHazey’s – “’You can set music back’ – Well you don’t say!” was too, but turns out he wasn’t aware of the racism and was just talking about the genre. It’s a well-known fact that cavemen loved a bit of jazz, y’know – ask Daniel!: “I love the Cheek to Cheek tour.” eccentricsimply can dig it: “I love the jazzy vibes in all the songs from this movie. It's amazing.”, but MollieSwift21 would prefer it in smaller doses: “The jazz feel is great. I love the animation in the scene with that cats dancing. The song itself is just a bit too long.” Raichu gets his life for the duration though: “Oh man, this absolutely the funnest and funkiest song from the earlier periods. The main hook is addictive and the composition is very dynamic.”

    Sprockrooster enjoys a bit of redemption: “I love cats and Disney was portraying them horribly at first (Lucifer and the Siamese cats), so it is all to justified they got their own movie. This song is so perfect for a hot summer night.”, and constantino: “I don’t believe in spirit animals but IF I was to be an animal I’d totally be a cat and this song is partially responsible. The switch-up still fucks me up to this day.” and Mina: “Plus five points because....cats. And I'd much rather watch this than the atrocity that is the Cats musical.” are feline the love too. I’m not proud of that. alanmr throws some extra points their way too – “Bonus points for the meta moment, but that’s about it.” – but honestly I’m not sure what for? “I always used to love it when the piano fell through the floor.” iheartpoptarts reminisces. No cats were harmed in the making of this scene. Probably. LKane recognises the song’s legacy: “Now this is a classic. Maybe is not as famous as Cruella De Vill or something like that, but this is very easy to remember and it has a great melody, plus is the song that closes the movie so it makes it more special. Great music in this one. “, while 2014 closes us out with a question: “BOP. Why isn’t there a Dog version?” Because cats are better, bye.

    Here's footage of the Aristocats trying to hang on in the rate.


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  8. THE TOP 60

    When You Wish Upon A Star

    A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

    Once Upon A Dream

    Cruella De Vil

    The Bare Necessities
    I Wan'na Be Like You

    Why Should I Worry?

    Part Of Your World
    Under The Sea
    Poor Unfortuate Souls
    Kiss The Girl

    Be Our Guest
    Beauty & the Beast

    One Jump Ahead
    Friend Like Me
    Prince Ali
    A Whole New World

    Circle of Life
    I Just Can't Wait To Be King
    Be Prepared
    Hakuna Matata
    Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

    Just Around The Riverbend
    Colours of the Wind

    Out There
    God Help The Outcasts
    Heaven's Light / Hellfire

    The Gospel Truth
    Go The Distance
    One Last Hope
    Zero To Hero
    I Won't Say (I'm In Love)
    A Star Is Born

    Honour To Us All
    I'll Make A Man Out Of You
    A Girl Worth Fighting For

    Two Worlds
    You'll Be In My Heart
    Son of Man
    Strangers Like Me

    Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride

    Almost There
    Dig A Little Deeper

    When Will My Life Begin?
    Mother Knows Best
    I See The Light

    Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?
    For The First Time In Forever
    Love Is An Open Door
    Let It Go

    Where You Are
    How Far I'll Go
    We Know The Way
    You're Welcome
    An Innocent Warrior / Know Who You Are

    Not long now 'til we start hitting the good stuff!
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    Mvnl Staff Member

    Why Should I Worry and that rollercoaster song can move already.
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  10. I've heard of playing chopsticks on the piano, but this is ridiculous! (Thank you, I'll be here all week.)

    I gave this one a 7 just for being fucking weird. It ain't Pink Elephants, but it's very much in the same ballpark (except it's in a film that sucks, not an unassailable classic) - like they got bored and tried to make a head movie instead, and I kind of love it. But...
    Scat Cat...
    Swinging cat...
    Groovy, mama, groovy!

    If you want to turn me on...
    Blow... (while Duchess is making all sorts of smutty bedroom eyes)

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  11. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, One Last Hope, Dig A Little Deeper and I See the Light appear to be my lowest scores left. (Not including Let It Go, which I imagine will do very well regardless.) Those can all go next, thanks.
  12. I have three 10/10s in this post, whoops.

    My lowest scores left are (the rest are 5+) :

    I Wan'na Be Like You
    Heaven's Light/ Hellfire
    One Last Hope
    Two Worlds
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  13. Blasphemy!
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  14. Anything pre-Why Should I Worry? can exit if we're being honest.

    However, we really need to start in on Hercules.
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  15. No we don't!

    Okay, you can take A Star Is Born.
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  16. And the song that states my score for it in its title.
  17. Happy that He's A Tramp made it this far! I love Disney's floozy characters. My avatar says it all! They are underrated and provide a much needed reality check.
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  18. Ready for Why Should I Worry? and the rest of The Jungle Book to go next.
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  19. Is Moana a big deal here or...? Nothing about it caught my attention, really - it could lose a song or two!
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  20. I knew about the racist bit and I still gave "Everybody Wants to Be a Cat" a 10. I really thought about deducting points because the Chinese cat's lines are completely inexcusable (seriously, what was going at Disney during this period?), but I love everything else about the song and I knew people were going to be harsh to The Aristocats and anything jazz-inspired, so I decided it would balance out.

    This one-two punch of "He's A Tramp" and "Everybody Wants to Be a Cat" leaving sucks, but they honestly did better than I expected. ("I Wanna Be Like You" has too. I'm bracing myself for its inevitable exit in the next day or two.)
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