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The Disney Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. This looks absolutely stunning and full of imagination.
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  3. I'm so perched for this and really can't wait to see what they've come up with.
  4. Despite Disney live action remakes always falling flat for me (except Cinderella) - or outright being an affront to art (Lion King) - I’m perched for Little Mermaid out of affection for the original and Halle herself. It’ll be an ugly beige mess like the rest of them but oh well!
  5. Laughing that Harry Styles turned down Prince Eric to tour only for his tour to be postponed and for this to wrap. Girlie really missed out on that Disney coin and 360 deal.
  6. Not that he deserves the benefit of the doubt, but he did finish production on two other films while this was going on. and his tour is still scheduled for next month… for now.

    I also just don’t think he was the right choice for Eric, so I feel like we all won.
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  7. Let's hope those films can get him the award noms he so desperately needs for validation!
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  9. It is somewhat surprising there seems to be a new one every two months nowadays, I have so many to catch up on just from the last couple of years.
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  10. This looks like a Dreamworks movie, and not in a good way? Hoping I'm wrong.
  11. Considering Turning Red is from the same director/writer as the Bao mini that came before Incredibles 2, I've not lost all hope yet.

    But that trailer was awful, the hyper literal song choice was an instant red flag. It absolutely feels like Over the Hedge or something from one of the C list animation studios.
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  12. Domee Shi directed Bao and was also part of the creative team on Luca, Soul, Toy Story 4, Inside Out and Incredibles 2. She’ll also be the first woman to direct a Pixar movie.

    Let’s give her some credit.
  13. Bad trailers happen to good movies all the time.
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  14. That was fine. Unsure what people wanted? It’s a teaser.
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  15. The animation style looks different for Pixar. I can't quite place my finger on it.

    But yeah, Pixar and Disney do not need to put on Backstreet Boys (in 2021, for some reason) to get people interested in their films. Kind of ruined the trailer for me but, we'll see, maybe it'll be cute.
  16. Sam


    How the fuck did I miss that there’s a Monsters Inc sequel series?!
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  17. I still think of The Jungle Book being the only full on remake they actually pulled off.

    Cinderella was cute effort too, mostly for Cate.
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  18. I noticed this on Disney+ last week but... No one has talked about it? Like? Where is the hype?!
  19. Also, the trailer...the song is very angry birds level of on the nose, and ruined it but it still looks like it could be good outside of that.
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