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The Disney Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I just adore that film. I wonder what else is on there that I’ve missed.
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  2. I thought we were getting Father Of The Bride but it's not on the UK one, I do also wonder with Disney owning Lucasfilm, when we'll get Indiana Jones.
  3. Netflix own the rights for them until 2021...
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  4. We won't, is the answer. Paramount own the distribution rights (although Disney own the rights for any future movies).

    The only hope would be for Disney to purchase the rights once Paramount's deal with Netflix is over.
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  5. Following on from this, the Muppets ABC series from a couple of years back is an absolute joy on my Disney+ rewatch.
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  6. I’m watching 102 Dalmations. I’ve not seen it since I was a child, and I’ve finally realised why I was a biT obsessed with it. It’s camp as Christmas! Glenn’s Cruella is properly brilliant, all the fashion stuff is mesmerising, and her designer sidekick is actual gay rights. Also, the main gal in this one is a cute girl compared to the kinda boring main guy in the first one. And the cake finale is obscene and brilliant! I’m reading that it had pretty shitty reviews, but I think it’s better than the first one, which loses steam in the second half I think.

  7. I've always enjoyed the animal rescue aspect of 101 over the more human first half.
  8. Interesting! I’m the opposite - I love Cruella in London in her fashion house.
  9. My absolute favorite Disney movie from the last decade is actually the brilliant and highly underrated Wreck It Ralph.Tangled comes right after, and is a lot better than both Frozen and Frozen 2. I actually think Frozen 2 was a big let down. It didn’t leave any impression and I kinda forgot everything about it after a week.
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  10. Zangief from Wreck It Ralph made me feel a certain way

  11. I watched Ratatouille last night.

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  12. Having a crappy day, dealing with personal stuff and the state of the world (I know I'm not the only one, of course).

    Feeling down but leave it to Amy Adams and Enchanted to lift my spirits. Talk about perfect casting.

    When I'm unbothered by cockroaches bopping and doing house chores, you know it's a good movie.
  13. Enchanted is a masterpiece and should be rightfully regarded as so.
  14. I’m mad it isn’t on Disney+ here
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  15. I think it's aged so well. The script is brilliant. I know Amy has been nominated a million times, but she really deserved an Oscar nomination for this movie. This actually was a difficult performance because she could have come across as cheesy and silly but Amy found the absolute right touch. She really makes you believe she's from a fairy tale supplanted into modern day.

    James Marsden I don't think has ever been better.
  16. Enchanted is so good and I'm so mad it's not on Disney+. I will probably have to rent it on iTunes this week just to lift my spirits.
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  17. Amy should have won multiple Oscars by now but the Academy isn’t ready to have that discussion yet
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  18. One of my favourite ever Disney scenes. What a bloody glorious plan - keep him imprisoned until he's ancient and then set him free to wake a 16 year old girl! "Oh come now Prince Phillip... whyyy so melancholy?" - iconic.

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  19. 'Be Our Chef' is so badly thought out and tenuous in its existence as a reality show but I'm also obsessed with how poorly it works.
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  20. Glenn Close should have been pushed for an Oscar nomination for 101 Dalmatians. She achieved a truly difficult task of taking an animated iconic character and brought her to life, literally and making it her own.
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