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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

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  2. Do you want me on your side or not!?
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  3. *cries in Tokelauan*
  4. Love the film, the song not so much..
  5. You're killing me with these blatant lies!!! It's one of the most creative and inventive movies Disney has ever made. Even the epically hilarious trailers for this movie are more amazing than many of the musical numbers we have yet to say goodbye to!

    You're no longer a part of Ohana. Sorry this elimination has triggered me, and I actually adore you but I can't with this!
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  6. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Those promos were quite great but compared to the epic huge stories with big musical numbers that were released before it it just felt a bit Disney channel and cartoon-y to me. Sure it's cute, it just didn't feel quite as epic as movies like The Hunchback and Hercules to me.
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. That was kind of Disney's M.O. in the earlier years of the 2000's, really, cutting back on the big-scale stories in favour of trying out new approaches. Probably for the best, because The Emperor's New Groove and Lilo and Stitch were both great and I'm of the opinion that Home on the Range is due for a re-evaluation, whilst their two "epic" attempts (Atlantis and Treasure Planet) are among-the-five-worst-Disney-films-ever bad.
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  9. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Though I haven't seen either of those the animation style and lack of songs felt more 'adventures aimed at boys' than epic Disney movies.
  10. Yeah, I know it's got its cult and all, but I never liked it. I always felt that the Mike Mignola character-design aesthetic clashes horribly with the standard Disney style, that it had a cluttered plot with way too many ideas, that the characters were pretty bland and stock (Vinny was kind of amusing, though), and it's hard to ignore how much it cribs from Stargate. I do rather like the design of Atlantis and the various steampunk doodads, I will say that.
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  11. Okay we can stop eliminating Moana songs now. Thank you.
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  12. The fuck? This is the best of all the Moana songs. God deliver me from this voter pool's taste drought.
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  13. Hello! Remember those 11s I promised yesterday? My bad.



    Out There


    Highest Score: 11 x2 (@Raichu, @ephemeralartery), 10 x3 (@Mina, @LKane, @Conan)
    Lowest Score: 3 x2 (@ohnostalgia, @HollyDunnSomething)
    My Score: 7.5

    Yikes, two 11s in one fell swoop? That’s cruel. NOT AS CRUEL AS FROLLO THOUGH, that callous bastard. I have no hesitation in dubbing him Disney’s most villainous villain, and if the opening scene showing him murder a woman then contemplate drowning her deformed baby in a well wasn’t quite enough to convince you on that, the opening of this song sure should do the trick. Yes, he murdered the child’s mother. Yes, he only spared the child’s life out of a deep, dark fear of God’s wrath. Yes, he then proceeded to name the child Quasimodo – a name that means half-formed – as if God would be totally chill with that. But to then keep the child prisoner in a tower his whole life and routinely barrage him with words he has no hope of understanding? Now that’s evil. “Calumny” and “consternation” are serving me some desperate Googling-under-the-table Scrabble shenanigans and they do seem sorta out of place in a Disney film, but that just adds a real air of dominance and authority to Frollo’s character that feeds into how unashamedly heartless he is. And then the contrast between those unnecessary vocab lessons and then getting Quasimodo to repeat back the simplicity of “I am deformed, and I am ugly” and “I’m faithful, I’m grateful” ugh, what an incredible character. Of course, Quasimodo then gets his own solo half of the song to champion his (wildly optimistic) hopes and dreams for the outside world; Out There is a proper big dramatic Broadway “I Want” song and on paper it should be amazing, but Quasi… sis… those vocals? Farmyard realness. I'm sad to see this song go, and I’m glad it earned those two 11s, because it introduces both characters and their moral polarity incredibly well and the way it sets up Quasi’s optimism for that violent fall later on is heartbreaking, but it’s just a tad shaky in parts. Literally.

    GhettoPrincess is on the same page, saying “The vocals ruin this for me but it’s a decent song otherwise.”, as are MollieSwift21: “Heartbreaking. Quasi voice isn't for me though.” and kalonite: “I love Hunchback. I really do. Like, a LOT. I just can't get on board with Quasimodo's crazy vibrato. I do love the little duet with Frollo at the start though.” Mina hears it differently though: “The vocal performance here is superb for both Frollo and Quasimodo.”, and LKane takes the praise even further, admitting “If I haven’t given [REDACTED] my 11, this one would have get it. Frollo is an amazing villain and the voice of Quasimodo is very sweet and special. I’m surprised of how similar the English voices are to the Latin version. The way Quasimodo sings that he wants to be free and be ‘out there’ is so touching, his voice and the vibrato are unique. I love this one!” Whoops, sorry. GimmeWork’s opinion is backwards: “Not the biggest fan of this movie but this is the best song in my opinion.”. Is send photo a fan of the film at least? “I love Tangled.” Great, thanks. iheartpoptarts sees a bright future for Quasimodo: “I’m sure these days he could be internet famous for climbing all over tall buildings and taking pics off them.” PARKOUR!

    “I might have seen this movie, not really sure don’t quite recall.” Okay but let me interrupt you for a sec DJHazey to say how DARE you reference Monster for this, of all songs. That’s just cruel. Sorry, go on: “This doesn't help me remember one way or the other, it's so boooring.” Oh, kinda wish I’d stopped you there. Sprockrooster describes it as “So sad and beautiful at the same time.”, and eccentricsimply appreciates a good villain: “Listen, Frollo is almost as scary as Scar, like shit. What a terrible man.” constantino has mixed feelings – well, more like mixed up: “I hated this at first but when I got past the dullness of the first half I saw the grandeur and thematic power that was hiding underneath. Had the start been as strong as the pay off, I would’ve scored this higher.” Other way round sis. Of course, we’ll end with two glowing testimonials from those who lose their 11.

    ephemeralartery: “Gives me chills. Perfect song, perfect film. I adore Hunchback and have spent many night drunkenly convincing people at bars to watch it. I love telling people how dark it is.”

    Raichu: “I don’t expect this to win, but this is absolutely the most powerful Disney song in my book. The yearning and longing for belonging and freedom is just so affecting. Tom Hulce sings like an angel and the melody is both breathtaking and dynamic. I’ve always found Hunchback to be the saddest Disney movie and this song communicates that sadness while still managing to sound uplifting. Stunning.”

    Well... it definitely didn't win.


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  14. wait I just saw this... oops.
  15. Tragic. Utterly tragic.
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  16. NO. We don't eliminate Hunchback songs yet! I mean, if we're doing a Renaissance cull now, can we at least go for "One Jump Ahead"?

    Also, yeah, I like Tom Hulce's singing. Great contrast for Tony Jay, for one thing.
  17. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    The goat vocals in this are the worst, but great song otherwise.
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  18. One of my least favourite Disney films, I just don't think any of the songs are very good.
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  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I kinda think I only remembered Quasi's solo part rating this, might have given it an extra (half) point for that intro with Frollo though.
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  20. You best start saying those Mea Culpas right about now.

    (If "Hellfire" is going any time soon... how much would our host accept as a bribe, do you think?)
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