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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. All the Pinot

    Pinot Grigio girls


    Son of Man


    Highest Score: 10 x2 (@Lost Boy, @ephemeralartery)
    Lowest Score: 3 x2 (@ohnostalgia, @Aester)
    My Score: 7.5

    Okay but y’all hear the resemblance to Grigio Girls, right? I can’t unhear it since @kalonite brought it up.

    Phil Collins’ inexplicable stranglehold on the competition finally lets up for a second, and so it’s goodbye to Tarzan’s first dad-rock bop. Honestly, hands up if you thought this soundtrack would survive 45 eliminations before taking a hit? Come through, good taste! Amazing film, amazing soundtrack. Renaissance bias alone was never gonna be enough for it to sail into the upper echelons of the leaderboard unharmed on this anti-male, anti-rock corner of the internet, but it’s put up a damn good fight. Son of Man is that coming-of-age jungle bawp, complete with light, sunny guitars and a funky Clearest Blue Just Can’t Get Enough-esque xylophone (?) breakdown; it’s a better song than Strangers Like Me teebs but hey ho that’s democracy for ya. I do find it a bit odd to have some random, invisible British man singing the songs over the top of my Disney films rather than the characters themselves, but really would you want to hear Tarzan’s attempt, or Jane’s horrid accent polluting what could be a nice enough little ballad? Nah. Honestly, ol’ Phil did a pretty solid job with all his songs for the film, and they stand up well as songs in their own right too, I say as I bop along while writing. Poor it. Maybe the other songs will fare a bit better. Maybe.

    We’ll open with LKane, who isn’t a fan of our In The Air Tonight hitmaker: “This is not a soundtrack that I would listen without watching the movie. There’s something in Phil Collins voice that I just don’t like.. plus the way he makes music, I just don’t feel it.” I hope you didn’t rate this all chronologically or you had a long way to go, eek. DJHazey sees the funny side of his inescapable presence though: “I'm finding it hilarious that Phil Collins pretty much recorded an entire album and forced it into a Tarzan movie. I'm not going to lie though, this is catchy as fuck.” It’s the Grigio Girl in you, I know it. send photo points out “The soundtrack is very dad rock isn’t it?” which is… harsh, but fair. Poor Joanne. Meanwhile, constantino finds another iconic comparison: “FINALLY, a hook! I still don’t care for [EDIT: PHIL FUCKING COLLINS]’ voice but the almost Fleetwood-esque instrumental pulls it all together.” Yas. MollieSwift21 simply calls it “A jam!”, but Sprockrooster is a bit less enamoured: “Love the beat a lot, but not such a fan of the chorus.” Time for Raichu to bid farewell to kid Tarzan: “Son of Bop. This one has a sort of driving force to it that’s really appealing. Reminds me of running through the jungle. Very catchy.”

    … How often do you go running through the jungle?


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  2. Weakest Tarzan song, I reckon, but that's not saying too much. Let down a bit by some glib lyrics, but on the other hand, you get an actually good montage to go with it, so it balances out.
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  3. Well that's certainly not the first song I would've cut from that movie. Might as well eliminate the rest now.
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  4. Definitely cut the rest now as I see I gave them a 4, 5, and 6. Son of Man is a 9.
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  5. The first page has been all prettied up updated with what's left, etc., by the way!

    And also, I plan on starting the film countdown at some point next week, so if anyone still wants to vote for their Top 5 (or add commentary if you already have), you still have time! (CC: @alanmr)
  6. Last possible minute coming, yay! The only time I can ever do anything!
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  7. Hah, I'm exactly the same, no worries! <3
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  8. [​IMG]

    nn this minimal effort border accurately reflecting my interest in Cinderella



    Highest Score: 10 x3 (@constantino, @Alouder98, @MamaHazey)
    Lowest Score: 0 x1 (@kalonite), 2 x1 (@Subwaykid)
    My Score: 6.5

    Bibbidi-Bobbidi-BYE. I didn’t expect her sheer celebrity to carry the Fairy Godmother’s sketchy debut single this far. Camila who? I guess I’m part of the problem though, scoring it almost bang on the average. Oh well. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo is the most iconic triple-alliterative B song out (sorry Bop Bop Baby), and boy does it boast a barrel of bouncy, boisterous, beguiling, bacteriological, bloodthirsty, boozy, bulbaceous, bareback bopitude. Hey did you guys know was a thing? I’m having a great time. But yes, this song is legendary. Synonymous with transformative magic the world over, the good sis fairy has worked that promo schedule for sixty-seven years now, snatching spots in South Park, Shrek 2, Kingdom Hearts and FIFA adverts. Not to mention the fact that this smasha birthed the Dragon Ball characters Bibidi, Babidi and Majin Buu, and even more incredibly, an anonymous YouTube commenter has informed me that this song was the actual, legitimate origin of all rap music!? When will our faves? Also there’s a bridal shop in my hometown called The Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo Boutique which is just such a monumental fuck up, it’s always infuriated me. I can look past all that nonsense and appreciate this for the magical little ditty it is though, it’s about as classic as it gets, and it deserves it. However, I couldn’t in all conscience score it any higher than this. It’s become something of a taboo in our household, and I’ll let my better half explain why. kalonite?

