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The Disney Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Saw Lion King last night & it's fine. It's the EXACT same film as the original, with some additional lines thrown in for Nala and Timon & Pumba, so it all felt rather pointless to me. Timon & Pumba are the best part of the film by far, and I appreciated the stunning visuals, but it all just felt completely unnecessary.
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  2. Review embargo just lifted and woof, a lot of them are negative.
  3. Still worth the $15 for the 'Circle of Life'.
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  4. But ... watching The Lion King is never pointless?

    I’m biased as it’s my favourite film of all-time, but yeah.
  5. Correct. I wish I'd watched that far superior film again instead.
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  6. I’ve been saying for a while that I don’t really get the point of the remake, and was hoping it would surprise me, but... welp.
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  7. What have they done to Be Prepared? It started off so promising and I really like Chiwetel Ejiofor, but no.
  8. There was a brief moment when they had it cut from the film... I would've almost preferred that.
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  9. What were they even thinking?
  10. Holy shit! I’m just a hole.
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  11. I enjoyed the first one and adding Michelle Pfeiffer instantly sold me on the sequel.

  12. I'm bopping and crying
  13. I don't really like the idea of these movies. I saw the Beauty and the beast one and all I wanted to do afterwards was go and watch the original animation.

    Surely if you're going to go to the effort of remaking something and spending so much time and money on it you want to give it a fresh spin and add something new. Seems from the reviews that The Lion King is literally a shot for shot remake and it really does seem completely pointless.

    I really want them to do something special with The Little Mermaid BUT I can see it just going down the same road.
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  14. It's unusual in the sense that Disney usually thinks about legacy, and not one of these films have much rewatch value.

    Lion King looks especially bad. Great voice cast, but the photorealistic animals have no expression.
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  15. But this is from The Lion King 2!
  16. It was actually written for an album inspired by the Lion King called "Songs from the Pride Lands" or something like that. It ended up being very effectively used for the musical and is one of the better moments. It's since become an iconic diva anthem from Tina Turner AND Diana Ross, featured in the classic film, Double Platinum, also starring the Vocal Bible, Brandy Norwood. Stream it TODAY!
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  17. I have no desire to see Lion King whatsoever. It looks horrible visually, however technically ground breaking it might be.
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  18. ffffffffff and I discovered it with

  19. Also it pops the fuck off in the musical.
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