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The Disney Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Dito for Germany, and I am still nervous about what will actually be on the there when it starts here.
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  2. Help I can't make myself watch anything other than the X-Men animated series.
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  4. So, what are the projections for Frozen II's opening weekend? I'm really curious how much it will rake in.

    Everywhere in toy stores, pharmacies, buses, etc. I see Frozen II.
  5. Honestly the Lady is a Tramp is a great rework. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
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    I could not get past watching a real dog with an animated mouth.

    Did see Maleficent 2 this weekend though and enjoyed it more than the original, although the chapel scene was... dark
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  7. Its really annoying cause I see Mandalorian spoilers everywhere which is super annoying.

    They should have launched this with a lite version in Europe.
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  8. 100-125M are current projections, but, they’re opening it pre-Thanksgiving weekend and with most schools off Weds-Fri plus the busy Black Friday shopping weekend, I bet it has a very small second week drop and clears 300-350M in those 9 days.
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  9. I know I'm way late in the game but finally saw Coco. What a beautiful film and so powerful.
  10. I need to rewatch it but I cried so much the first time that I'm apprehensive.
  11. Remember Me destroyed my entire existence. Whew. We love a Pixar-induced emotional breakdown.
  12. I didn't expect to be so moved. Can't believe I slept on it so long.
  13. Frozen 2 is absolutely stunning visually but story and songs are more than a bit meh. 5.75/10
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  14. The story was very 90s direct to video sequel, and I kinda hated every song except Kristoff's power ballad but I still enjoyed it overall
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  15. I LOVED it. It doesn’t come close to the original, but the songs were lovely, the animation great, and I was still a sobbing mess by the end.
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  16. Frozen isn't a massive favourite of mine but I thought it was cute. The sequel was low key pitiful. The lack of a villain really made the film a bit directionless and the plot was all over the place.
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    Yeah, Frozen 2 felt weak, especially in comparison to the first one. The music itself lacked a lot of what made the original great. That said, Into The Unknown is excellent, and it's a fucking shame Panic at the fucking Disco had to cover it and not Kacey Musgraves or anyone else.
  18. I loved it - it is visually stunning. Into The Unknown is simply amazing. The plot is sweet and I actually preferred the narrative they went with over having a traditional villain. So much better than I thought it was going to be as well.
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  19. The Hans twist in the first film still gags me.
  20. I actually prefer it to the original where I only liked the first half.

    Yes the songs are not that catchy but i had huge goosebumps during one scene and i cried ugly tears in another.
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