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The Disney Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Ive tried watching it twice and just can’t get past the opening with creepy CGI child Mulan doing gymnastics off the roof.

    The taste levels of live action Disney is so low.
  2. Why do Pixar's movies go up for free on Disney+ (Luca, Soul) but Disney Animation/Live Action films (Raya, Mulan) get put behind the Premiere Access wall? Is it for some sort of crazy tax write off? Do they just not care as much about Pixar?
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  3. The fact Pixar have created their best content this century and they're still treated as the cousin who pisses the bed after too much coke
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  4. I wonder anyway how many people pay for the premier access anyway when you know the movie is „free“ after 3 months.
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  5. *cough*
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  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Why is this giving me The Devil Wears Prada goes bad ff. The whole style of it just looks so.....misguided.
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  7. Just rewatched The Might Ducks for the first time in forever, it holds up well.
    Do I dare do the sequels before giving the tv series a go,
    Quack Quack Quack
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  8. Phillary Collins really made that ass clap with this one:
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  9. I watched the first episode of the series yesterday and loved it. Already so sweet and heartwarming, and actually made me a laugh a few times.

    I figured I should rewatch the films, as I haven't seen any of them since they were in theaters.
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  10. I was obsessed with the Mighty Ducks when the second movie came out (didn't know the first one before). It made me want to play ice hockey so much, but there was no club that offered that sport. I still bought a stick and a puck. The second one will always be my favourite, but I think One and Three are good, too.
  11. Yesterday evening I watched Frozen II for the first time after hating the first one with every fiber of my body and I can't be the only one who got major homosexual vibes from the Kristoff and Ryder scenes, right?

    Cute movie too.
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  12. Definitely did as well.
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  13. I'm very excited for Luca. I feel like all the movies Disney/Pixar released during COVID will end up being "lost" films to basically everyone outside of Disney fans. I watched Onward and loved it, but it seems to lack staying power due to the time of release. I feel the same way about Soul, which also made me cry.
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  14. I really can’t wait for this.
  15. It looks like Devil Wears Prada meets a random Guy Ritchie action movie. Ready to hate it while simultaneously enjoy the mess.
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  16. I think that trailer makes it look worse than the first one did. I think Emma's accent still throws me a bit. It was good in The Favourite but it feels off here. And like all of these villain revisionist stories the backstory here seems dumb - a self obsessed puppy killer became that way because her boss was mean to her?
  17. It looks very cringey and it feels unnecessary, but I can imagine it must have been fun for Stone and Thompson to play these roles.

    Not a fan of these live-action remakes. Though I'll stan the Aladdin live-action to the end.
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  18. Marwan Kenzari is criminally dull as Jafar, which really spoils the film for me.

  19. Just noticed Criminal Minds is on Disney +, here in Ireland anyway. I wonder does that mean we’ll be getting more than just ABC produced shows on there internationally!
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  20. Rob


    It seems to be getting all the Fox, FX, Hulu, etc. shows. Basically any entity Disney now owns should hopefully have their content showing up on Star at some stage.
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