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The Disney Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Watched Cruella today; I guess I was really hyped about it, and I was expecting a lot. It was entertaining, the beginning a bit dull but then it gets much better. The music was all over the place, unnecessary. Both Emma were great. Enjoyed it. 7/10.
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  2. I think watching it at a theater made me enjoy it 15 percent more than I should have. I'm glad I did!
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  3. Highly recommend Luca, y’all. Way more lowkey and simple than recent Pixar films, but amazingly sweet and endearing, stunning animation, and the the most queer coded film that celebrates the joy of unashamed affection between young boys I’ve seen in ages. Loved it.
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  4. BTG


    No one tell Anthony Mackie.
  5. Luca is truly something special. I’m offended reviewers are trying to compare it to the Good Dinosaur in terms of quality because that is such an insult.

    As @boombazookajoe already said, the queer themes are aplenty and the fact that it’s a film about acceptance, love and for Alberto, his chosen family (get that promo Rina), it hits every note so perfectly. Definitely shed a gallon of tears at the end like you do in Pixar films naturally.
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  6. I've also been confused about the reviews that say that the plot is thin and it doesn't reach the heights of other Pixar greats. If anything, I think it was lovely that Pixar paired down for a minute and focused on gorgeous storytelling, rather than a (sort of) convoluted concept.
  7. Luca was cute. It wasn’t their best but I enjoyed the lightness of it. I kind of wish the ending was slightly different as it felt a little… eh but I did enjoy the experience. I also think this is the closest Disney/Pixar will ever get to making a queer coded story of sorts.
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  8. Luca's last 20 minutes were what saved it for me. The first hour was very meh. I didn't laugh once or got really invested in the story. But the third act and as said above, the queer subtext is lovely. I cried a lot ddd.
  9. I just found the revelation of him and Alberto being sea monster/mercreatures went by too quickly. It was a bit of a blip... I think it could have been a little more intense and then the two older ladies (lesbian subtext?) could have revealed themselves and the town could have realized it's not that scary and then allowed for the whole situation to breathe a little longer.
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  10. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    The parents had a really shoddy plan with a huge loophole when it came to their kid's safety too..

    But overall this was really cute. Like watching a childhood book come to life or watching one of those childhood cartoons about a bunch of kids. It was rather simple for a Pixar but just very endearing and feelgood.
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  11. Okay Luca was GORGEOUS!!!!

    The way animated movies are just slaying this year. Raya, Mitchells Vs the Machines and now Luca.
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  12. Sure but it resulted in the funniest moment with the parents soccer ball slamming the children into the fountain, so I can’t be too mad about it dddd.
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  13. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I must say I laughed out loud when I didn't even realize their plan yet and she kicked that first girl right in her face.
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  14. Also isn't there a part in Luca where the boys are jumping in and out of water and the transformation takes a few seconds to happen, but then later even a drop of water changes their skin right away? Something very small of course and it's an animation movie but it bugged me a little ddd
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  15. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Yeah there is some inconsistency there. Also when one of them is only touching the water with his feet and he remains sea monster somehow?
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  16. They didn't set the rules very well with the whole transformation side of things which is what could have helped the movie just a little. I still enjoyed it though.
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  17. Sam


    I watched it today too. Found it very endearing, obviously sobbed at the ending. It wasn’t groundbreaking but was a cute moment.

    Glad I wasn’t the only one that read the queer subtext dd
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  18. They really picked the perfect time to release Luca with it being the start of summer and Father's Day in the US. I loved the homages to Italian cinema and Miyazaki animation. I'm particularly impressed they didn't really get into a bulk of the film until 2020 and it was mostly worked on from home rather than in a studio.

    Of course I appreciated the queer nod in the movie, and I feel like the ending definitely leaves it open for another movie/possible Disney+ show.
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  19. Luca was the GAYEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN
  20. I really enjoyed Luca, very pleasant fun for a Monday. Then I followed it up with a short called Out, a whirlwind of emotions.
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