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The Disney Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I don't see the point of seeing the new Lion King movie when the old movie is literally right there and probably much better. The original movie is easily amongst my favourite movies of all time, and yet I feel no excitement for the new one at all.

    I love that people are stanning He Lives In You because that's always been the best song to come out of the franchise. Before I discovered pop music properly, the Lion King soundtrack (and Mulan's) was pretty much all I listened to.
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  2. That was a classic, that was a classic. RIP Jason Raize.
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  3. Listened to the soundtrack on my drive in to work and yeah, this is going to be hard to watch. It all just feels like "okay this is a thing you did".
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  4. I've been thinking a lot recently about the comparisons with this and The Jungle Book and I'm wondering why Favreau didn't have the balls to make some storytelling changes.

    In The Jungle Book for example - they completely change the role of the elephants. They cut the awful vultures. They added more emphasis on the human village and the role of fire and its effect on the jungle, AND gave Shere Kahn the appropriate backstory to culminate in the ending. Granted, some of this was inspired by the Kipling stories - but my point still stands.

    Like, why aren't we learning more about Rafiki? Why aren't we seeing a bit more about how other animals play into this whole dichotomy of power with the lions? What's the significance of the elephant graveyard besides hyenas happen to live there? Why aren't Nala and Sarabi given more agency during Scar's reign of terror? Can we actually see an instance of why the hyenas are such punks to begin with? Why does Scar literally have his scar?

    There's so much that could've JUST SLIGHTLY been explored that would've made this feel a bit more re-energized and new. Such a missed opportunity the more I contemplate it.
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  5. It's a shame this seems like such a lifeless retelling. The original was so full of heart, warmth and charm ...

    Will still see it, obviously, but expectations have been adjusted.
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  6. Say it louder for those in the back.

    They literally added in the backstory about Belle's mother and them living in France in Beauty and the Beast, an inarguably equally as beloved film/story as TLK; they really could have done so much more with this Lion King film. Considering its also 30 minutes longer than the animated version, they can't say they didn't have the room to fit something extra in to make this feel all that much more worthwhile.
  7. Instead of straight up remakes I'd rather have seen films centred around the villains. Showing us the stories we know and love from a different point of view would be great. They sort of attempted that with Maleficent but then made the mistake of altering the ending of Sleeping Beauty story to accommodate the additional characterisation they'd given her, which was unnecessary.
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  8. He


    I'm not here for humanising villains as much, though. It horribly dilutes them. Maleficent is proof of this.

    But shot by shot remakes with inferior visuals isn't the tea either.
  9. No need to humanise Ursula. She was in the right. She explained what was in that contract and Ariel still signed it.
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  10. 2014

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    Alfie Boe is a DAD
  11. I'll always have a fascination with mid to late 80s Disney. The Little Mermaid was yet to usher in their theatrical renaissance and they hadn't quite mastered the art of the Saturday morning cartoon, and their output was eclectic and somewhat experimental, with mixed levels of success, and in some cases, outright failure. They released some of their darkest output around this time (Return to Oz, The Black Cauldron) and whilst the latter was a colossal flop for the company I do think it deserves more love. Eilonwy is the only Welsh Disney princess for one thing!

    I'd love to see the uncut version some day in all its gruesome, face-melting glory.

    Its also fun to see the parallels between one Disney project and another.

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  12. I love Return to Oz and still watch it regularly. The Wheelers and Mombi are absolutely terrifying.
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  13. I saw Toy Story 4 a week ago, and yet I still can’t stop thinking about Gaby Gaby. What an icon. Phew.
  14. Return to Oz is kind of a mess of a movie but its an entertaining one.
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  15. I think there's a difference between humanising a villain and making a villain...not a villain anymore which is why Maleficent fell flat for me.

    Some of the most compelling, intriguing and frightening villains on TV and film are ones with fleshed out, interesting and even relatable motives.
  16. All I know is I DO NOT need the Emma Stone Cruella film.
  17. I'm happy with the Cruella from Once Upon a Time to be honest.
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  18. Cast Glenn Close again cowards
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  19. Glenn Close fucking nailed that role.

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  20. Anyone here ever read the original Dalmatians sequel The Starlight Barking? It's so trippy. Cruelly has a cameo in it, fast asleep.
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