    “NO. Ok, my loathing for this song is very specific, and I'm almost sorry if I tanked anyone's fave, but dear god, has anyone played Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep? Because this is a game where you visit various Disney worlds, and for the first time they introduced Cinderella's. Now, usually, this series of videogames is really creative and clever with how it uses the original music from the films. Swimming around Atlantica to Under the Sea is enjoyable. Creeping in Hallowe'en Town to This is Hallowe'en is fantastic. For some reason, though, they decided to put a one minute MIDI instrumental of one verse and a chorus of Bibbidi-Bobbidy-Boo on repeat for Cinderella's ‘Castle of Dreams’ world. For about two hours. Then you revisit it. Three times. So this gets a zero from me. Every time I hear it, it's like PTSD. I hate this song.”


    “Do I know this well?” DJHazey asks himself, “Yes. Is that helping me think it deserves a high score for simply soundtracking her magic for a minute? No.” Oof, don’t hold back! MollieSwift21 believes in the magic at least: “The scene this is on is one of the best in Disney. I love Walt's reasoning for Cinderella transforming into the new dress being his favorite.” I’ve done my Googly hosty duty and apparently it was Walt’s favourite scene because it reminded him of how he grew up poor on a farm working a paper round until his animation company took off, his “fairy godmother” being an investor. That is cute, actually. GimmeWork wishes life were so simple: “If only fine evening red carpet wear were as easy as Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo! Now accepting applicants for Fairy Godmothers!” Okay yes, but I’ll take a superpowered job and living legend status over a sparkly dress thanks. I think 2014 got his early Disney princess movies mixed up, poor thing: “The fairies were easily the highlight in Cinderella, it's cute.” Poor Merryweather & Co. I mean, to be fair, I can’t blame you. Mina laminates her fairy stan card too: “The fairy godmother is the only entertaining character in the whole movie.” Where’s the lie though?

    MamaHazey notes that “It’s so undeniably fun.”, and iheartpoptarts: “Nonsense in a good way.” And Sprockrooster: “Really catchy actually.” are here to back her up, but LKane will be sitting at the kids’ table with DJHazey at the next Hazey family dinner: “I guess it is very representative for the Cinderella but for me… I think I have listened to this song too much, so I’m kind of tired of it.” eccentricsimply asks “Why is Cinderella’s soundtrack so iconic?”, and constantino might just have the answer: “A damn BOP. The Fairy Godmother knows her audience and is truly #oneofus, a pioneer.” Daniel! echoes the patented PJ messery: “More like Bibbidi-BOPidi-Boo am I right. ‘Have a good time, dance, be gay’, yas Fairy Godhunty.” Never change, y'all. Raichu clocks the Godmother for trying out the Jeppo strategy for popstardom: “Fairy Godmother’s iconic novelty song before she started making more appealing bops.” Can’t wait for her Warm Blood teebs. Speaking of appealing bops, here’s send photo to play us out: “The lyrics are me singing to j-pop. Speaking of…”


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  9. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Keep fucking off Tarzan Mackeef.
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  10. I love magical Disney princess dresses. And Sailor Moon. And Westlife. That was a fun one!
  11. Bop Bop Baby totally lives up to its name. BOP.
  12. Of course!
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  13. this is an awesome thread
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  14. This had better be Tug of War shade and not something else.

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  15. Don't worry, I'm militantly pro-KISS!
  16. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I don't hold much love for Cinderella personally, but I know a stone-cold classic when I hear one.

    (Although... yeah, that Kingdom Hearts thing is pretty excruciating. It's pretty much to Birth by Sleep what "I'M ANNOYING, HUH?!" was to Final Fantasy X.)
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  17. Crap this reminded me that I meant to post the clip of Tidus teaching Yuna to whistle during the Give A Little Whistle elimination.

    Also: I just realised that the little Mickey head gif has disappeared from the bottom of every elimination I did before moving away from the disaster that is TinyPic. Why can't things ever just work? ":("
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  18. I assume you mean X-2, and even then we might be in for a fight.
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  19. Also, guess who's watching Moana again tonight.

  20. Nah, I meant this:

    Thank God this section's relatively short.
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