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The Disney Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I’ve been dying for the live action Little Mermaid since Disney jumped on the remake a classic train but now it’s upon us... I’m not sure I want it!

    Aladdin was great but these reviews for the Lion King and listening to the soundtrack has me really concerned. I have faith that Halle can pull off Part of Your World but I have real real doubts that anyone can pull off Ursula, Vanessa and Poor Unfortunate Souls.

    Also Jodi Benson can still voice Ariel as if not a day has passed (as proven in Wreck It Ralph 2) and so I would be much more interested in a sequel than a live action remake.
  2. It would be the most bad ass and unexpected move in Disney history if they would have the live action Little Mermaid follow the Hans Christian Andersen story exactly. Can you imagine the reaction if after sitting through Part of Your World, Under the Sea, and Kiss the Girl, Ariel is brought a knife by her sisters, can't bring herself to kill Eric, and at dawn throws herself into the sea and ascends to Heaven for her selflessness? I would give it a standing ovation.
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  3. I thought 'The Lion King' would be better received, but it's what she (and the other remakes) deserves. I think 'Aladdin' benefited from lower expectations and it has managed to earn almost $930m. Still, I don't see 'The Lion King' not join the billion club.

    A little rant:

    It's weird how many people in reviews complain about the uninspired choices Disney make, yet these movies make so much money and they keep on producing these remakes. Obviously, many people go see these movies. Are audiences nowadays easier to please? Shouldn't they have higher standards? I'll admit being guilty myself for supporting 'Aladdin' (I went for Mena Massoud though).

    It's a shame original movies like 'The Princess and The Frog' are the victims. Probably, the only way to turn this around is if this dissatisfaction translates into consequently lower box offices. Conversely, 'The Princess and The Frog' should've earned more.

    I guess I want to see Disney struggle harder to 'earn' money and positive reviews. For some time, Pixar did a better job, but they've also released many sequels these last few years.

    Or maybe I'm just too old for this?

  4. It's... a 3/5. I think Aladdin was slightly better - mainly because it was quite different from the original so felt a bit fresher, though it still had its own flaws. But this still has its merits. Timon and Pumbaa are worth the cinema ticket alone and are somehow even more iconic than in the original, there's not much 'new' stuff in this version but every little extra line they have lands perfectly. And Billy and Seth pretty much carry the film. Even the animation on Pumbaa is better than anyone else (not that the animation was lacking, but the details on Pumbaa were exceptional).

    It is so hard to fairly judge Beyoncé as a voice actress because I'm not used to hearing her in that way...every time she spoke I had a Tiffany Pollard moment, because her voices and accent are so instantly recognisable as...Beyoncé, singer and performer.

    Some parts of the movie were indeed really flat though - 'Just Can't Wait to Be King' will always be one of my favourite Disney songs ever, but that number for example just didn't work as well. The criticisms about the characters not being able to emote are somewhat fair, although they do get it right some of the time - especially with young Simba, the connection to his character gets a little lost when he grows up.

    But all in all it wasn't bad, a little inessential but very well made and lots to still enjoy.

    Oh and 'Be Prepared' is pitiful.
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  5. I'm just waiting on my Zootopia 2 announcement. D23 can't get here quickly enough. I need more Judy Hopps and Clawhauser in my life.
  6. After seeing that meme, anything in the remake other than having the cock destroyers as Flotsam and Jetsom is going to feel disappointing.
  7. They could rebrand themselves as the Carp Destroyers for the promo circuit.
  8. I...
  9. Two things worry me about The Little Mermaid:
    Melissa McCarthy as Ursula and any kind of creative input from Lin-Manuel Miranda. He didn't really bring it for Moana and I don't think Melissa has the... flair... for Ursula in her.

    Actually, add a third: Rob Marshall.
    Into The Woods and Mary Poppins Returns were meh - he seems to be all lush and glossy style with no substance.
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  10. I think Melissa McCarthy has the chops to play Ursula up. It’s not like she’s Rebel Wilson. Though, I do understand the hesitation. I just hope Rob Marshall doesn’t try and reign in Ursula’s extraness. Let her be as much as she should be.

    I’m iffy on Lin-Manuel Miranda writing music for it though. His Moana work wasn’t very memorable and if you are going to add music to The Little Mermaid, it should match the quality of the original. I’m more than happy to be proved wrong though!
  11. The irony that she's already done Ursula live for the Hollywood Bowl performances.
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  12. Oh I know. It was bad and yet people still tossed her name out for the role.
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  13. I think Melissa McCarthy is a terrific actress. I think she would be a great Ursula. I don't care for these remakes but I feel Halle and Melissa will elevate this if they choose to do a scene-by-scene remake.

    Great post.

    And totally agree with you about Princess and the Frog. One of my favourite Disney films of all time (and I'm old so I've seen them all). I don't need to give my quarterly "Princess-and-the-Frog-deserved-better" rant.
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  14. The only reason I’m not afraid of having Rob Marshall as a director for this is that he won’t shy away from the musical aspect. He hopefully will make the music great too, look at what he did with Chicago, and not dull it like Lion King did.
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  15. I can hear every line in this gif!!
  16. You'll never work in FASHION again!

  17. I hope they never make another live action 101 Dalmations. It was honestly a triumph in cinema, ahead of its time and has also aged well.
  18. I think Melissa McCarthy has the ability to pull off Ursula but she will not be able to pull off Poor Unfortunate Souls which is so integral to the character/film that it could ruin her portrayal.

    They’d also need someone else to play Vanessa or have to change the plot (Eric would really want to marry Halle and Melissa? I know he’s under a spell but the age difference would make this super weird/noticeable).

    I know it’ll never happen but Lizzo does seem the best suited vocally and I believe Lady Gaga could give us a passable performance for Ursula, Vanessa and Poor Unfortunate Souls.
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  19. Yeah, Lady Gaga would be a legitimate shout for Ursula. She’s as close to a Drag Queen as a woman could get.
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  20. I don’t think Melissa McCarthy would butcher Poor Unfortunate Souls but she wouldn’t be Gaga or Lizzo voice wise. Though they both seem a little young for the role to have a beef with Triton. Though I think I would die if Gaga ever sang Poor Unfortunate Souls... Ursula fan here since I was a kid. I went as her for Halloween when I was 6 back before I knew what drag was.
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