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The Disney Classics Rate (The End.)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Animalia, Apr 10, 2017.

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  3. I haven't clicked on this yet but if it's Best Friend I swear I'm eliminating your 11 next regardless of its average.
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  4. Oh it's not. Lemme not subject myself to any more than the title though.
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  5. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Strangers Like Me's the strongest Tarzan track for me.
    At the time I wasn't the biggest fan of the nonmusical style of the songs though.
  6. Do you not like Aqua? because Toy-Box are pretty much an equivalent. What a shame.

    Best Friend is overrated though.
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  8. Haha, not in bubblegum dance fan circles.

    Aqua, Toy-Box, Bambee, and Smile.DK are considered the untouchables.
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  9. Heaven’s Light / Hellfire is pretty interesting, conceptually. I think my original commentary was a lot more complimentary than what I ended up sending in.
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  10. You guys. The fact that there's pretty much an entire genre that sounds like Aqua is one of the best things to happen to music, ever.
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  11. ha, BYE!

  12. Y'all need to find the stage recordings of BOTH Tarzan and Hunchback of Notre Dame and CATCH. THAT. TEA.
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  13. Hiya hello I got caught up with Witness, Comey and voting (oh my!).

    Where You Are


    Highest Score: 9 x1 (@eccentricsimply), 8 x5 (@alanmr, @Remorque, @Mikl C, @Sideout, @constantino)
    Lowest Score: 5 x1 (@iheartpoptarts), 5.5 x1 (@funkyg)
    My Score: 7.5


    THE WHAT!?

    Sis… the coconuts. Those brown hairy fruit things? Your entire diet, economy and general way of life is built around them? Literally just look around you, they’re everywhere. C’mon. Anyway, my journey across Where You Are’s summery sound waves has been a rough one – I hated it in the cinema. I deliberately went into the film with no prior knowledge, having somehow avoided the relentless promo tour of How Far I’ll Go and You’re Welcome, and I was properly awe-stricken by the tranquil beauty of An Innocent Warrior soundtracking the opening scenes. It was something so different, so new for Disney that immediately had me engaged with the film and the world it was introducing me to and then… this happened. This hyper Broadway-goes-tropibop number came out of nowhere and smacked me around the head with spontaneous dancing and Lloyd-Webber-esque “we’re singing what we’re doing” lyrics and I was just bitterly disappointed. For my sins, I’m not innately averse to all musical theatre nonsense (I am running a Disney rate, after all), but having this be my first real taste of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Disneyfied songwriting was just a bit too much for me, it just feels so out of place both within the film itself and in the greater Disney canon. My love for Moana as a whole restored my little green heart of basic musical nonsense though, and I’ve since learned to appreciate and enjoy it for what it is – a fun, catchy little bop that provides a friendly (and also kinda sinister; “and no one leaves”) introduction to the setting and characters of the film. It’s nothing special, but it’s perfectly nice - which I think is the general consensus, considering it didn't earn a single 10, or anything below a 5. There's something to be said for being mediocre I guess. There's hope for me yet.

    Also the fact that they hired Nicole Scherzinger to voice Moana’s mother and only gave her two lines in one song is a kii and a half, eh?. Jahmene Douglas ha revenge.


    I’m guessing DJHazey’s comment is an opening comment, which it does its job of I guess: “I’m guessing it’s an opening song, which it does its job of I guess.” LKane begs to differ though: “Good opening track… but nothing special.” MollieSwift21 accuses it of “Cheerfully destroying dreams”, but Raichu isn’t sold on the cheerfulness: “Kind of fun, but not much more.” Sprockrooster simply calls it “A bop”, while Mina opts for a slightly more interesting analysis, calling it “The counterpoint to ‘Just Around the Riverbend’”, which makes a lot of sense. “This island BOP is exactly what I needed.” constantino sighs contentedly, “Easy, breezy, and beautiful.” Covergirl. kalonite shared my initial hesitations, but hasn’t quite had them qualmed yet: “Probably the messiest song on the soundtrack, and the only one I wouldn’t really go back to listen to. The overlapping dialogue gets quite unpleasant to listen to. Still can’t get over them booking Nicole just to have her sing one line either. Baby Moana singing along is cute though, and the gran’s verse is laying the foundations for much better things down the line.” Ah, but how far down the line will it be? Who knows. Me. iheartpoptarts is feeling guilty: “Confession time: I thought this was another Hawaii movie till now. Oops?” You’re not a million miles away geographically teebs, and Dwayne Johnson grew up in/around Hawaii so I’m sure he won’t mind. eccentricsimply has a confession too: “I haven't watched the movie yet - shame on me I KNOW -, but everything about it is so beautiful.” I think you’ve watched it since though, yeah? Hope you enjoyed it! It truly is gorgeous though, right Reboot? “That water animation!” Yas.


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  14. Yeah, if we had to lose another Moana song by this point (and we absolutely didn't have to), I'm glad it's this one, it's really not that special, especially considering what's left. Now LEAVE MOANA ALONE.
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  15. I liked it. ...That's about it really.

    BUT IT SHOULDN'T HAVE OUTLASTED no, stop it, Ironheade. Take a chill pill. C'mon. It's all OK.
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  16. Oh I've missed Hellfire sorry I wasn't expecting it to go so soon. What a masterpiece. It would have gotten my 11 if I was around when voting was open. As pointed out the juxtaposition of the latin chanting is genius and I'm shocked they got away with some of the imagery and implications in it but it's powerful.

    I'm just going to leave this kind of reimagining if Hellfire was in Kingdom Hearts. It's cute.
  17. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

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  18. Ahhhhhhhhh why does this work so well?!?

    I am loving the KH Hellfire too @Stradiwhovius. I didn't realise those game versions relied on quite so many tropes, cause that is immediately recognisable.
  19. Oh they normally don't for the boss themes unfortunately, this is entirely fan made. The likes of Under the Sea or This is Halloween pop up as field music but that tends to be it.
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  20. Am I right in thinking that there are still a few films left with all of their songs remaining?
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